Shakira is Really Leaving The Voice

There have been rumors that Shakira will be leaving “The Voice” judging panel after this current season is over. To finally put a stop to the chitchat, Shakira finally made a statement and she confirmed that she is indeed leaving the talent show.


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Shakira Wows with Blake Shelton Duet Performance

On Tuesday, Shakira proved she can sing country and be good at it! We all know she’s never done country before but her performance on Tuesday was done with flying colors!

As a judge and mentor on “The Voice” it’s part of her job to perform on stage. Tuesday night was performance for her and Blake Shelton’s team and as part of that, she and Blake delivered a rendition of Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now.”

Shakira and Blake Shelton Duet

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Shakira Takes Baby Son to The Voice

Shakira is indeed a working mom! Proof of this is the fact that she took her 2-month old baby Milan on the set of “The Voice.” The Columbian singer even posted a close up snapshot of them together as they sat on the red judging chair.

Shakira with Baby at the Voice

For his first time in front of the camera, Baby Milan showed a lot of potential. He looked pretty intrigued by the things going on around him as he gazed around with his wide-eyed stare. But you have to agree, Shakira’s baby son looked really adorable in his checked long-sleeve shirt with the jukebox-printed white shirt underneath.

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Shakira’s Sexy Body is Back Again

Shakira Sexy Body

What’s with these celebrities? How can they manage to get their sexy forms back shortly after giving birth?! The latest to show off her fabulous post-baby body is singer Shakira. She looks exactly the way she did before she got pregnant and it’s only been two months since she gave birth to baby Milan!

You can see that she’s in great form in her tight-fitting black leather pants. Her black lacy top with its deep V neckline shows off her sexy cleavage. The black suede boots she had on just emphasized her toned legs. Shakira kept her hair falling naturally around her shoulders and had minimal makeup on.

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Shakira and Gerard Pique Shows Off Baby Milan (Photos)

Shakira and Baby Milan

Proud parents Shakira and Gerard Pique could not help themselves from showing off their son Milan. They’re not so different from non-showbiz moms and dads eh?

Yesterday, Daddy Gerard tweeted a new family photo with baby Milan at the center. He looked adorable in a mini version of his Dad’s jersey. He even had matching red socks on!

Based on the photo’s caption, it was actually taken right after Gerard’s soccer game at Camp Nou. Baby Milan’s presence during the game placed all the luck in his Dad’s team enabling them to win against A.C. Milan.

Photos of Shakira with Baby Milan

Photos Shakira with Baby Milan

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Shakira Bares Bump in Online Baby Shower with UNICEF

Shakira baby bump

Shakira and her boyfriend Gerard Pique did not only share their baby boy’s ultrasound photo, they also opened up their baby shower to the whole world! How? They teamed up with UNICEF for a very special baby shower where participants can make donations as little as $5 to help underprivileged children worldwide.

The funds to be collected will be used to purchase mosquito nets, vaccines, oral rehydration salts and therapeutic food to prevent children from contracting dangerous diseases.

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Shakira’s Boyfriend Shares Baby Boy’s Ultrasound Photo

Shakira and her boyfriend Gerard Pique are so excited to be parents for the first time that they couldn’t resist sharing their little bundle of joy to the world! Well, the first time Dad-to-be in particular is so excited that he posted their baby boy’s ultrasound online on his WhoSay account on Thursday!

Shakira Baby Ultrasound Photo

The ultrasound photo shows the baby’s head and shoulders. You can really see there the outline of his little nose and mouth. Sooo cute! With great-looking parents this baby will no doubt he a heartbreaker when he grows up!

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Shakira Faces $100M Lawsuit from Ex-Boyfriend

Expectant mom Shakira must be under a lot of stress right now after her ex-boyfriend sued her for a staggering $100 million over a business deal gone bad!


Antonio de la Rua and Shakira were together for a long time before they broke up in 2010. According to de la Rua, in the span of their relationship, Shakira at one time asked him to play the role of manager for the “Shakira brand.” With him taking care of things behind the scenes. Shakira earned tons of money! With his help, she also sealed a deal with Live Nation for $300 million.

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Shakira Looks Radiant with Her Baby Bump!

Shakira Baby Bump

The first glimpse of a celebrity baby bump is a chance we won’t pass up and the newly-revealed baby bump photo of Colombian singer Shakira is one of them!

The expectant mom shared to the world the first photo of her baby bump on Saturday on her Facebook page. She accompanied it with a funny caption saying that she now has a one pack instead of a six pack! Indeed her tummy looks very rounded underneath her pretty purple dress. The fact that it had a belt accentuated it even more.

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Shakira Luckily Escapes Sea Lion Attack!

Shakira Sea Lion Attack

Colombian singer Shakira almost got bitten by an angry sea lion during her holiday in Cape Town, South Africa! It was a very close call but thanks to her brother “Super Tony” she only suffered a few scratches trying to get away.

The 35-year-old singer took to her Facebook page on Sunday and gave a full account of the incident. It seems she was with a group of tourists sight-seeing when they happened to come upon a group of sea lions and seals. Curious as she was, Shakira moved closer for a better look, closer than the other tourists did and started taking pictures.

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Love Shakira’s Short Hairstyle!

Shakira Short Hairstyle

Have you seen Shakira’s new look? I sure have and I love it! I’ve never seen her with short hair before so this new look is really a big change. I admit I was surprised to see Shakira without her long blonde tresses but I loved her new hairstyle at first glance. Makes her look young and fresh!

Anyway, the Colombian singer showed off her new look on Tuesday, December 6! Fresh from the salon she shared a photo of her shortened tresses on Twitter with the caption, “Hace 4 oras estoy estrenando corte de pelo!! 4 hours ago I got my hair cut!”

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Shakira in Hijab (Photos)

Shakira in Marrakesh

During Shakira's tour in Morocco last month, Shakira made a trip to the markets of Marrakesh where she enjoyed the Moroccan sweets along with a glass of green tea :)!
What was interesting during her tour is the white scarf or hijab she put around her head; it's either it was her way to show respect to the Moroccans especially inside the souk where usually people are more attached to traditions ... or it was some sort of disguise so that people won't recognize her easily ;)!

What do you of think of Shakira's look in Hijab?

Here are some photos of Shakira in Hijab in Marrakesh.

Photos of Shakira in Hijab

- Video of Shakira in Marrakech

Shakira Concert in Morocco (Photos)

Shakira Morocco

Shakira held a huge concert in Morocco as part of the annual Mawazine Festival in Rabat.
The attendance was grand; more than 200.000 of her fans from all ages and from around the world!
People made sure to wear the Barcelona football team t-shirts, because the concert was also a celebration of Barcelona's win over Man United and becoming Champions of Europe!

Photos of Shakira Concert in Morocco

Photos Shakira Concert Morocco

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