Pamela Ambassador Wishes to be a UN Ambassador!

Pamela Anderson UN

Former Baywatch hottie Pamela Anderson still has one ambition that she would like to achieve. What’s that you ask? Well she wants to be a goodwill ambassador for the UN! By saying it perhaps she hopes the people who have the power to make her one will act accordingly?

Pamela revealed that to be a goodwill ambassador has been her wish since she started in show business. She described such achievement as a “romantic, interesting element of stardom, going back to the days of Audrey Hepburn.”

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What's Up with Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson?

tommy lee and pamela anderson

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson always manage to get back together in one way or another!
They were spotted together in Las Vegas and they were very cozy and touchy feely.
So, what's up with them? Are they back together really?

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Pamela Anderson Dating A Sheikh from Abu Dhabi!

pam is dating a sheikh

Pamela Anderson is on the right track if she's aiming at becoming a princess ... a real one!
Pammy is said to be dating a Sheikh from the royal family of Abu Dhabi!
Pam and the Sheikh have been very discreet about their relationship and are trying to keep things hush hush. But the two were spotted with their mutual friends this past week-end at a gay bar in Hollywood called 'Abbey'.
According to reports, the two met last June when Pam visited Abu Dhabi for business; partnering with the royal family to build an ecofriendly hotel in the area.
According to E! Online -who first reported the news- Pammy has got the perfect nickname for her new beau; Milk Sheikh!
Between you and me, i don't think this 'fling' is going anywhere! It's just fun and will surely end soon!

Pamela Anderson's 41st Birthday Bash

Pamela Anderson went totally wild as she celebrated her 41st birthday the other night at LAX nightclub in Las Vegas.
Pammy was sporting a pink dress, high high heel and a champaign flute! She didn't look fresh at all though!
Pammy was surrounded by men, who didn't include Tommy Lee!
One of they guys attached to her all night was Criss Angel. They got a bit too cozy at one point!
Other guys were busy painting tattoos on her leg! How weird is that?
Pammy has a huge pink and floral b-day cake for the occasion, which she dived into with her mouth! Maybe a bit too much Champaign!

Photos from Pamela Anderson's B-day bash

Pamela Anderson's 41st Birthday Bash
Happy Birthday Pam!

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee Back Together?

pam and tommy back together

I haven't written anything about Pamela Anderson since April and the news of her new TV show, but i just came across something very interesting!
It seems after all those years and a couple of failed marriages, Pammy and Tommy Lee have reconciled!
Word on the street has it that Pamela and the kids have even moved back in with Tommy!
Tommy himself made sure to announce this to Rolling Stone, he said: "Pamela and the kids have moved in with me. It's awesome man. It's definitely working. You can tell on the kids' faces - they're happy when we're together". Wow!

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Pamela Anderson on E!

pammy anderson

Pamela Anderson has lives quite an interesting life until now ... and Pammy with all her glory will be featured in a documentary kinda' show on E!.
The series will be called 'Pamela' and is set to air on the US cable TV network in Summer.
Her life will be shot 'documentary style' and we'll get to go through a load of interesting turns and stops from Pammy's life like the many affairs she's had and the three marriages she's been in and out of! The last, with Rick Solomon, which ended this March!
She's been the center of many tabloid rumors and was ... or is ... the star of one of the most famous celebrity sex tapes! One which was leaked in the 90's to the net and features Pam with her hubby Tommy Lee!
I liked Pamela when she was on Home improvement and on Baywatch ... who didn't like her when she was on Baywatch?!
But in the past few years, she's not done anything really substantial ... and i just like to check out her news from time to time to see what's she up to and where she's heading ...

Would you watch this new series on E! ? ... Personally, I'm not sure ... But I have to see the pilot to decide!

(Updated) Pamela Anderson Pregnant ?!

pam anderson and her husband rick

What's the deal with pregnancy among celebrities these days? Is it like the flu? If one gets it, the rest follow!
The latest celebrity to fall into the pregnancy rumor is Pamela Anderson.
Although she filed for divorce a few weeks ago, she was thought to have been getting pack together with her hubby Rick ... and now, the latest is that she's actually preggers and is going forward with the divorce plan!
Could she be pregnant with his baby and yet still want to break-up with him at this crucial time?
According to TMZ, in her divorce petition, Pammy has asked for spousal support but not child support!
This is a mess!
Rick on the other hand has been heard telling friends that Pammy's acting crazy, because she's got a bun in the oven and hopes she won't go through with the divorce.
A mess i tell you!

