Miley Cyrus Fully Recovers, Posts Twerking Video

Miley Cyrus is now doing more than fine after being hospitalized last April. In fact she’s back to her old tricks! The proof is on her Instagram account. This gal posted a video of her and a friend twerking their butts out!

Miley Cyrus Posts Twerking Video

In the video, the fully-recovered Miley is wearing a white T-shirt, tight dark pants and a plaid shirt tied around her waist as she danced to the tune “Turn Down for What” by Lil John. First she shakes her body on the expensive-looking couch then jumps down to do a head-bang. Finally, she bends over the fancy table and did her signature twerking move!

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Miley Cyrus on The Road to Recovery

Miley Cyrus is down with "severe allergic reactions" and was hospitalized last week.
It seems Miley got really sick after taking some antibiotics for being sick! How horrible is that?! And having to celebrate Easter in bed ... how sad!

Miley Cyrus on The Road to Recovery

The thing is, this health crisis came at the wrong time; in the middle of her US tour! Bummer!

She's had to cancel the current concerts but will be resuming her activities and continuing the tour on August 1st, by playing seven rescheduled shows and two additional stops, and that her illness hasn’t impacted her European tour, which begins in a little less than two weeks. So, Miley fans in Europe the concerts are still on!

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Miley Cyrus Did What??

Miley Cyrus is at it again! She's doing shocking stuff that is cementing the fact that the days of Hannah Montana are a thing of the past, the ancient past!
Miley posted a photo of herself on her Instagram account holding down her lip and displaying what appears to be a little tattoo of a sad kitty.

Miley Cyrus lip tattoo

She was not alone when she get her lip inked, she was with her BFF Katy Weaver, who also posted a pic of the duo after getting their lips inked.
Her take on the issue: "We got tattoos on our lips... What the f@#*...."

This new kitty brings up the number of tattoos that Miley already has to 20!
She even has the name of the magazine Rolling Stone tattooed on the soles of her feet!!!

Close up of the sad kitty tat after the jump ...

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Miley Cyrus, Grammy Material?

Miley Cyrus, Grammy Material?

Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" has been performed in all the BIG music events of 2013 ... will it be given a nod or will it be snubbed big time tonight for the Grammy nominations?
Whether I like it or not, the song is huge and is a hit worldwide ... there's a big chance that Miley's "Wrecking Ball" will go head to head with Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Robin Thicke and Lorde!

So, who else may be up for a Grammy nod?
Let's just list the names and singles and records randomly ...

It would be unfair if Justin Timberlake wasn't in for something? His The 20/20 Experience album and "Mirrors" single are out of this world!

Taylor Swift's Red album is BIG and contains multiple hit songs.

Will Bruno Mars be in the run? Or will he be "Locked Out of Heaven"?

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Happy Belated Birthday Miley!


Miley Cyrus turned 21 on Saturday ... and I missed it! Happy Belated 21th Birthday
She's finally come of age ... what ever that may mean, because I'm sure she wasn't waiting for the big 2-1 to start drinking and fornicating! Surely, didn't wait to smoke some pot ... in public!!

Well, Miley got some super cool gifts, the most expensive from daddy; a three-wheel Can-Am Spyder ATV with a price tag of $24.000!

She also got a cool rainbow cake from her friend Vijat Mohindra and a huge M shaped floral arrangement from other friends.

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Miley Cyrus With No Eyebrows, Ugly!

Miley Cyrus With No Eyebrows, Ugly!

Miley Cyrus has done the "bleached eyebrows" stunt!
What was she thinking? trying to do a cross between The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo and Lady Gaga? Simply ugly! Sorry!

The photo came up all over the net after Miranda Kerr posted the photo of her with "The Girl on The Wrecking Ball" on her Instagram.

At first everyone thought she had shaved them off ... but to everyone's relief, turns out she's trying a different look with the help of a little Hydrogen Peroxide!

So, how do you find her new look? Is it rebellious? Or plain ol' stupid?

Miley Cyrus, A Law-breaking Silver Alien!

Miley Cyrus smoking weed

Miley Cyrus managed to break the law LIVE on TV on the night of the 2013 MTV EMAs; she lit up a joint as she accepted an award for Best Music Video!
Although marijuana is tolerated in Holland, smoking in public is not!
So, if you want to smoke pot or try some type of exotic mushroom, then you'll have to go to one of those "coffee shops" and order .. because that's the only place where it's legal.
Oh! And MTV censored Miley's smoking incident during the rerun!

