Rihanna Gets New Henna Tattoo

Rihanna Gets New Henna Tattoo

Rihanna is all about Tattoos! We already know she loves to get inked and has an exhibition of tattoos across her body. Now, she got another one; a henna-inspired design on her hand.
It seems it was conjured up to cover a previous Maori tattoo she got recently in New Zealand.

Riri flew tattoo artists from New York to Barbados to get the job done.
Riri is known for loving tattoos and being patient and dealing with the pain in silence.

Her new henna tattoo adds to the collection of stars, Isis, pistol, Arabic words, Roman numerals and other English quotes that adorn her body.

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Rihanna is GQ's Medusa

The cover of British GQ December issue is a shockingly stunning work of art.
The magazine teamed up with British artist Damien Hirst and Rihanna for an unforgettable photoshoot that's right out of legendary Greek mythology.

Rihanna is GQ's Medusa

Rihanna poses as The Medusa ... complete with snake eyes, snake hair and in one photo, snake fangs! Oh! And did I mention that Rihanna isn't wearing anything except her tattoos?

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Riri Taking a Bath!

Do you want to see Rihanna taking a bath?
Some would say Sure Ya! While others would say ... wtf, why would I want to see Riri taking a bath?!
Well, Rihanna herself, posted a photo of herself taking a bubble bath just 4 hours ago ... and you can see she's in a bathtub, make-up free, wet and has soap foam in her hand ...
How interesting is that!?

Riri is in Greece for her Diamond World Tour concert there.

Well, in all cases, check out the photos Riri posted of herself in Instagram a few hours ago of herself in the bath! after the jump ...

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Rihanna Unauthorized Photoshoot in Abu Dhabi Mosque

Rihanna at Grand Mosque

Rihanna was in the United Arab Emirates for a concert as part of her Diamond World Tour.
She held a fully-packed concert at the du Arena on Sunday night and donned a conservative look with a fully white outfit of tank top, shirt and baggy pants and even a baseball cap!

But what's worth talking about is her visit to the awesome Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi.
She was respectful in terms of what she wore and covering her head in Hijab.
But it seems she took it a bit too far with posing for a photo shoot in the courtyard of the mosque.

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Rihanna’s So-Called Revenge on Chris Brown is Stupid!

To the eyes of the world, Rihanna is doing fabulously after her breakup with on/off boyfriend Chris Brown but, those close to her know better! Her close friends are so worried about her state of mind and health! They fear she could be headed for a breakdown!

Rihanna Revenge

A breakdown is quite possible with the way Rihanna has been hitting the party spots lately. She still parties really hard even though she’s very busy with her Diamonds tour. Performing night after night can be very draining but instead of resting Riri still chooses to party!

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Could Rihanna Be Pregnant for Real?

Rihanna has already cancelled four dates from her Diamonds World Tour, the latest one being her concert in Dallas, Texas on Tuesday. Her promoter only said that it was because of an illness. But could her “illness” be actually pregnancy?

Rihanna Pregnant

Rumors are rampant that the Barbadian singer may be hiding a bun in the oven! These rumors peaked especially after she was seen leaving the doctor’s office in Beverly Hills on Tuesday.

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Rihanna Cancels Houston Concert Due to Illness

Rihanna got sick again that she had to cancel her Diamonds World Tour concert on Monday, April 15. She was supposed to perform in Houston, Texas. For sure Rihanna fans in the said city are badly disappointed by this turn of event. As courtesy to them, Riri’s concert promoter Live Nation issued a statement saying that the concert had to be canceled as “a result of illness.”


But Riri’s fans don’t have to worry because they will still be able to see their idol at some other time so concert-goers are advised to keep their tickets. Refunds are also available for those who cannot wait for the rescheduled concert.

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Rihanna Grace Elle UK Cover this April

Rihanna Elle UK Cover

Rihanna is the April cover girl of Elle UK magazine. But it’s not just one but TWO! Both will hit newsstands this March 6, Wednesday.

RiRi is photographed wearing several pieces from her new line that will also hit the stores next week. Mariano Vivanco took the photos in Paris. By the first samples, the singer looks very chic and glossy in a black, zip-through River Island skirt paired with a Louis Vuitton monochrome top on one cover, while on the other she sports a striped bra, also from the same LV collection, underneath a Prada silk and satin scarf.

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Rihanna Enjoys Birthday with Chris Brown

Rihanna with Chris Brown

Yes, they’re officially back together. Rihanna and on-off beau Chris brown made public their rekindled romance during the recently concluded Grammys. The two couldn’t seem to get their hands off each other while watching the event take place on stage.

And now, RiRi just celebrated her 25th birthday in Hawaii with no one else, of course, Chris. I wonder if he’s really reformed. Or could we expect another picture of a bashed Rihanna to come out again soon? Well, is she a masochist?

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Rihanna Honors Grandmother with $1.75M Donation


Christmas is the season of giving and R&B artist Rihanna fully realized its meaning by doing philanthropic work. The award-winning artist donated $1.75 million to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in her hometown in Barbados.

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Rihanna Goes Dumb When it Comes to Chris Brown

Rihanna Dumb

Rihanna has forgiven Chris Brown yet again after hurting her with another indiscretion. Is it a sign of true love or stupidity?

The indiscretion I’m talking about was the fact that Chris was spotted out and about in Paris with his ex-girlfriend Kerrueche Tran after his concert there on Friday Dec. 7. Rihanna was supposed to join him there but decided not to at the last minute and instead went to “The X Factor” finals results show.

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Rihanna 777 Tour Not as the Press Expected

Rihanna 777 Tour

The journalists who joined Rihanna’s 777 tour with the thought that they’d be getting scoops and exclusive stories from the event were sorely disappointed! The 777 Tour was an ambitious project to promote Riri’s latest album “Unapologetic” where she performed in seven countries in seven days.

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Chris Brown and Rihanna PDA at His Qubeey Launch Party

Chris Brown and Rihanna are not wasting any time in showing the world just how much they care for each other. Just this Saturday, Rihanna played the ever-supportive girlfriend during the launch of Chris’ website Qubeey. This site is dedicated to fans who want to know more him.

Chris Brown and Rihanna

But I don’t think people were there for the site itself. I think most of them were curious whether Rihanna would show up and how the controversial lovebirds are going to carry on. These people definitely got what they waited for because not only did Rihanna show up, she and Chris also put on some public display of affection!

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Another New Rihanna Tattoo?

Rihanna in London

What's Rihanna hiding under that sweater? Another new tattoo?
Rihanna was spotted in London yesterday, with what looks like a fresh tattoo bandage under her "HEART" sweater.
I wonder what's the tattoo all about this time? She usually chooses some interesting stuff, like that Arabic tattoo that reads 'Al Hurria fi Al Maseeh' translating into Freedom in Christ.

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