Kylie Minogue Doesn’t Forget Her Battle with Cancer

Kylie Minogue and Cancer

Aussie pop star Kylie Minogue’s battle with cancer is no secret but the singer rarely talks about it. So, her recent interview with magazine Paris Match is a revelation of how she views that time in her life. Kylie is now cancer-free by the way. She was given the all-clear in March last year.

Though the cancer battle is over, Kylie said there’s not a day that passes that she doesn’t think about it. Other people tend to forget as time passes but not her. She’s reminded each day as she looks at the mirror.

There were bad days and good days but most of the time she tried to put on a brave face. She’s lucky because she had a strong support system around her. Her boyfriend that time, Olivier Martinez, was one of those who supported her during that rough patch.

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Kylie Minogue Raring to Tour but Hates Rehearsing

Kylie Minogue

She’s one of the very best pop divas there is and Kylie Minogue’s concerts and shows are a sell-out. Now she’s ready to tour again, by March 2011 her ‘Aphrodite-Les Folies’ shows are going take off. Kylie thinks it will be “delicious” to go live again.

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Kylie Minoque Looks Into Various Options to Have a Baby

Kylie Minoque

Does anyone still get pregnant at 42? The answer to that is yes. But if they plan on conceiving the natural way, they’d have a difficult time with it. But with the aid of modern medicine, it’s possible. Kylie Minogue would need that if she chooses to have a baby in the near future.

Seeing her sister Dannii Minogue with her 5-month-old baby Ethan makes Kylie want to have a baby of her own. Although that is not going to happen just yet Kylie revealed that she is considering various options in order to have a baby.

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Kylie Minogue Joins Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Kylie Minogue

She’s a superstar in her native Australia and in Europe but Kylie Minogue has not conquered the US of A yet. So when she was invited to be part of the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, she didn’t hesitate. “It's a carrot that's dangled in front of me once in a while. When I see that, I want to have it,” she enlightened NewsCore.

Kylie may likely perform songs from Aphrodite, her new album, while on top of the Homewood Suites by Hilton on the Roll Again float which features a colorful family of toy ducks. Her album is her fifth number one album in the United Kingdom, making her the first solo artist to have four number one albums in four different decades. Congrats, Kylie.

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Kylie Minogue Misdiagnosed !

Aussie pop singer Kylie Minogue has revealed recently how she was originally misdiagnosed while suffering from breast cancer! Pint sized Kylie received sympathy the world over when she revealed in 2005 that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.
But Minogue has revealed that initially she was led to believe that nothing was wrong with her and so carried on with her tour, which she was later forced to abandon to undergo surgery and a course of chemotherapy.

It was a brave decision of Minogue to talk so openly about her struggle with cancer and it was important for her to bring peoples attention to the possibility of misdiagnosis with the alarming rate of breast cancer cases. It is essential to realize now that even doctors can make mistakes and it is always prudent to seek further advice, especially when the stakes can be so very high.

By Guest Writer Christopher

Kylie Minogue in Berlin, in Wax & in Bronze !

kylie minogue bronze statue

Kylie Minogue is a great melange of cute and sexy ... she's the girl next door, with a hot twist!
She has always been a beautiful busy bee and nothing stops her ... we're very grateful for that.
She is just about to release her 10th album, entitled 'X' and is working hard on promoting it all over the world.
Kylie was in Berlin yesterday, promoting her new album ... which is a fresh semi-retro, electropop girlie collection! It's a safe Kylie style bunch of songs that are going to be a favorite on radio stations, and i'll bet on that! (That's the Berlin part of the title)

The Wax part is another story!
Did you know that Kylie Minogue is the only public figure other than the Queen of England to be modelled in wax four times at Madame Tussauds?
The latest wax version of Kylie shows the showgirl in floor-length red sequins. The figure is the first ever “scented” figure, infused with her signature perfume, “Darling”! Isn't that cool?