Then there's the business of the silver alien ... Yes, Miley has transformed herself into a nude silver alien in Future's new music video "Real & True".
The video was debuted yesterday and Miley manages to shock us yet again!

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Miley Cyrus Redeems Herself with 2013 EMA Performance

Miley Cyrus Performing Wrecking Ball

People haven't stopped talking about Miley Cyrus' performance at the VMAs ... but I guess now, and after her LIVE performance of her hit song "Wrecking Ball", people will totally forget about that twerking incident with Robin Thicke and will be talking about her great voice and talent again ...
Her performance of "Wrecking Ball" was stripped down to only her and her voice ... she proves that she's got the voice to sing LIVE and bring it home! She totally killed it!
Bravo ... Oh! Miley also won Best Video for "Wrecking Ball". Congrats Miley!

Watch Miley's performance of "Wrecking Ball" here. You'll love it!

Miley Cyrus MTV EMA Fashion Disaster

I don't care what anyone says, but Miley Cyrus' dress at the MTV EMAs is a disaster!

Miley showed up at the red carpet half naked ... in a Tom Ford piece of cloth that covers only the strategic areas! If you look at the dress from the back, you see nothing ... just a piece of garment out of a hooker's wardrobe! Sorry Miley! Sorry Tom Ford!

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Miley Cyrus Addicted to Tattoos!?

Miley Cyrus Granny Portrait Tattoo

Miley Cyrus is following in the footsteps of Amy Winehouse ... tattoo-wise, that is.
Miley is getting hooked to being inked and just yesterday, she posted a photo of the new tattoo on her Twitter account.

The tattoo, is a portrait of her grandma, someone she loves unconditionally and looks up to,
and is positioned on the inside of her right arm.

Guess which celebrity tattoo artist did this for Miley?
The style and the tattoo being a portrait ... it's none other than Kat Von D.
Miley posted a photo of the artist at work as she lay on a table.

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Miley Cyrus Covers Cosmopolitan December 2013

If you're a Miley fan, then you gotta get yourself the upcoming issue of Cosmopolitan mag, which hits newsstands on Nov. 5th, because Miley Cyrus is all over the cover!
Yup! Miley must be doing something really right to be on the cover of Cosmo twice this year; because she was on it in March.

Miley Cyrus Covers Cosmopolitan December 2013

Back then she spoke about how she wants her wedding with Liam Hemsworth to be and how she's comfortable and most satisfied with her relationship with Liam ... that sure changed a lot since then!

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Miley Cyrus NOT Fully Dressed in EMA Promo

It seems I can't go one week without posting something about Miley Cyrus! I would love to, but I can't help it, she's too annoying to ignore! And that's exactly what she wants!

So, has she put her tongue to sleep? No!
Has she put on some panties? No!
Is she going to do something classy just once more for the old times' sake? Maybe!

Miley Cyrus NOT Fully Dressed in EMA Promo

Miley is going to be performing at the MTV EMA awards, which will be held in Amsterdam on Nov. 10th. The promo for her performance has been released and in it, Miley is panty-less in a suitcase!

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Miley Cyrus Is Single & Happy

Talk about contradicting ones self! Miley Cyrus went on TV last night and told Ellen that she's the happiest she's ever been since she broke up with Liam Hemsworth!

It wasn't long ago since she and Liam were so happy and were excited to get married!
Ellen even threw her an engagement party on her last appearance on the show!
She even says that her new album "Bangerz" is a story of the relationship and the breakup.

Miley with Ellen

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Are You Getting Sick of Miley Cyrus Too?

Miley Cyrus wuth Jimmy Fallon

Isn't annoying that every time you open your TV you find Miley Cyrus staring at you and sticking out her tongue?!

Miley was on TV again yesterday on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.
She performed her song “We Can’t Stop” with The Roots in an acoustic version, which was not bad at all ... I gotta giver that!
Then she also participated in “Real People, Fake Arms” comedy sketch. You gotta see it to understand what it's all about.

But again ... aren't you just as sick as I am of Miley Cyrus??
At this point, I think she was more interesting before ...