Was Hospital LockDown by Beyoncé and Jay-Z Too Much?

Beyoncé and Jay-Z lockdown hospital

Celebrities are known for doing over-the-top stuff but renting one hospital wing for $1.3 million and spending $200,000 for additional private guards the way Beyoncé and Jay-Z did for the birth of their baby was a bit too much! Other patients at the Lennox Hill Hospital in New York thought so too!

There are new reports that new parents who were at the hospital on Saturday have aired their annoyance over the special treatment that the hospital staff gave to the Carters. It would have been fine but some patients had some unpleasant encounter with some of the power couple’s security.

Edgar Ramirez, 25, whose wife has just given birth over the weekend said that the guards kept him out of the neonatal unit for three hours, preventing him from seeing them!

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Chris Brown in Jail?

chris brown in jail

What will the assault case against Chris Brown be considered?
Will he be charged for a misdemeanor and just get a black spot on his record?
Or will he be charged with a felony and get sentenced to jail?

In any case, do YOU think Chris Brown should serve jail time for what he did to Rihanna?

- Yes!
- No!

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Cutest Couple on The Oscars Red Carpet

jolie and pitt at the oscars

The red carpet was studded with stars who are married or dating or living together!
But that's not my point ... What i want to ask is: Which couple was the cutest? Who looked perfect together?

Let's see, was it:
- Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron?
- Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt?
- Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick?

Or maybe it was ... more after the jump ...

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Who is Your Favorite Country Music Artist?

country stars faith hill keith urban taylor swift

I know that there are a whole lot of excellent Country music singers out there.
There are guys and gals who make you swoon and others who make you wanna move your Badonkadonk all night!
Although it's all Country music, each artist has his/her own unique style and that's what makes you chose a favorite!
So, who is your favorite Country Music Artist?

Vote after the jump ... JUMP!

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Robert Pattinson Poll Results

robert pattinson poll

So, the poll i ran about Twilight actor Robert Pattinson proved to be a success!
It goes without saying, that most of you think Robert is a hottie!
Only a very few voted Eww! and only 3 didn't know who the guy was!

So the results are as follows:

86% of you thought Robert is Hot.
10% of you thought he was Eww!
and only 4% of you didn't know who the dude was!

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Robert Pattinson, Hot or Not?

robert pattinson

What do you think of 'Twilight' star Robert Pattinson?
Is he the newest heartthrob? Or is he just ordinary?
Have your say with our Robert Pattinson poll, after the jump!

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Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair Poll

miley cyrus vanity fair poll

I just found! a poll a ran a few months ago about the Vanity Fair photo of Miley Cyrus that made a huge buzz.
I thought i should let you in on the results because they're kinda' interesting.
The question was Do you think Vanity Fair manipulated Miley Cyrus to sell more magazines?
And you answered as follows:

54% of you thought that it was Miley's fault.
29% of you thought that VF did take advantage of Miley!
and 18% of you just didn't care! It's just a photo!

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Britney Spears Back to Blonde

britney spears with blonde wig

So, i guess Britney Spears is getting ready for the VMA's ... she's busy rehearsing with pal Criss Angel & she has also decided to switch from brunette to blonde!
She was spotted Friday night, wearing a blonde wig, as she & Angel headed to catch a bite at Teddy's.

Which look to you like best on Britney?
- Brunette
- Blonde
- Brit looks horrible in both cases!

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