Newest Dad on The Block, Owen Wilson!

Owen Wilson

Another expecting dad on the horizon! Our favorite Little Fockersí star and his girlfriend Jade Duell are going to have a baby anytime soon, says a source.

Jade is planning to have the baby in Hawaii and thatís where sheís been staying now. At 42, this will be the first baby for Owen and heís very excited. In fact, itís said that he has been doing research on the matter just so he can keep up with whatever is going on. Heís been asking a lot of questions and wants to be updated on whatís been happening. Thatís very commendable, Owen, but youíre not the only new dad to do that. Itís expected!

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Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are Back Together

kate hudson owen wilson

When did this happen?! One day their off, the second they're on!
Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are reported to have gotten back together again!
They were spotted a couple of days ago together, they actually spent all day Sunday together, and with them was Kate's son, Ryder.

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Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are Over!

kate and owen

I haven't taken this Kate/Owen thing seriously! They've been on and off so many time ,that i thought things weren't really serious between them and i never gave any attention to their relationship!
It seems they were really together in the past couple of months and they've decided to call it quits, for real this time!
The last time they were spotted together was on April 21st, when they celebrated Kate's 29th birthday together in Miami.
Since the split, Owen Wilson has been spotted letting loose with a few women. He was spotted with two women at N.Y.C.'s Upstairs one night and was getting cozy with a woman at Butter the night after! Well, he ain't called the butterscotch stallion for nothing, is he?!
Even Kate felt silly when asked about him, she said: "She feels dumb thinking it was so serious." Ouch!

What's the deal? Is this Split Season in Hollywood? Everyone seems to be going their separate ways! I wonder who's going to break up now?

Owen Wilson Ready for Work!

owen wilson

Owen Wilson has been in hiding for a couple of months Ö itís not easy coping with a suicide attempt.
But Owen has finally decided to get back to work and thatís a good step to take because getting himself immersed in work is better that lounging around feeling sorry for oneself! No?
Owen is going to star alongside Jennifer Aniston in a new romantic comedy entitled ĎMarley & Meí.
The comedy is about a writer who adopts a mischievous dog! We hope this wonít be a flop Ö sorry, but a lot of Jenís movies turn out to the lousy side! Sorry!
The film is scheduled to be shot in Miami from March 10 until mid-May.

We're glad you're back to the sets Owen. Keep it up and we love you! Kudos!

Owen Wilson Back on the Dating Scene

owen and model le call

Owen Wilson has been seen around Hollywood in the company of a sexy blonde mystery woman ... but she's no mystery anymore! She's been identified as model Le Call.
An insider tells PEOPLE: "She's dating him".
The couple have been seen together both in L.A. and in Texas, they've also been practicing yoga together.
PEOPLE have also reported that they've got news that the couple are going to travel together to a far away place for relaxation.
As long as Owen is feeling good and is happy and healthy ... let him do all he pleases!

Kate Hudson Out with Owen Wilson!

Things got bumpy between Kate Hudson & hubby Chris Robinson after rumors of Kateís affair with co-star Owen Wilson. But, at one point, things seemed to have gotten back on track for Kate & Chris & they said that they are not going to split.
But Ö new rumors have surfaced that Kate is going through with the divorce papers & she is actually planning to leave Chris.
To make things even more complicated, Kate was spotted having breakfast with Owen Wilson at A Votre Sante restaurant in Brentwood, California, two days ago.
Now, what do you think of that? Is that just a simple breakfast two friends are having, or is there more behind this?

Check out photos of Kate & Owen having breakfast together.

Kate & Owen having breakfast together