Leonardo DiCaprio is Single and Ready to Mingle

Leonardo DiCaprio

Hunk Titanic star Leonardo DiCaprio is back in the singles market again! Although it’s sad that he and Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatherton have gone their separate ways, I’m sure lots of ladies out there are happy to hear the news.

Sources close to the couple confirmed to New York Post’s Page Six that the couple has called it a day. But there’s no drama here since they parted amicably. The reason cited for the split is their crazy schedules that don’t allow them to spend much time together. They still care for each other the sources said.

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Leonardo DiCaprio is Alright after Delta Flight Scare

Leonardo DiCaprio

It would have been a terrible tragedy for Leonardo DiCaprio! Did you know that he was on the Delta flight that made an emergency landing at the JFK airport in New York on Sunday? Leonardo was one of the 200 passengers on board that got a scare after the Boeing 767 plane bound for Russia had an engine failure!

Good thing the pilots were able to detect the blown left engine after take off. According to Capt. E.C. Anderson the left engine just blew up suddenly. They immediately radioed back to the airport for assistance and were able to have a smooth emergency landing.

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Leonardo DiCaprio as a Serial Killer in “The Devil in the White City”

Leonardo DiCaprio

He’s been a con man, a thief and a ladies’ man. And now, Leonardo DiCaprio is set to add “serial killer” to his repertoire of roles. I wonder how chilling that would be.

Erik Larson’s 2003 nonfiction bestseller, The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic and Madness at the Fair is going to hit the big screen soon with Leonardo playing Herman Webster Mudgett, aka H.H. Holmes, a serial killer who, in 1893, admitted to murdering 27 people but was thought to have killed as many as 200, during the Chicago World’s Fair. It was set in the World’s Fair Hotel, later dubbed as “murder castle” which contained a gas chamber, crematorium and dissecting table.

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Slasher Back in Town!

Leonardo DiCaprio and Aretha Wilson

The woman that attacked Hollywood’s much loved star Leonardo DiCaprio and fled to Canada has been extradited out of Canada and back to Los Angeles to face a charge of assault with a deadly weapon. This story is a few years old but it was up until this moment that authorities were able to do anything about it. Leo also filed a restraining order against her, and is willing to testify against her in court.

It all started when Aretha Wilson (slasher) crashed Paris Hilton’s ex-boyfriend, Rick Salmon’s party to find her ex-boyfriend who she obviously has issues with. Mistaken Leo for her ex, Aretha broke a beer bottle and slashed his face with it. After the attack Leo filed a criminal complaint against the alleged slasher, Aretha failed to show up at the police station and a warrant was issued against her. Ms. Aretha will be back to court August 11 where she will face the charges against her… let me guess she will plead not guilty!

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DiCaprio and Winslet in Revolutionary Road

leo and kate

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet reunite again on screen in the 1950's drama Revolutionary Road.
Leo and Kate heat up the screen as a married couple trying to solve their personal problems and raise two kids at the same time.
The movie is based on a novel by American novelist Richard Yates.
On another level, Kate revealed that she felt awkward during filming a sex scene with Leo in the movie, especially that her husband Sam Mendes was directing!
She said: "I just kept saying, 'This is too... weird.' And Leo was like, 'Oh, get over it.' And I'm going, 'Yeah, a little reminder: You're my best friend. He's my husband. This is a bit weird."
If you liked them as a couple in Titanic, then you're gonna sure love this movie!

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Grandma Passes Away

leo and his oma

From what I’ve read about Leonardo DiCarpio’s grandma, I get the impression that she’s a one-of-a-kind character. Leonardo is certainly going to miss her now that she passed away. Helene Indenbirken, whom Leonardo fondly calls Oma, died at the age of 93. She took her last breath in a hospital in her home country, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The actual cause of her death has not been cited, but, her health has apparently deteriorated badly earlier this year.

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Leo and Bar Celebrate Earth Day Their Way!

Leonardo Dicaprio and Bar

We recently published an article on how Schwarzenegger celebrating Earth day but Leonardo Dicaprio and Bar his girlfriend were at a kite store in LA last week! Obviously the two were buying a kite apparently in order to fly later on in celebration of Earth Day! Leonardo has recently become quite the Environmentalist with his new environmental documentary that he co- produced and flying a kite with his girlfriend on Earth Day!

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Leonardo DiCaprio in Al-Qaeda Thriller

leo dicaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is going to team up with famous director Ridley Scott & Oscar-winning screenwriter William Monahan for a new thriller about Al-Qaeda. The movie is an adaptation of David Ignatius's novel 'Body of Lies'.
DiCaprio will play an ex-journalist who has become a CIA agent who is sent to Jordan to track an Al-Qaeda leader planning attacks on America.
The movie is set to start shooting later this year in Morocco.
I wonder why they won't take their camera's to Jordan? I mean, that's where the story happens! No?
Well, DiCaprio is 'The' man these days ... So many movies & projects ... His career is really shooting to the stars!

Leo DiCaprio does Green Vanity Fair

vanity fair featuring leonardo dicaprio

Vanity Fair's upcoming issue is a 'Green Issue' ... It coincides with Earth Day.
The May issue features Leonardo DiCaprio & the tiny polar bear Knut*.
DiCaprio was taken to a glacier lagoon in Iceland for the shoot & then Knut was digitally added in later.
The Green Issues discuss environmental issues & ways to help save the earth's natural resources & stuff each human being can do to stop the pollution. They also contain the newest research info about what's happening in the world with deforestation, global warming & rainforests.

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Is Leonardo DiCaprio Going to get Married?

Rumor has it that Leonardo DiCaprio is going to change his status from single to married soon!
It seems that during his visit to Israel a few weeks ago, he & girlfriend Bar Rafaeli got engaged ... He met her parents & they agreed to hold a wedding in June!
Reports also have it that they plan to have two wedding ceremonies, one in Israel & another in the US.
I'm not so sure this is right! Firstly, Bar is only 21, she'll be turning 22 next June.
Secondly, i thought his trip was sorta' politically driven; he met with politicians & talked about the peace process in the Middle East!
What do you say?

Leonardo Dicaprio is a Hero!

leo & djimon

The other day, Leonardo Dicaprio saved co-star Djimon Hounsou from a gunshot! & NO, that wasn't part of their latest movie Blood Diamond!
Leo & Djimon were sitting for lunch at some place in Africa where they're shooting the movie, when suddenly a man approached Djimon with a gun & apparently wanted to shoot him! That was when Leo stood up & stepped just in front of the gunned man & said: "Well, you're gonna have to go through me." It seems that scared him, thus he turned around & ran away!
How humble that Leo is! Because he totally refused to even discuss the matter during promotional interviews for the new film. He will only talk about his great friendship with Hounsou!