Lost Got Tunisia a Bit Wrong

Photo 7th episode Lost

I watched the 7th episode of Lost again and i have a bit of criticism about the way the dudes over at Lost imagined Tunisia to be!
It's amazing that they got the car license plate correct, although the car series no. 207 hasn't existed yet! They've only reached series no. 136. But that's OK, not a biggie.

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John Locke's Compass is in French!

compass in Lost

Frankly I'm not very good at analyzing and theorizing about what happens in Lost, but i get some simple ideas, which I'm always afraid seem silly!
This time, i got something about the compass that Richard Alpert and Locke are all bothered about!

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Ajira in Arabic Doesn't Mean Eternal Life After Death!

ajira airways

During the LOST Season 5 promo, which is a music video for the song "You Found Me" by the band The Fray, we caught a couple of flashes of a logo; a tiger and flames! What's that all about?
Well, this is a new maze the guys over at LOST and ABC put us through!
This is the logo of a new airliner, Ajira Airlines! Neat! Ajira means Island in Hindi!
Does that have any significance? You bet your #$% it does!

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New Characters on LOST!

new dude caesar

I got another Dharma special access newsletter yesterday.
The interesting thing wasn't the whole Damon and Carlton interview video thingy, but the final few seconds after the interview ended, when two photos flashed by!
The photos are those of two new characters in Lost, which will be introduced in the upcoming season.
A man called Caesar, played by Saïd Taghmaoui and a woman called Ilana, played by Zuleikha Robinson. (check out her photo after the jump!)

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Premiere of Lost's Fifth Season: Because You Left

ben and jack at the funeral home

The title of the coming season premiere of Lost has been revealed and thus let the speculation begin!
'Because You Left' is the title and that might mean loads of things, maybe the most important that comes to mind is Jack leaving the island.
Why do i say that? Well, remember that conversation between Jack and Ben at the funeral house? Jack told Ben that he got a visit from Locke telling him that everything got screwed on the island because he left!
Thus, i guess the first episode will show us what might have happened on the island after Jack left and the rest of the season will ponder about that too!

What do you think of the title and what do you think the premiere will handle?

Dharma Initiative Wants You!

dharma initiative email

I just got an e-mail from The Dharma Initiative!
I think i submitted my e-mail on a Dharma Initiative website a few days after Lost season 4 finale and out of nowhere i get this strange e-mail!
So, what do they want? Actually, what does it mean?
The e-mail says "Join the Dharma Initiative's latest groundbreaking research project. Recruiting Volunteers NOW." Then they ask to go to the website and complete an 'Eligibility Test'. Then, they tell you "HELP GUIDE THE WORLD TO A BETTER TOMORROW."
The thing is, when you go to the website, there's nothing to fill! Just a blue blank page and No 'Eligibility Test'!
I tried to refresh the page a couple of times and the only thing i got was a page with an error note: Database connection failed: Failed to establish database connection.
I you happened to get the same e-mail i did, did the same thing happen to you? I hope i get a bit of feedback on this ... it's strange!

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Josh Holloway on The Ellen Degeneres Show Tonight

lost kate sawyer kiss

Well, I'm sure I'm not the only one obsessing about Lost and the 1st part of the season finale we saw on Thursday. Any thoughts on that, by the way?!
In all cases, Josh Holloway is going to be the guest on The Ellen Degeneres Show tonight and i can't wait to see what she's got to ask him and what he's got to say!
I wonder if he's going to mention anything about the final two episodes of Lost ...
I just can't keep my mind from thinking about that rumor that Sawyer maybe killed off before the end of this season! Have you heard that one? Argh!That doesn't make any sense to me matie!
Oh! Have you seen the screen cap (above) from the 2nd part of 'There's no place like home'?
I'll sure be waiting for that Kate/Sawyer kiss!
Any thoughts on 'There's no place like home'?

Let's Talk about Lost and The Season 4 Finale!

meet kevin johnson

There's a lot going on behind the scene of Lost and we'd do anything to know a fragment of those things! But, we take what we can get and are content with the little we know!
We've stopped at the 8th episode of season 4 and lots of questions have popped up since and I've just realized that all other questions from the beginning of the season haven't been answered yet!
But that's OK, because over the past three years I've gotten used to those silly question marks hanging over my head and dancing frantically as i get perplexed with each twisted turn of the show!
Well, crazy dudes Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have decided to relief us of some of the agony and have held a media conference call to discuss all things Lost, including the season 4 finale, the fate of various survivors and what's in store for the finale scene of the whole series. AAAHHH!!!

Here's a summary of the most interesting things they've said:
Cuse and Lindelof have finished writing the season 4 finale and guess what? It's a three-parter!!!
the finale is entitled “There's No Place Like Home” and the first part will air on May 15, the second and third parts will air back to back two weeks later on May 24.

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Lost : Who is The Economist?

