Ellen DeGeneres Famous Oscar Selfie

Selfies are cool and everyone is doing them, even President Obama got the bug!
Last night, Ellen DeGeneres got the idea to take a super celebrity selfie from the heart of the event!
Ellen round up a bunch of stars like Brad Pitt, Angeline Jolie, Jared Leto, Julia Roberts and Kevin Spacey and gave the responsibility of taking the shot to Bradley Cooper.

Ellen shared the selfie on her Twitter page, and it broke the record for most retweets, with 1,076,971 in less than an hour!

Here you get to see the photo from the front and the back!
Check it out after the jump ...

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List of Oscars 2014 Winners

List of Oscars 2014 Winners

Here's a full list if the winners of the 86th Academy Awards:

Best Picture 12 Years a Slave
Best Actor in a Leading Role Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club)
Best Actress in a Leading Role Cate Blanchett (Blue Jasmine)
Best Actor in a Supporting Role Jared Leto (Dallas Buyers Club)
Best Actress in a Supporting Role Lupita Nyong'o (12 Years a Slave)

The rest after the jump ...

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Quick Oscars 2014 Round up

The Oscars last night was an event not to be missed ... but unfortunately, I did :(
I wanted to see the red carpet arrivals and make my mind about the best (and worst) dressed. I wanted to see who the winners are and see whether my guesses were close or out of range and maybe on the dot, especially my bet that Matthew McConaughey was surely going to take home his first Oscar.

Matthew Cate Jared Lupita

Well, it's the next day and I get to write a few posts about the biggest night in Hollywood.

So, the red carpet was studded with the biggest and brightest stars like my favorite couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who I've been waiting on my toes to see together ... and the fashion choices were stunning and some of the dresses were the best in years!!!

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2014 Oscar Nominations Announced

The Oscars night will sure be a big a night as ever, especially for Matthew McConaughey! And all those fingers crossed for Matt came through and he's up for Best Actor for his role in Dallas Buyers Club.
The nominees were announced yesterday and two movies stand out with 10 nods each; American Hustle and Gravity.
The next in live with 9 nods is 12 years a Slave.

American Hustle

The nominees were announced by Chris Hemsworth in a LIVE event held at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills, California.

The Oscars will be held on March 2nd, at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood and will be hosted by the one and only Ellen Degeneres. This means there will be a whole lot of jokes and punch lines to laugh at.

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Jennifer Lawrence’s Fall and Win at the Oscars

Jennifer Lawrence Oscars 2013

And she wins! Jennifer Lawrence bagged the best actress award during the Oscars last night at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. This is her first Oscar win for the movie Silver Linings Playbook.

Her path to the stage was not without drama, however. She tripped on her Dior haute couture gown and fell on the steps. Hugh jackman was spotted trying to offer assistance, if needed. But the best actress awardee recovered her composure enough to proceed to the stage. She thanked the audience for giving her a standing ovation but quipped that they were doing it because they feel bad just because she fell.

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Oscars Highlights & Ben Affleck’s “Argo” Wins Best Picture

 Ben Affleck Oscars 2013

It must have come as a surprise for everyone when First Lady Michelle Obama announced “Argo” as best Picture, none most of all than Ben Affleck who directed the film. But the Best Director went to “Life of Pi’s” Ang Lee.

The Academy spread out the wins this year since more movies got the golds in the other categories. Of them all, Life of Pi got the most awards, taking home four. Argo, together with “Les Miserables” came second with three while “Django Unchained” and “Skyfall” each had two.

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Seth MacFarlane Wrong for Oscars!?

The Oscars Seth MacFarlane

The Oscars is the most important event of the year in Hollywood ... and the job of hosting it is as important as the event!
The 2013 Oscars are going to be hosted by Seth MacFarlane ... and he seems to think that he's the wrong guy for the job!
MacFarlane, who's the master mind behind Family Guy and Ted ... is going to walk a fine line on Sunday and will either make it or break it!

