Penelope Cruz Welcomes Baby Girl

Kate Middleton and Penelope Cruz have gone into labor on the same day ... One gave birth to a little prince, while the other welcomed a tiny little princess into the world.

Penelope gave birth to her second child with hubby Javier Bardem, a baby girl, yesterday.
She was admitted to Ruber Internacional hospital in Madrid on Monday.

Penelope Cruz Welcomes Baby Girl

Last week Penelope was spotted attending the Los Veranos de la Villa Music Festival in Madrid. She looked like she was about to pop! Her baby bump was huge!
But she looked happy, energized and beautiful!
She wore jeans, wedges, a white top that showed off her gigantic baby bump and a white blazer.


Penelope Cruz and Her 7-Month Belly Gallivant in Spain

Well lookie here! Penelope Cruz looks like she’s about to pop! Her baby bump is quite huge even though she’s just seven months into her pregnancy.

Penelope Cruz baby bump

The expectant mom paraded her seven months belly in Madrid, Spain earlier this week. Her bump was so noticeable in her tight black and red top, open leather jacket and jeans and wedge sneakers. The 38-year-old actress was also rocking red nail polish.

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Penelope Cruz Displays Baby Bump in a String Bikini

Penelope Cruz in Bikini

Penelope Cruz is among those celebrities who are not afraid to show their pregnancy figure. The actress, who is expecting baby no. 2 with hubby Javier Bardem, displayed her pregnant body at a beach in Barbados! She’s a daring expectant mommy because she even chose an itty-bitty black string bikini for the outing on March 5!

She was spotted taking her 2-year-old son Leo for a swim in a deeper part of the sea. Penelope seemed to be having a blast during her Barbados getaway.

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Penelope Cruz Shoots Venuto Al Mondo in Italy

Penelope Cruz in Italy

Don’t panic if you see Penelope Cruz sporting big hair and unshapely outfits. She hasn’t lost her touch in fashion! The truth of the matter is she’s just playing a role for a new movie entitled Venuto Al Mondo. The Vanilla Sky star is now in Italy filming some scenes for the movie.

Last Friday’s shoot saw Penelope in a very unflattering outfit of ill-fitting jeans, black hooded top and low-heeled boots. Her straight shiny black hair was also curled for the shoot. The website MediaTakeOut might have been unaware of this new movie because they wrote about Penelope’s new look and entitled it “YIKES!! Look How TERRIBLE Actress Penelope Cruz Looks NOWADAYS!!!”

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Penelope Cruz Has Fabulous Post-Baby Bod

Penelope Cruz

Did Penelope Cruz really have a baby? Her figure is so awesome that you’d hardly think had one! I mean really! On Wednesday, she was spotted in Santa Monica paying a visit to Pirates of the Caribbean director Jerry Bruckheimer’s office.

It’s been only a month since she gave birth yet she’s already shipshape. She was wearing a striped blouse that clung to her body. Even with its clingy material, there’s no evidence of fats or bulges underneath.

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Penelope Cruz Gives Birth to a Baby Boy

Penelope Cruz with husband Javier Bardem

The sexy and talented Penelope Cruz is now officially a mommy! According to Hola! Magazine, the couple welcomed the arrival of their baby boy on Saturday at the Los Angeles Sinai Hospital. Her hubby Javier Bardem was there by her side during the ordeal. Also, as a form of support, Penelope’s whole family was there at the hospital during that time, her mother Encarna, sister Monica, and brother Eduardo.

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Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem Tie the Knot

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem Married

This month is becoming a lucky month for many celebrities as they decide that July is the perfect month to get hitched. Spanish Oscar Winners Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem not only celebrated their country’s first win in the world cup this month but also they celebrated their marriage.

Earlier this month Cruz and Bardem tied the knot in a private romantic ceremony at a friend’s house in the Bahamas where only close friends and family were present. Cruz wore a beautiful dress designed by John Galliano.

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Penelope Cruz to Tie the Knot Soon!

Penelope Cruz in wedding dress

I know that Penelope Cruz never admitted to being in a relationship with Javier Bardem but reports claim that the two will get married this summer, and I think they should! I mean she’s not getting any younger; she is 35 and he is 40. I know for sure that Penelope will always be a gorgeous Spanish actress even if she is married!

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Is Penelope Cruz Really Pregnant?

is penelope cruz pregnant?

Rumor has it that Penelope Cruz has a bun in the oven and that she's already four months along! What?! Four already?!
The baby daddy is rumored to be her boyfriend and country man, Javier Bardem.

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Get Well Soon Penelope Cruz!

penelope cruz at cannes

I thought it would be safe to eat anything in a place like Cannes and never be afraid of getting a stomach ache, let alone food poisoning!
Poor Penelope Cruz ... she got a stomach bug while in Cannes to promote her latest musical, Nine and her latest movie, Broken Embraces.

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Penelope Cruz is Next to Adopt!

We all agree that adopting a child to give them what they have been deprived of is a sweet and noble thing, but it seems celebrities are catching the adoption bug from Angelina Jolie & Madonna! Penelope Cruz has said that she wants to adopt. Penelope broke up with Matthew McConaughey last year. She insists that she is single, but rumors have linked her to both Orlando Bloom and Josh Hartnett!

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Penelope Cruz's Sister is So Cute!

the cruz sisters

It's a fact that Penelope Cruz is extremely cute ... But here's a discovery, Penelope has an even cuter sister, she's called Monica, Monica Cruz.
Monica Cruz is also an actress, she was at the Mann Chinese Theater on Tuesday night for the premiere of her movie The Inquiry (L' Inchiesta). In the movie, Monica plays a young Israeli woman who falls into a forbidden relationship with a Roman in the year 35 AD.
Both Cruz sisters were smashing at the premier ... Both in elegant black dresses.
I guess we'll see Monica again during The Oscars, she must be there to support her sister! No?

Penelope Cruz & Reese Witherspoon Get Ready for The Oscars

penelope cruz & reese witherspoon

Hollywood actresses have been gearing up for The Oscars for some time now ... Exercising, choosing dresses & accessories for the big night.
Actresses Penelope Cruz & Reese Witherspoon have really toned up to look their best on the red carpet & on the sparkly stage.
Penelope is up for Best Actress in Volver ... & Reese will be presenting this year's Best Actor award.
Do you think Penelope Cruz will take home an Oscar this year?
Just a tiny tip for ya, if you want their bods, you'll have to change your diet to fresh veggies, fruits & whole grains ... & you'll have to step up your exercising.