After watching Thursday's Lost episode twice ... i have like 600 questions bubbling in my mind!
If you haven't watched the 3rd episode ... don't go further! Spoilers ahead!
Every time i get more confused and more question start popping up! AAAHHH!!!
So, then Sayid's flash forwards show that he's one of the Oceanic 6 ... and that he's become a head hunter? How come? And who's his boss?
Listen, this post is going to be totally incoherent and non-chronological ... I'm going to write anything that comes to my mind and with no specific order, OK?
What's the deal with Naomi's bracelet? Sayid was VERY interested in it and after he shot Elsa, the camera shows the same bracelet on Elsa's wrist ... Isn't that important?
Oh! Where did Jacob's cabin go? When Locke lead his group towards the cabin, he reached the place but ... no cabin! And Hurley was sure that the cabin was a weird thing, 'cause he came across it in episode 2 and he saw it change places!!!

More questions after the jump ...

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Lost Season 4 Starts Tonight

I can't wait! I'm on my toes and don't know what to expect from the season premiere of Lost tonight! AAAHHH!
The promo was shocking! That's why I'm not sure what the 1 episode is going to be like.
Rescue is surely coming ... Or is it? Those people who are going to arrive to the island have a plan and it sure ain't one to save the losties ... but why?
The irony of it all is that now they're going to have to defend the island that they've tried to free themselves from all this time! That's crazy!
What about Locke? He shot Naomi and was about to shoot Jack for contacting the outside world ... what the heck does he know and how? That's going to drive me crazy! Since the beginning, something is terribly fishy about Locke's behavior! No?
Gosh ... I'm just blabbering ... AAAHHH !!!
Oh! And did you see the Lost - Missing Pieces 13? It's crazy! I was going to have a heart-attack!
What do you think of it? ... Twisted, No?

If you haven't seen Lost - Missing Pieces 13, watch it here

Matthew Fox Dishes on Lost Season 4

matthew fox on ew

What are you expecting from the 4th season of Lost?
Personally, I'm expecting a lot! Especially that the season has been cut down to only 8 episodes!
After all this wait, i want something to blow me away! Especially after that flash forward that ended the 3rd season!
Well, Matthew Fox dished a bit about the upcoming 4th season to Entertainment Weekly ...
Here's a bit of the spilled beans:
On the shocking flash forward: I’m not sure I ever thought that people were going to get off the island. Damon [Lindelof, who co-wrote the finale with fellow exec producer Carlton Cuse] did such an amazing job of orchestrating something that when you’re looking at it for the first time it feels like a flashback, but there’d be little things that are a little odd—like why Jack seems so ridiculously messed up. You think it’s in relationship to his marriage falling apart, and then boom, you go, “Oh, my God, this is a leap forward in time. What does that mean? Why is he suicidal?” I just think that’s great.”

More after the jump!

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Lost Back on January 31st ... Finally!

I am glad to let you know that Lost will finally be back on January 31st ... ooof! It's been a long wait!
One more month and we'll be reunited with the remaining survivors of flight 815 ...
Yesterday, one of those survivors, was spotted at LAX airport!
Josh Holloway and his tiny wife Yessica Kumala, were spotted at LAX airport yesterday as they departed to an unknown destination ... maybe Hawaii?
Well, here are a few photos of Josh at LAX airport ... Enjoy!

photos of Josh at LAX airport
photo source

Lost - Season 4 Promo is out and it's great! We finally get to see who is coming to the island! It seems there's actually some people coming to rescue the losties ... or are they coming for another purpose?
Watch the new and extended trailer here.

Evangeline Lilly and Dominic Monaghan Split up

Evangeline Lilly and Dominic Monaghan

It isn't official yet, but rumor has it that Lost stars Evangeline Lilly and Dominic Monaghan have put an end to their relationship and split up.
According to Page Six, Dominic was spotted being cuddly, touchy with a woman who wasn't Eve!
He was spotted crying, holding and kissing a woman who was not Lilly at El Coyote restaurant in L.A. on Saturday.
After drinking Margaritas and chain-smoking, the two drove off together in a Toyota Prius.
You know what! The truth is, i never saw them as a good match! They simply didn't look compatible!
I would picture Eve with a hunkier, taller guy, someone in the perimeter of co-star Josh Holloway, for example! Now, that would look good! Real good!
Well, hope Eve will find a sexy dude to hang out with ...

Daniel Dae Kim and a DUI Case!

First it was Anna Lucia, then Libby, then Mr. Eko ... now it's Jin ... with a DUI case on his back!
Actor Daniel Dae Kim was caught by the police in Hawaii, as he was driving erratically and was found to have a blood-alcohol level that measured twice the legal limit!
Kim was released after paying bail, but will be appearing in court on November 23rd.
Today, Kim released a statement that shows his sadness and shame because of this incident. the statement says:
"It saddens me to know that I jeopardised the welfare of the kind people of Hawaii, a community that I love and call my home ...

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