Update: ... after the jump

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Pamela Anderson Files for Divorce! Again!

pam and rick

Third time's charm doesn't fit Pamela Anderson and her 3rd hubby Rick Salomon!
Pam and Rick have been married for two months only and Pam's already filed for divorce!
Pam filed a claim for dissolution of marriage on December 14th, citing irreconcilable differences.
This marriage business isn't working well for Pammy! She was married to Tommy Lee, then to Kid Rock and now this Rick dude!

Rick on the other hand, is best known as Paris Hilton's partner in the famous sex tape, "One Night in Paris," and was once married to actress Shannen Doherty.
I guess Pam was a bit off when she said she's happy and living a dream!

Good Luck Pammy!

Will Pamela Anderson Retire Soon?


It seems the 4-0 is catching up to Pamela Anderson! Rumor has it, she's thinking of retirement!
Pammy's life now revolves around her kids, her new hubby and her Vegas show ... No more TV and movies for the Baywatch babe!
Pam told USA Today that she's thinking of retiring in about 5 years from now. She said: "I get offers to do movies and TV all the time. I say no to everything. Drives my agent crazy. But I'm lazy. I don't want to work. I want to be with my kids. So I just fly in from L.A., do a few days of shows and go back home."
Well, in about a week time, the curtain will fall on her magic show with Hans Klok and she's going back home to Malibu to continue her motherly duties!
But Pammy also reveals that she wants to go back to her home ... in Canada! She says: "Five more years and I'll go back to Canada. I've got some land. It'll be time."
UH? Pamela retiring at age 45 ... i don't see that! She's still got it in her somewhere! ... But come to think of it again ... what will she do? She wasn't such a great movie actress, and Baywatch was about it! Another show? ... Maybe not! Ya! Five years from now is a goos time.

Worst Looking Celebrity Without Makeup

celebrities with no makeup

We usually are stunned by the way celebrities look in magazines and photo-shoots ... we envy them and wish we had what they have.
But, what do they really look like? Not on the red carpet, but say, when they wake-up in the morning?
It all boils down to their makeup artists and their stylists ... most probably you look better than Demi Moore when you wake-up in the morning!
don't get fooled by those photo-spreads in mags! There's a lot of photo-shopping happening before any photo goes into printing!
I put together 6 photos of some celebrities ... au naturel! Without makeup!
So, who looks worst? Jennifer Lopez .. Pamela Anderson .. Tori Spelling .. Eva Longoria .. Jessica Simpson or Renee Zellweger?

Pamela Anderson and a Vegetarian Thanksgiving

pam anderson veggie thanksgiving

Pamela Anderson has been vegetarian since she was a teenager and she's always focused on her work with PETA. Now, she's got an idea that'll promote vegetarianism and will help homeless people this Thanksgiving.
Pammy is going to serve vegetarian dishes all night on Thanksgiving at an unnamed homeless centre in Las Vegas.
The exact centre will be kept a secret because it's meant to be between Pam and those she's serving only! No fans, no Paparazzi, no autographs!
Pammy says of this: "The holiday season can be especially hard for those who find themselves homeless, and it’s murder on turkeys. With so many healthy and delicious options nowadays, it’s easy to have a holiday meal that gives even turkeys something to be thankful for."

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Pamela Anderson Ties The Knot Yet Again!

Pamela Anderson and Rick Solomon have done it and walked down the isle in a quick Vegas wedding on Saturday!
Believe it or not, the whole thing happened between Pammy's two magic shows!
The ceremony, which was held at the Mirage Hotel, was a very tight one, with only close members of Pam's family and her kids there.
So, what did Pam wear to her third wedding? She was elegantly beautiful in a white denim Valentino dress, while Ricky boy wore a black tux! Bravo! Much better than the wardrobe at Pammy's wedding to Kid Rock!
Pam wrote on her website under the title: "The Adventures of Scum and Pam have begun", she said: "Rick and I are truly grateful. We are toasting the casino right after we get married after my show."

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Pamela Anderson Third Marriage on The Way?

pamela anderson

If you apply for a marriage license, doesn't that mean that you intend to get married?!
Well, Pamela Anderson and her inseparable friend, Rick Salomon have applied for 'and were granted' a marriage license in Las Vegas.
Pammy & Rick have been together all the time since she started working with magician Hans Klok at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.
Around a month ago, it was reported that Pammy was indeed dating a mystery man ... she actually confirmed that when she appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show, she said:
"I paid off a poker debt with sexual favors, and I fell in love. It's so romantic. It's romance."
Hey! Wait a minute! Pam paid off a poker debt with sexual favors!!! WTF!!!

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