Catherine Zeta Jones Films Lux Shampoo Ad

catherine zeta jones

This is the first time i feature links to stuff that's happened through out the past week, so forgive me if they seem dorky, I'll get better at it with time!

- Paula Abdul's stalker was found dead in her car in front of Abdul's home! Apparently the stalker, who changed her name to Paula, committed suicide!

- Madonna is asking the help of all you out there for her newest project which aims to build schools in Malawi. She even posted an open letter to all her fans on her website.

- Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer went out together! Yes! The two went out on a dinner date at La Esquina Cafe in New York. They weren't photographed together though. Each left the eatery through separate doors! Darn!

- Catherine Zeta Jones shot a sexy shampoo ad in the Czech Republic's beautiful capital, Prague.
Jones stirred up a storm of fans as she stood in a sparkling black dress at the steps of the Rudolfinum music hall for the Lux shampoo.