Michael C. Hall Wins Outstanding Actor Award

Michael C. Hall wins SAG Award

Another week, another award event and another win for Michael C. Hall.
Hall won a trophy at the SAG Awards 2010 for outstanding actor in a drama series, Dexter.
The effect of winning two awards in two weeks has been very positive on the actor, who had been diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma and been undergoing treatment; he's feeling very well.

Congrats Michael and may you see many more successes in 2010 ... and lots of health!

Michael C. Hall Wins Golden Globe as Dexter

Michael C. Hall wins Golden Globe

Michael C. Hall, who has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma and has been undergoing treatment, won a Golden Globe Award last night for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Drama.
Michael, who sported a black winter hat to cover up some hair loss due to chemotherapy, went up on stage to accept his award and thanked everyone from the cast and crew of Dexter, Showtime, his wife -and co-star- Jennifer Carpenter and his mom.

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Happy Belated Birthday Michael C. Hall!

michael c. hall birthday

Oh My! I missed Dexter's birthday! Had i known his b-day was yesterday, i would have thrown him a part-ay post!
Michael C. Hall celebrated his 38th birthday yesterday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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Dexter Morgan and Friends on SAG Awards Red Carpet

Is it just me or are we suddenly seeing a lot more of Michael C. Hall?
Michael and his new wife and on-screen sister, Jennifer Carpenter, glammed up the red carpet of the SAG Awards Sunday night.
The whole cast of Dexter was actually there and they all looked great!
As for Dexter's on-screen wife, Julie Benz, she stunned with a black, strapless, knee-length cocktail dress.
Even David Zayas -Angel Batista- looked extra handsome in a dark suit.

Check out these photos of the cast of Dexter on the red carpet

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Michael C. Hall, Hot or Not?

michael c. hall

When you see a photo of Michael C. Hall, what's the first thing that comes to your mind?
In my case, i see Dexter and his plastic wrapped rooms! I hear his voice as he explains -wisely- why he does what he does. I actually like Dexter.

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Dexter Morgan Gets Married in Real Life!

dexter and debbie

One of my favorite TV series is Dexter! I love how cool and funny he gets.
I really like his sister Deb too, she's just got the dirtiest mouth I've seen on a girl! Wow!
Well, surprise surprise! But the rumors that Michael C. Hall and co-star Jennifer Carpenter were dating turns out to be more than that! They've been going out for over a year and they've actually tied the knot on New Year's Eve! Congrats!

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