Wentworth Miller vs. Dominic Purcell

wentworth miller vs dominic purcell

Since we're still a few months away from the return of the fourth season of Prison Break (it will resume on April 17th), i thought a little Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell wouldn't hurt.
This will get us into the mood again and this will give you reason to think real hard about those two.

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Wentworth Miller in Prison Break Final Shots!

wentworth miller

Fox announced earlier this month that Prison Break was coming to and end.
The cast and crew of the series have been hard at work shooting the final scenes and working on finishing the series off.
I guess we'll be missing Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell as the ever-running brothers Scofield and Linc!

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Will Prison Break End Abruptly?

prison break

Word on the street is that Prison Break may end soon, too soon!
Prison Break's 4th season has been struggling with ratings this year and that's not good news.
Wentworth Miller and his co-stars have been notified that the filming schedule might be extended to accommodate production of two additional episodes. But that has so many meanings! The scary one being that those two extra episodes may be the conclusion to the four-year series!
A less scary explanation would be that a two-hour episode may be aired as a 'special' at the beginning of next season ... what do you think?

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Prison Break, Don't Blink This Season!

prison break promo

The much awaited fourth season of Prison Break is only 10 days away and i can't wait!
Season three ended with Micheal Scofield breaking out of Sona and going after The Company for killing his girlfriend Sara.
This season will follow Scofield on his quest to make some people pay big time!
So, what should we expect from Prison Break this time?
According to Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, who plays the psychotic Susan B. Anthony, this time around it'll be a blast! If you blink during the season premiere, you're gonna miss out on a lot!
She tells National Ledger: "In the first two episodes, just don't blink, or you'll miss a lot. There is more action than you've ever seen at once before."
O'Keefe is going to team up with another psychotic character this season! She's going to work with none other than Robert Knepper's twisted character T-Bag! Wow! What a lethal combination!

prison break season 4 promo photos

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Hello! Wentworth Miller in Pasadena!

Last time, it was Dominic Purcell on the set of Prison Break S4 and now, finally, it's Wentworth Miller.
Wentworth was spotted yesterday on the set as he enjoyed a short coffee break from filming.
The sun was strong and so Dominic took his break, shirtless on a chair with a bottle of water to quench his thirst!
As for Sarah Wayne Callies, she enjoyed a small snack and chatted away with Wentworth.
The Prison Break gang is currently filming in Pasadena, California.
I am really wondering about the scene where Scofield discovers that Sarah is alive!
That should be a scene very much worth watching.

Photos of Wentworth and the PB gang on the set

Photos of Wentworth and the PB gang on the set

On the Set of Prison Break S4

dominic purcell and marshall allman

The cast and crew of Prison Break have picked up the pace and are already working on Season 4.
The location for the scenes that are currently being shot is downtown Los Angeles.
Tuesday was a busy day for Dominic Purcell as he was shooting a scene with Marshall Allman -LJ Burrows- and Danay Garcia -Sofia Lugo-.
As the paps snapped away, Dominic got mad! He even flipped them the bird!
I wonder what Wentworth Miller and Sarah Wayne Callies will appear?

Photos from the production set of Prison Break S4

Photos from the production set of Prison Break S4

Prison Break Spinoff? Would it work?

Rumor has it that there could be a Prison Break spinoff in the works!
Fox has asked for a plot and a preliminary script for the spinoff, which will supposedly be about a women’s prison and the main character Molly. We might meet Molly in the 4th season of the original Prison Break.
Get this, word on the street is the series will be entitled "Prison Break: Cherry Hill".
Do you think a spinoff would work?
I mean, you can't deny that the 1st season of Prison Break was the strongest and the other 2 seasons were OK, but not as strong. I'm still sceptical about he 4th season!
Would a total new series about a woman wanting to break out of prison be so good, that it'll attract as much viewers?
The writers and producers must have something really unprecedented up their sleeves for this one!
What do you think? Will Molly be as strong a character as Scofield?

Wentworth Miller! Long Time No See!

wentworth miller

It's been a whole month since I've last heard anything about Prison Break's main man, Wentworth Miller. That's a lot!
Wentworth Miller and the cast of Prison Break are working hard on promoting the upcoming 4th season of the show, which will start sometime this year! The season will consist of 22 episodes and the set will move from Dallas, Texas to Los Angeles!
Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, Amaury Nolasco and Sarah Wayne Callies were in Central Park’s Trump Wollman Skating Rink in New York City on Thursday as part of the Prison Break S4 promotion.
Sarah Wayne Callies is back and there's another regular that'll be introduced to the show, actor Michael Rapaport will be joining the Scofield brothers as a government agent who has an attractive offer for them. I wonder what's that all about?!

prison break s4 promotion

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Would You Want Sarah Back in Prison Break?

sarah tancredi

Sarah Tancredi was decapitated during Season 3 of Prison Break ... What would you say if you saw her come back in Season 4? Would there be any logic to that?
Well, there might be ... when Link took a look at the head in the box in S3, he only took a tiny glance and we also got the feeling that Sarah got killed ... well, it seems that that head was of a female, but not Sarah! 'Cause get this, Sarah is coming back in Season 4 of Prison Break!!! She'll be on board throughout the whole season too!
I'm not making this up! TV Guide did this interview with Prison Break executive producer Matt Olmstead and he spilled the beans! (After the Jump)

Yay! I'm glad that Sarah will be back! She's an important character and she definitely plays a good part in the series ... especially for Michael!

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Prison Break Back January 14th

boxed in

At last! We've been waiting for some news about Prison Break and when the 3rd season commences ...
Well, Prison Break returns with episode “Boxed In” on January 14th.
I've found a synopsis of the episode ... so if you don't want to burn the next events, don't continue reading!
I've warned you, spoilers after the jump!

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Want to know more about Dominic Purcell?

dominic purcell

We all know Dominic Purcell is THE hotness on Prison Break ... along with Wentworth Miller of course!
So, what's up with this guy? Have you seen the look in his eyes? Ouch!
Dominic Purcell was born on February 17, 1970 ... & get this, he's a British-born Australian actor, of Norwegian-Irish extract! Cool!
Don't get too excited! Because, Alas! He is married ... with children! He lives in Laguna beach with his wife, Rebecca, and their four children: Joseph, Audrey, and twins Lily and Augustus.

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