The Verdict on Lady Gaga's ARTPOP

There has been so much talk and speculation about what the real deal of Lady Gaga's much awaited -and advertised- album ARTPOP, but now that it's been released, what's the verdict?

There are 15 tracks on the album, spreading for about an hour.
The songs delve into Gaga's personal issues like sex, drugs, fashion, weight and fame ... this is what makes the difference from her previous albums.
Some of the songs seems to be a repetition of each other; like Venus, G.U.Y. and Sexxx Dreams. The three songs are about sex, and one of them could have substituted any of the others.

The thing is, her weirdness and bizarre uniqueness have come to be seen as normal in a somewhat weird and bizarre world, thus her new album isn't as shocking and as impressive as her previous albums.

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Lady Gaga is an Ugly Mess

Lady Gaga used to shock the world with her strange but creative outfits, now she's plain ol' boring! If she wears her underwear with a fur coat and slutty boots, she just proves that she's just mixing and matching opposites to make an ugly outfit!

Lady Gaga is an Ugly Mess

For example, Gaga put on some lingerie and stockings paired with a floor-length fur coat and accessorized with a mustache for the Artpop album launch event in Berlin.
That's not shocking or impressive ... it's just weird.

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Lady Gaga Wears Nose Ring

Lady Gaga has pierced her nose! How important is that?
Gaga shared the video of the process of getting her nose pierced on the net ... I still ask, how important is that?

Lady Gaga pierces nose

The video, which is also some sort of promotion to her upcoming album, shows hos Lady Gaga gets her septum pierced and applied a round nose ring (that resembles the big ring that farmers put on Bull's noses!!!)

If it were an ordinary person getting their nose pierced, who would care? Every day, people get their noses, eyebrows, nipples and bellybuttons pierced and it's no big deal.

Lady Gaga is Back in Good Shape!

It’s been a while since we saw Lady Gaga in the spotlight. It seems like she’s keeping a low profile while recuperating from the surgery done on her hip a few months ago. But I think she’s ready to come out of hiding. In fact, Mother Monster was spotted working her body and her tan in Mexico on Friday!

Lady Gaga Good Shape

She was relaxing by the pool with a drink in hand by the pool at a certain resort. She looked great in her bandeau style bikini! Her body has improved greatly since the last time we saw her. Gone was the 30 pounds that she gained from eating yummy foods at her Dad’s restaurant.

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Lady Gaga like a Queen in Her 24k Gold Plated Wheelchair

Lady Gaga has been keeping a low profile after cancelling her 25 Born This Way Ball Tour in the US due to her agonizing hip injury. She had to undergo surgery in order to put things right with her hip last month. Since she can’t walk for some time, Lady Gaga is making sure she rolls about in style! And she does so with her “chariot!”

Lady Gaga 24k Gold Plated Wheelchair

The “chariot” is actually a wheelchair that is plated in 24-karat gold! It’s a custom-made piece by Mordekai designer Ken Borochov. Lady Gaga contracted him for the job and he certainly did not disappoint the Mother Monster. She even named it “Emma.”

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Lady Gaga’s Tour Wardrobe to Undergo Versace Face-Lift

Lady Gaga’s outfits in her “Born This Way Ball” world tour are getting kind of stale did you notice? Also, they look ill-fitting now that she’s curvier than before. But don’t worry little monsters because her costumes will be revamped by Versace! That’s right.

Lady Gaga Versace

The “Born This Way” singer herself tweeted the good news that her costumes will look like new when her tour reaches North America in January! An even better development is that fact that Versace will be custom designing them all!

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Lady Gaga Gives $1M for New York Sandy Relief

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga never thinks twice about helping other people in need when she knows she was the capacity to do so. Once again she shows her generous spirit by giving $1 million donation to all the people of New York and the American Red Cross!

It’s quite a big amount and for sure it will go a long way in helping New Yorkers rebuild their lives after the devastating Hurricane Sandy.

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Lady Gaga Pukes Four Times During Spain Concert

Lady Gaga Vomit

Perhaps Lady Gaga had a little too much during lunch? You see, Mother Monster went puking all over the stage during her concert in Spain on saturday! Remember Justin Bieber did it too, twice, last week during his concert in Arizona. But Lady Gaga topped his puking performance by barfing not just twice but four times!

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Lady Gaga is Literally Bigger than Before!

Lady Gaga Bigger

Is Lady Gaga letting herself go? I mean, it looks like she’s not taking care of her body or perhaps she’s taking care of it so much that she gained around 30 lbs! Yes folks, in case you’re not yet aware. Lady Gaga sported a fuller figure during her Born This Way concert on Monday in Amsterdam.

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Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney Smooch in the Pool, Naked!

Ever since she shot to fame Lady Gaga has never been afraid to bare her body to the world. So, the latest photo she posted on her website is no big deal to her. But to some readers it might be. You see, the latest photo shows Gaga and her boyfriend, Vampire Diaries star Taylor Kinney, kissing in the pool sans their clothes! Lady Gaga captioned the photo “T and Me.”

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Eminem Confirms Collaboration with Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga and Eminem

A huge music collaboration is coming up! Guess who? It’s Eminem and Lady Gaga! Who would have thought right? But it’s true. Eminem confirmed it on MTV Rap Fix. Oh and aside from these two big names, rising rapper Kendrick Lamar is also in on the collaboration!

According to Eminem, he has this “crazy” record with Lady Gaga and Kendrick called “Street Lights.” He revealed that it’s a very upbeat record that a lot of people would love! Although he didn’t cite an exact date of release, he said it’ll be after the Slaughterhouse’s album. It’s still unclear whether “Street Lights” will be included in Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP album or his own LP.

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Lady Gaga Bares Butt Two Times in a Row!

Lady Gaga Butt

It looks like Lady Gaga is back to her butt-baring ways! The unconventional singer was spotted wearing nothing but sheer tights and underwear for her bottoms on two close occasions!

The first one was on Monday when she arrived at the Los Angeles International Airport wearing a black leather jacket over a black bra. But what were really eye-catching about her whole outfit were her black tights over her black thong! And from behind, her butt was clearly for the world to see. It will really make you think like maybe she forgot her pants or skirt on the plane.

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Lady Gaga Concussed After Being Hit by a Pole

Lady Gaga Hit by a Pole

Justin Bieber is not the only one to get concussed during a concert. Pop singer Lady Gaga did too! It happened while doing a concert in Auckland, New Zealand on Sunday.

She was performing Judas that time when in the middle of the song one of his backup dancers tried to move a pole from the stage. What he didn’t realize was that Lady Gaga was directly in line with the pole and as she got up from getting her machine gun prop, the other end of the pole smacked right on top of her head!

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Lady Gaga’s Jakarta Concert Cancelled Due to Threats of Violence

Lady Gaga Jakarta Concert

One of the biggest stops of Lady Gaga’s Asian tour has been cancelled! Mother Monster was supposed to perform in Jakarta, Indonesia on June 3 but had to cancel after receiving threats from Islamist hardliners.

Big Daddy, the concert promoter, announced yesterday that the concert has been cancelled. With the Islamist hardliners’ threats hanging over their heads, it seems it was Lady Gaga’s side decided to call off the concert. The promoter’s lawyer further said that the cancellation was not only about the “Born This Way” singer but also about those who will be watching the concert.

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