Doherty and Winehouse Duet at MTV Europe Music Awards

This kinda' thing happens once in a life time! MTV has decided to put two of the mose famous crack-heads nowadays together on stage for a musical duet! That deserves applause!
Yesterday, at the MTV Europe Music Awards, which was held at in Munich's Olympiahalle, the two Brits joined voices and sang for thousands of viewers ... it was like listening to angels ... NOT!
All that didn't happen, thank God! It was just a rumor that the two singers were going to perform a duet at the awards.
But, Amy Winehouse did sing and so did Pete Doherty ... each on his own.
Amy was also a winner last night, she received the Artists’ Choice award which is chosen by fellow musicians.
Oh! I gotta say, before the show, Doherty showed off his anti-heroin implant and claimed that he was now a new man ... ya! we'll see how long this will last before he gets busted again!

Pete Doherty Gets Arrested Again ... No Kidding!

pete doherty

This has become boring & silly! It is actually absurd!
Pete Doherty got arrested this past weekend on charges of possessing illegal drugs ... Ha! No Kidding! What a surprise that is!
The irony of this is ... today Pete was in court on a case relating to drug charges from May!
Pete has admitted possessing quantities of crack cocaine, heroin, cannabis and ketamine, as well as to two driving offenses.
Judges ordered him to take part in a detoxification program, but a review of his progress Tuesday found he had tested positive for drugs in initial tests ... Is this guy dumb as hell or is he just space crazy ?!?!

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Pete Doherty Opens Up ... About Kate Moss

They broke up at last ... why? It seems there are so many stories ... but this one is Pete Doherty's.
Pete spilled his guts out to The Mirror about the break up ... it seems he's still got mixed feelings for Kate.
According to Pete, Kate dumped him because of her insane jealousy. But he still send her a message & clarifies that he doesn't want anyone in the world but her.

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Kate Moss & Pete Doherty Officially Engaged !!!

You know what! This is getting boring! We all know how Kate Moss & Pete Doherty are inseparable, but the rumors about them getting engaged & planing a wedding have become lame & tasteless! I am fed up of these reports!
But ... never-the-less, I'm writing about the latest report about those two.
It seems Moss & Doherty have confirmed that they have indeed gotten engaged.
The declaration happened during a Babyshambles concert, when Doherty shouted out to the audience: "I am dedicating this song ... to my beautiful fiancee."

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Kate Moss & Pete Doherty Move in Together

Ok! So, they haven't gotten married ... Yet! But they have taken a huge step in their relationship ... They have moved in together.
Doherty moved in with Moss at her luxurious north London flat ... He was seen carrying a treasured gold disc, a banjo, clothes & a baby-seat ... I'm not sure what the baby seat if for ... But I guess we'll know soon enough!
Doherty was kicked out of his east London flat after owing £10,000 in unpaid rent!
In other Pete Doherty news, it seems he caused havoc at the Cotswold Wildlife Park, in Oxfordshire, when he threw what looked like a cannabis joint to the penguins!

Are They Mr. & Mrs. Doherty Now?

kate moss & pete doherty

It seems Kate Moss & Pete Doherty have started the New Year on a different note.
Reports are flying about that Moss & Doherty have actually gone ahead a tied the knot during their holiday in Thailand.
It's believed the couple tied the knot at the exclusive Amanpuri Hotel in Phuket at 1.30pm on New Year's Day.
But ... It seems the ceremony isn't a legal one, but a symbolic thing between Moss & Doherty.
The couple had earlier attended a New Year's Eve party thrown by socialite David Tang, which was also attended by the Duchess Of York & her daughters.
As for their reps, neither confirm nor deny the reports a ceremony had taken place at all!

Moss & Doherty Wedding This Week?

This is getting boring! Speculating & guessing whether Kate Moss & Pete Doherty are going to tie the knot soon! ... & we are at it again!
Rumor has it -again- that Moss & Doherty are going to get married in a civil ceremony in West London this week!
According to The Daily Mail, the couple have invited close friends & family to meet them at Fulham Register Office on Friday ... While a wider group of friends & family are supposedly invited to a bigger & lavish wedding party on the Spanish island Ibiza on January 18th just in time for Kate's birthday!

