Scarlett Johansson is Sexiest Woman Alive Again

Esquire magazine seems to have a thing for Scarlett Johansson, because they've chosen her as Sexiest Woman Alive AGAIN!

Scarlett Johansson is Sexiest Woman Alive

ScarJo was on the cover of the Sexiest Woman Alive issue back in 2006 and seven years later, she's on it again .. which means either she's really as sexy as hell and is getting sexier by the year, or that there are no more sexy celebrities to choose from!

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Scarlett Johansson to Go into Directing

Celebrities, if they don’t branch out into fashion, they usually go into directing. Scarlett Johansson is taking the latter road. In fact, we might be able to see her directorial debut very soon! Her debut project will be called “Summer Crossing.” It’s an adaptation of the novel written by Truman Capote.

Scarlett Johansson

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Scarlett Johansson Has Moved Forward from Failed Marriage

Scarlett Johansson Marie Claire Cover

It’s been two years since Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds divorced and yet it’s only now that the actress is able to talk about that part of her life. Although she did not delve into the details, she told Marie Claire magazine that although it hasn’t been that long, she’s had enough time to process the experience and be able to move forward. She added that she continues to get to know herself better and it helps her in her relationships.

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Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow Again in Captain America 2

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson will be donning her skintight Black Widow suit for the third time in the new Captain America movie! As you all probably know already, Scarlett will also be reprising the role in the sequel to The Avengers. She’ll be getting a cool $20million for that role.

The catsuit won’t be retiring anytime soon. Variety revealed that Scarlett will again play Black Widow a.k.a. Natasha Romanoff in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

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Scarlett Johansson and Nate Naylor Breakup!

Scarlett Johansson Breakup

Scarlett Johansson and Nate Naylor are history! The two have broken up and Nate, an ad executive, has moved his things back to his own place. Some of his things anyway since the two never officially lived together. But reports say that they did not part ways in good terms.

This split comes after Scarlett was spotted on Wednesday night flirting with artist Nick Zapata who happens to be a close friend of the controversial Lindsay Lohan.

But this wasn’t the only indication of Scarlett’s flirting. Last month at a political rally in North Carolina, she was also seen holding hands and going all cuddly with ex-boyfriend Jared Leto! I know holding hands is not a crime but I don’t think she has any business holding hands with her ex anymore.

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Scarlett Johansson’s Yacht Guy is Just Her Bodyguard

Scarlett Johansson Bodyguard

Does Scarlett Johansson have a new man? Her rep says no. Rumors about Scarlett having a new boyfriend started swirling after she was seen relaxing aboard a yacht with a brawny man. She was dressed in a white two-piece while the guy was in swim shorts.

The two appeared relaxed in each other’s presence which boosted the rumors even more. The “Avengers” star was not self conscious as she went on different positions in order to get the best tan.

However, her rep cleared things up by revealing that the guy was not Scarlett’s boyfriend but her longtime bodyguard! It seemed the bodyguard was just keeping a really close eye on his client while cruising along the Taormina Sea on Monday.

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Scarlett Johansson to Receive $66K Compensation from Hacker

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson could receive $66,174.46 as compensation from the man who hacked her phone and acquired nude photos of her and leaked them to the internet. This is the recommendation made the federal prosecutors who handled the case.

Scarlet is just one of the celebrities that Christopher Chaney hacked from November 2010 to October 2011. The nude photos he got of Scarlett were those she sent to then husband Ryan Reynolds.

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Scarlett Johansson and Bradley Cooper Dating

Scarlett Johansson and Bradley Cooper

Is there something more than friendship between Scarlett Johansson and Bradley Cooper? Remember, they starred opposite each other in 2009 in the movie “He’s Just Not that Into You.” It wasn’t a happy ending for their characters Anna and Ben.

But in their case, the reality looks so much better. After being spotted having a dinner date last June 11, things could be going into the romantic direction for these two! They were seen enjoying a candlelit dinner complete with wine at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant at the Bel Air Hotel.

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Scarlett Johansson Doesn’t Like “Sexiest Woman Alive” Title!

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is a very sexy woman that’s a fact! Lots of magazines even proclaimed her as the “Sexiest Woman Alive.” But surprisingly, this is something that the 27-year-old is not so crazy about. In fact, if she has her way, she’d rather maintain her anonymity as an actress!

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Scarlett Johansson Confirms New Broadway Stint

Scarlett Johansson

Following her superb role as the Black Widow in the box office hit “The Avengers,” Scarlett Johansson is giving film a rest; instead she’ll be doing Broadway!

Last month, there were rumors that she will be a part of the revival of the show “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” by Tennessee Williams. However, those talks went unconfirmed, until this Thursday. Scarlett herself has confirmed her latest project. She’s not exhilarated and terrified about it it’s all in a good way. She’s excited to take it on!

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Robert Pattinson and Scarlett Johansson Together in a Movie! K-Stew Jealous?

Robert Pattinson and Scarlett Johansson Movie

Scarlett Johansson has played leading lady to almost all hot guys in the entertainment industry and guess who she’ll be pairing up with next? It’s none other than Cosmopolis star Robert Pattinson! Rumors are strong that these two will star in the upcoming movie “Hate Mail.”

Rumors started in Cannes when producer Michael Benaroya promoted his latest project. Apparently he will finance “Hate Mail” for $11 million.

“Hate Mail” is about a handful of people living in Manhattan who experience getting hate mail and falling out of relationships. This new movie to be produced by Benaroya is also said to feature Phillip Seymour Hall.

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Scarlett Johansson Gets Her Own Walk of Fame Star

Scarlett Johansson Walk of Fame Star

Do you think Scarlett Johansson deserves her own star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame? I definitely do! She deserves it you know. She’s one of the Hollywood actresses who have been in the business for years. She started young, 10 years old to be exact.

Scarlett is now 27 years old which means she’s been in show business for 17 years and throughout that time, she’s proven herself as an actress and has contributed to the industry.

Scarlett was honored yesterday May 2, at the Hollywood Boulevard. “The Avengers” co-star Jeremy Renner was there to present her with the star. Since it was a special day, Scarlett dressed in a special way, the retro way!

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Scarlett Johansson Gets “I Heart NY” Tattoo!

Scarlett Johansson NY Tattoo

Bombshell Scarlett Johansson is also a big fan of tattoos did you know? She likes the body art so much that she added a new one! Although it’s located at a very visible spot, you might not be able to identify it right away because it’s disguised as a bracelet! Yes folks it’s actually right there on her right wrist.

The tattoo is shaped like a chain bracelet with an anchor charm hanging from it. If you look closely at the anchor, you’ll see that it has the words “I heart NY.” Scarlett is actually a born and bred New Yorker and this is her way of showing her loyalty to her beloved state.

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No Undies for Scarlett Johansson in Avenger Costume!

Scarlett Johansson in Avenger Costume

Scarlett Johansson looks awesome in her Avengers costume doesn’t she? But looking good and feeling good are worlds apart for her while wearing this Black Widow costume. Though you’ll never see any sign of discomfort on her face, it actually feels like being in a sauna!

She revealed that it was so hot inside her costume that she did what she can to get comfortable. She did that by wearing nothing underneath! That’s why you’ll never see any underwear outline in the suit!

Not sure if she’s just kidding but I think it’s true that she didn’t wear undies. Anyway, it’s not obvious and we won’t even know if she did not tell.

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