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20 Years of Music for Kylie Minogue

kylie minogue 20 years of music

Wow! When you think of 20 years ... it seems like such a long time ... but really it passed like a wink of an eye! At least for me it has!
Kylie Minogue has been in the music business for 20 years ... she celebrated this important & happy event with a bunch of her friends & family Friday night.
'Locomotion' is a hit song that everyone knows, it's the song that launched Kylie's career. Happy 20th to ya 'Locomotion'!
Kylie started her career, not as a singer, but as an actress & became internationally known on the famous soap opera Neighbours. Gosh, i used to watch that show! Then, suddenly i stopped! I don't remember why!

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Kylie Minogue is Stunning in Purple

kylie in purple

Although Kylie Minogue has just broken up with her boyfriend Olivier Martinez ... nothing gets her down, i mean she did kick that cancer in the butt! Yup she is a real fighter.
Kylie spoke during a promotion of her fashion exhibition at the Victoria + Albert Museum on Tuesday night in London, she said: "I get on with things. Look at me, I am a fighter, not much gets me down."
Not only that, but she looked more radiant than usual & turned heads in a long purple dress. Fantastic!

Kylie Minogue Back to Stage in Sydney!

kylie minogue

It's been more than a year since Kylie Minogue graced any stage with her appearance. On Saturday in Sydney, Kylie kick started her Showgirl Homecoming Tour.
"Good evening Sydney! How are you feeling tonight?" is what the star said as she rose on a platform in the middle of the stage at the Sydney Entertainment Centre.
Her extravagant show featured an enormous art deco stage with 13 dancers, lots of feathers, a spectacular video & laser show & costumes designed by fashion icons such as Karl Lagerfeld &John Galliano.
The first costume Kylie started the show with was a pink feathered head-dress & flowing gown with a dazzling bejewelled pink corset by designer John Galliano.
Following Sydney, Minogue will travel to Brisbane, Melbourne & Perth. Then she will head back to Europe, for the rest of the tour.

Kylie Minogue Interview in Vogue Australia

kylie au vogue

In the current issue of Vogue Australia, Kylie Minogue is the center of the issue.
A few pages of photos & an interview, show the new & fresh Kylie. Fun, sexy & healthy.
She talks about her struggle with cancer & how that changed her life, she also talks about fashion! After all, it is Vogue!
Concerning cancer & what happens during treatment, especially loosing her hair, Kylie says:
"It had to happen. Hair-loss, the loss of your brows, your lashes, reassures you that the chemo is working. But, it is the first time you really look ill, if you didn't before."

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Kylie Minogue Does Vogue Australia

kylie minogue on the cover of vogue

The upcoming December issue of Vogue Australia is a special one.
Singer Kylie Minogue will be on the cover & will also be a guest editor for that issue.
Dressed in Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel, Kylie looks more radiant & womanly than ever. She also wears extreme make-up & has a fantastic hairdo.
In her editor's letter, Kylie offers her thanks and gratitude to those who have stood by her, especially since her breast cancer diagnosis.
"Since my cancer diagnosis, my whole world changed - I have learned and experienced so much about myself and others. It's great to be able to make those first steps back into the life I knew before, the one I now better know."

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Kylie Minogue Gives Tony Blair The Cold Shoulder!

kylie gives blair the cold shoulder

Coincidence had it that Kylie Minogue & British Prime Minister Tony Blair stay at the same hotel in Birmingham, & that’s when the story begins … & ends!
Blair got news that the Australian singer was in the same hotel, so he requested meeting her, but she turned down his offer & used this opportunity to protest against the war in Iraq.
Kylie isn’t known for voicing her political opinion, but she did take part in the Stop The War Coalition protest in 2003 in London, in which a million people took part in as well.
You Go girl!

“I'm a Writer Now,” Says Kylie

Kylie Minogue

Adding to the long list of celebrities writing for Children, Australian pop star Kylie Minogue launched her first children's book. The first in a series of children's books by U.S. pop star Madonna, "The English Roses", was described by the San Francisco Chronicle in 2003 as "cynical" and "unimaginative", but it went on to become the fastest selling picture book of all time!!!

Minogue's book is about how Kylie becomes a showgirl with the help of a dedicated group of friends, and was written while the singer recovered from breast cancer treatment. It features artwork inspired by drawings sent by fans during convalescence.

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