Chris Brown & Rihanna at Grammy Awards

Chris Brown and Rihanna

Blaaagh ... Sorry, I didn't want to start my post with a puke, but I couldn't help it! These two together stir my stomach!
Chris Brown and Rihanna were the epitome of love and sweetness at its best at the Grammy Awards last week ... it seems bygones are bygones ... and Rihanna doesn't remember the feeling Chris' fist on her face no more!

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Paris Hilton & A Pig?

Paris Hilton and a pig?

You're not imagining, this is really Paris Hilton cuddling a pig!
I haven't found the right words to comment on this ... can you?

Oh! I just got a silly idea ... what happens if you morph the two together? ... you'd get Miss Piggy! Lame ... I know!

Nicole Richie Bare Beach Baby Bump

nicole richie baby bump

Nicole Richie and her baby daddy Joel Madden hit the beach on Sunday.
The couple enjoyed the sun, sand and sea of Malibu and that gave the paparazzi a chance to snap away at Nicole's growing baby bump!
Nicole is expecting her second baby later this summer.
Isn't she and her baby bump cute?!

Britney and Sons in London

britney and sons in london

Britney Spears is in London for the British leg of her tour.
She took time this morning to hang around with her sons, who have tagged along, and the trio dropped by famous toy store Hamley's to shop for fun games and toys!
After finishing a couple more concerts in England, she'll be heading over to Ireland and then France.

Little Angelina Jolie!

angelina jolie back in 1977

Check out this old, black and white photo!
This was taken back in 1977, when Angelina Jolie was just a tiny baby! She was about two years old!
The subject of the photo was Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand and not those cute little children. It was just a photo of a family.
At that time, who knew that that little kid would grow up to be actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie?

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are Perfect!

brad pitt and angelina jolie in matching gray

Sorry, but i couldn't help myself!
This photo of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is pretty perfect!
They look great together and they're matching wardrobes are not nerdy at all!
What do you think? Yay or Nay?

Tiny Footprints of Celebrity Babies!

jerry o'connell and baby footprints

This is the 1st unbearably cute photo of 2009! There's nothing cuter than those tiny little footprints!
New daddy Jerry O'Connell shows off the footprints of his newborn twin girls outside the hospital where they were born. (Rebecca Romijn gave birth on Dec. 28)

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Happy New Year Jennifer and Violet!

jennifer and violet

I can't help it! I need rehab!
I can't control myself and stop my fingers from writing a post whenever i see Jennifer Garner and her daughter Violet together! I just can't! AAAHHH!!!
It's compulsive! I spot Jen and Violet together and they're looking as cute as ever, as usual, and my fingers just start typing away!
This time the photo was taken on New Year's eve, as the cute girls were running some errands in Brentwood,California.

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Britney Spears Circus Birthday Cake

britney spears birthday cake

What a huge birthday cake this is! Wow!
Britney Spears got a colorful and sweet surprise when a huge, six-tiered birthday cake was wheeled out yesterday after her Good Morning America performance!
Britney also got unexpected B-day wishes from Hugh Jackman, Reese Witherspoon and Taylor Swift!

What do you think of this awesome cake!? YUM-O!

Jesse Metcalfe on a Wheelchair!

jesse metcalfe on wheelchair

Jesse Metcalfe has some sorta accident while celebrating after the WMA 2008 in Monaco this past weekend.
After the show, which Jesse was the host of, he went to a club to celebrate and maybe had a couple of glasses too much to drink and as he sat on a second story balcony ledge, he slipped back wards and fell! Ouch!

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Cute, Adorable and Precious Celebrity Babies!

celebrity babies

Can they get any cuter?
This is a precious photo of two celebrity babies; Kingston Rossdale and little Ruby Sweetheart!
The son of Gwen Stefani and the daughter of Spiderman himself Tobey Maguire enjoyed a play date and shared a red wagon yesterday afternoon at Coldwater Canyon Park in Los Angeles.
Oh! Gullable!