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Pete Doherty 'The Destroyer'

I guess Pete Doherty's new nickname should be 'The Destroyer'! & here's why:
According to DigitalSpy, Doherty destroyed a hotel room, causing £10,000 of damage to furniture & electrical goods!
The room at the Malmaison hotel in London got fully destroyed, as in ripped down curtains, smashed mirrors & blood everywhere! A report even states: "Doherty left the room looking worse than a war zone. There's evidence that he took drugs, the carpet's wrecked, there are smashed bottles & make-up everywhere & the place is covered in blood."
Doherty checked into the hotel on Thursday & left yesterday ... which gets him a world record in bringing a fully furnished room to the ground!

Surprise! Pete Doherty Arrested Again!

pete doherty

Pete Doherty managed to get arrested again Saturday in East London!
He drew the police's attention because he was driving like a mad-man! He, a man & a woman were in the car & it seems they were high on something! -No, the woman with him was not Kate Moss-
Well, when they were stopped by the police, their car got searched & the police got their hands on some cocaine!
So, Pete got arrested, then was released on bail along with the others & ordered to return to the police station in December.

Pete Doherty Will Not Stop Doing Drugs

pete doherty

He said it bluntly ... Pete Doherty has admitted that he will never stop taking drugs!
Although Pete has promised Kate Moss that he'll stop doing drugs, he told a reporter for the BBC Documentary: "Arena : Pete Doherty", that he cannot live his life without narcotics!
Pete says: Abstaining isn't really my thing. I don't think I'll ever give up drugs. But I do know I don't think I can keep smoking crack anymore. Not just because of the police, but because it was f***ing my life up.

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It's Official! Doherty & Moss to Wed Soon

pete & kate

It was only a rumor a few days ago & now it's official! Pete Doherty & Kate Moss are indeed going to get married soon.
This became clear when Pete Doherty was walking through central London's Tottenham Court Road on Thursday at around 2 a.m. & was asked by one fan if he would wed Kate Moss. Doherty replied: Yeah, soon.
There's no need to speculate any longer!
- Photo above of Pete Doherty & Kate Moss in a masquerade at Tuesday's Moet & Chandon fashion event in London.

Is Kate Moss Pregnant with Pete Doherty’s Baby?

is kate moss pregnant?

What! Could this be true?
According to Pete Doherty’s uncle, Kate Moss is going to have Pete Doherty’s baby!
Doherty’s uncle Phil Michels, tells The Mirror newspaper that the singer called him from Italy & shared the happy news.
He also says that Pete & Kate are both delighted & Pete sounded really excited.
Michels claims that this is the reason the two have planned to get married & that the baby on the way is to cement their relationship.
Kate & Pete are still in Italy, but she’s smoking & partying like crazy! She doesn’t seem pregnant to me!
What do you think?

Kate Moss & Pete Doherty in Italy

kate & pete arrive in rome

The two love birds have landed in Italy!
Kate Moss & Pete Doherty have arrived in Rome, Italy for a few days of vacationing & relaxation.
Although Pete has got a court appearance this week, he is free to travel the world with his model girlfriend.
But, i am always wondering, isn't Kate a mommy? ... Shouldn't she be caring for her little daughter? ...
It's been some time now since we've seen Kate & her daughter together!

Kate Moss & Pete Doherty to Tie The Knot

It was reported in August that Kate & Pete were getting married in Ibiza, but that didn't work out!
Now, there are stronger rumors that the couple plan seriously to tie the knot next year on Kate's birthday in Ibiza.
According to Pete's uncle Phil Michels, Kate & Pete are going to get married on January 16th 2007, on Kate's 33rd birthday.
Michels reveals that Pete has already bought Kate an engagement ring & has promised her he will stay off heroin. It will be a traditional white wedding, attended by all their friends.
If things are as planned, bandmate Carl Barat will be Pete's best man & Kate's pal Sadie Frost will be a bridesmaid along with Kate's daughter Lila Grace.