La Toya and Michael Jackson’s Ghost!

What would your first reaction be if you feel a presence anywhere near you? I bet you’d run so fast! I know I would! But La Toya Jackson is made of a different material because she thinks that kind of thing is interesting. Well, I guess she’s not scared because the presence she feels is that of her brother, the late King of Pop Michael Jackson!

Michael Jackson Ghost

It seems Michael is haunting his former home! Security guards hear tap dancing in Michael’s room! But when they go up there they don’t see anyone. Oh my! That’s spooky!

You see, Michael used to tap dance for two hours in his room every Sunday.

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Jackson Children Celebrate King of Pop’s Birthday in Gary

Michael Jackson Birthday

Yesterday, August 29 was Michael Jackson’s birthday. It would have been his 54th birthday had he lived. But despite not being around to celebrate his 54th birthday, his three children ensured it was a day to remember. Prince, Paris and Blanket together with their grandmother Katherine, Aunt La Toya and cousin TJ Jackson headed to the late King of Pop’s home when he was just a young boy in Gary, Indiana.

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Katherine Jackson Restored as Co-Guardian of Michael Jackson Children

Katherine Jackson Guardian

Great news for Katherine Jackson and Michael Jackson’s three kids! All of them are surely relieved with Katherine’s reinstatement as their co-guardian! Katherine was reinstated on Thursday by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff. She won’t be their sole guardian anymore however; she will be sharing the responsibilities with 34-year-old grandson TJ Jackson.

This co-guardianship with TJ Jackson is something that the Jackson matriarch supports wholeheartedly. In a statement she released, the 82-year-old said that she is very close to her grandson and he has been helping her raise Prince, Paris and Blanket since Michael died and she assumed the role as their guardian. She knows the kids were in secure hands with TJ acting as their guardian while she was gone.

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Janet Jackson and Siblings Banned from Calabasas Home

Janet Jackson and Siblings

Applause for Michael Jackson Estate lawyer Howard Weitzman and co-executors John Branca and John McClain for doing the right and best thing for Katherine Jackson and Michael’s three kids! You see, they’ve given an order banning the Jackson siblings Janet, Randy, Rebbie and Jermaine from entering Katherine’s Calabasas home and grounds.

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Katherine Jackson Out, T.J. Jackson In

Katherine Jackson Loses Custody

The Jackson family feud has taken a turn for the worst. All the recent happenings have resulted in the Jackson matriarch Katherine Jackson losing custody of the late Michael Jackson’s three children Prince, Paris and Blanket. Since she’s been away from the children for 9 days, and that’s without contact with them, a judge has awarded temporary guardianship to their cousin T.J. Jackson, son of Tito Jackson on Wednesday.

The judge made it clear that Katherine did nothing wrong it was necessary, and the judge sees T.J. as the safest guardian option as of this time. However, Katherine’s lawyer will file for reinstatement once she’s back in Calabasas. As of now, T.J Jackson is in Calabasas and is overseeing the welfare of Michael’s three children. And it seems, the children favor him as their guardian.

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Not Missing! Katherine Jackson Doing Fine in Arizona

Katherine Jackson Not Missing

And the Jackson family drama continues! The matriarch of the family, Katherine Jackson, was reported missing on Saturday evening after nothing was heard from her in a week. A missing persons report was filed at the sheriff’s office by a concerned family member that same day.

And apparently, even her granddaughter Paris hasn’t heard from her in a week, which made the teen very anxious that she made a plea on Twitter that she wanted her grandmother home immediately. There’ve been reports that Paris tried to contact Katherine in the past week but she was blocked from speaking to her.

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Paris Jackson Calls Her Uncle Randy a Liar

Paris Jackson

The Jackson family is in turmoil once again! This time the one on focus is Paris Jackson after she called her uncle Randy Jackson as liar!

It all started with a letter that got leaked online this week where the late King of Pop’s siblings Janet, Randy, Jermaine, Tito and Rebbie demanded that the executors of the Michael Jackson Estate resign immediately. They claim that executors John Branca and John McClain failed in their duties and have stressed the matriarch Katherine Jackson and causing her to have a “mini-stroke.”

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Paris Jackson Opens Up to Oprah

Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson and her siblings may not have understood then why their late father Michael Jackson insisted they wear a mask every time they go out in public but Paris gets it now.

At 14-years-old, she now understands why and she is grateful for the late King of Pop’s initiative. She understands now that he was only protecting them and that if they go out without him they won’t be recognized. By doing so, Michael enabled them to have a normal childhood, something that he didn’t have.

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Michael Jackson Is Back ... in a Pepsi Can!

Michael Jackson Pepsi Can

The King of Pop Michael Jackson has been dead for almost three years now and yet his legacy still lives on in the music he left behind. But his presence is still sorely missed. Major cola brand Pepsi is bringing him back in a can! I think fans will find some solace in that. Terms of the Pepsi’s deal with Michael’s estate were not disclosed.

According to Pepsi, Michael’s silhouette will be included in its new “Live for Now” global marketing campaign. His image will be in cans and in TV commercials. The campaign will be seen first in the United States and China. Since it will happen together with the 25th anniversary of Michael’s “Bad” album, Pepsi will be releasing collectible 16-ounce blue cans that will have Michael’s images in one of his famous poses.

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Michael Jackson’s House on Sale for $23.9 Million!

Michael Jackson House

So many Michael Jackson memorabilia have been sold in the months following his death. But I think the biggest memorabilia that a collector can have is Michael’s very own house! The late King of Pop’s 17,000 square feet Los Angeles mansion is for sale for $23.9 million!

It’s a hefty price tag alright but with 7 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, a pool, a guest house, a wine cellar and a spa with gym I think it’s more than worth it. This mansion, located in the prosperous Holmby Hills neighborhood in L.A., even has its own elevator!

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Hackers Steal Entire Michael Jackson Catalogue from Sony Music!

Michael Jackson Catalogue

April 2011 marked the biggest security breach Sony entertainment has ever encountered. But the attack on Sony’s gaming catalogue wasn’t the only target. It now comes to light that hackers also stole Michael Jackson entire back catalogue! According to reports, the hackers were able to download 50,000 digital files from Sony Music archive.

Sony must have been in a lot of pain after discovering the breach since they had to pay over $250 million to the late King of Pop’s estate for the rights to the entire catalogue! It’s a valuable catalog because it includes unreleased and unheard songs by the superstar with artists Freddie Mercury and Black Eyed Peas rapper

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Michael Jackson Family Album Goes On Auction!

Michael Jackson Family Album

There’s another item that a lot of Michael Jackson’s die-hard fans will be more than willing to spend their money on! And as most Michael Jackson memorabilia go, it won’t just cost hundreds but thousands of dollars! The latest piece that they’re going to want to have is the never-before-seen Jackson family photos!

Apparently the album containing these photos were among the items that Michael placed in storage in the 1990s. But then he didn’t have enough money to pay the release fee of £60,000 so these were repossessed shortly before his death.

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Paris Jackson: Is She Heartbroken?

Paris Jackson

Was Paris really feeling something special for Romeo Hodges? Her tweets on Tuesday indicated she’s going through some personal issues.

It was only last week that Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris, was teasingly exchanging tweets with aspiring rapper Romeo Hodges and then suddenly telling her followers that “It was a joke,” and not to be taken seriously.

She posted, "Here's to the girls who don't wear 5 trillion pounds of makeup everyday, who only have a few close friends, and who don't get that boy.”

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