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Oscars 2012 Big Winners

Jean Dujardin

So, here's the truth, I tried my best to watch the Oscars to the end last night ... but I dozed off before seeing the BIG winners! Did Jean Dujardin score?
I missed seeing Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie presenting :(

None-the-less, It was pure joy watching Billy Crystal host the event, he really knows how to entertain and after such a long time, he gives the stage a special aura. He just draws a smile on my face with the simplest thing he says. Personally, I think he makes the best host.

But I still feel disappointed that I couldn't stay up til the very end, when the big winners are revealed. Who won Best Picture, Best Actor / Actress in a Leading Role, Best Supporting Actor / Actress and Best Director.

So, this morning, the first thing I'm doing is checking out that list, and here they are:
after the jump ...

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Oscars 2012 Red Carpet Arrivals LIVE

And the greatest night in Hollywood has begun!
The red carpet is ready and teeming with reporters and photographers and cameraman ... Don't you wish you were there too? I sure do!
Who's going to be the first to arrive at the red carpet of the Kodak Theater?
I can't wait to see the nominees ... George Clooney, Brad Pitt -for whom I have my fingers crossed- and Jean Dujardin.
And I really can't wait to see the gowns and dresses the actresses will be strutting their stuff in on that red hot carpet!

One of the very first arrivals is Penelope Anne Miller. She looks good, but why has she gotten so old suddenly?! In all cases, her dress is simple and sparkly, perfect for a sparkly event like this one!

I just got a glimpse of Mila Jovovich, looking incredible in an off the shoulder, white sparkly gown ... but the arrivals haven't picked up pace yet!
I guess the celebrities and Oscar nominees are still getting ready and finishing up with those last touches!

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Waiting for The 2012 Oscars ... & Billy Crystal

The Oscars and Billy Crystal

I simply can't wait for the Oscars to begin! Although where I'm at, in my time it starts at around 3 am and I'll most probably be pooped, but It's either I make myself a jug of filter coffee and watch it LIVE, or simply go to sleep and forget there was any event at all!
The Oscars is one of those things that you gotta watch LIVE; those jokes the host cracks, the little conversations between the presenters and most importantly the moment of opening that white envelope with the golden seal, and revealing the name of the winner is something you gotta see happen. It has no meaning what so ever watching a rerun of the thing!

This year and with the return of Billy Crystal as the host, the show is bound to be fresh, funny and fabulous. The Oscars and Crystal make for an explosive concoction!
I mean, it was also very entertaining when John Stewart and then Ellen Degeneres hosted the event, but Billy Crystal has got no match!

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List of Oscars 2010 Winners

The biggest winner of the night was The Hurt Locker, taking home a whopping 6 trophies!
James Cameron's Avatar took home 3, Crazy Heart 2 and Precious 2.

Here's a list of the Oscars 2010 winners:

- Best Picture: The Hurt Locker
- Best Actor: Jeff Bridges, Crazy Heart
- Best Actress: Sandra Bullock, The Blind Side

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Oscar Red Carpet Arrest!

This is a funny story; There is always drama going on somewhere in Hollywood and this time it was the wrong person at the wrong place! On Sunday cops had to arrest a 28-year-old guy who climbed a 6 or 7 foot fence and started skipping and jumping on the red carpet of the Oscars! That all happened before the stars arrived ... Thank God for that!

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List of Nominees for the 2010 Oscar Awards

So, the roster for the Oscar nominees is out already. Were you surprised by some of them or were you really expecting their names to come out?

Anyhow, if you weren’t able to watch the live telecast of the announcement made by Academy President Tom Sherak and Anne Hathaway, don’t worry! We will recap the important ones just for you! You can select your best bets now and just see if they get the award during the awards night on March 7.

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2010 Oscar Nominees to be Announced Today!

We already witnessed who took home the awards during the SAG awards last month. And at this time, we are also looking forward to the biggest awards event – the Academy Awards, a.k.a. the Oscars. Even though we won’t know the winners until March, we are excited to know who will be vying for the various awards. Well, the waiting isn’t long now because the nominations for the 82nd Academy Awards will be revealed on February 2 live on ABC at 8:30 AM ET. Those who can’t stay glued on the TV can also watch through online streaming.

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