Check Out Old Photo of Kristen Stewart

All celebrities were babies and kids at one point in time! Da!
Some celebs have changed across the years, whether naturally or with the help of plastic surgeons!
I came across a bunch of old photos of some celebs before they were famous, some are ordinary, some are funny and some are shocking!

Check out this one of Kristen Stewart when she was just a kid ... a younger kid than she was when she started acting.

Old Photo of Kristen Stewart

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Kristen Stewart Unhappy About Rob and Katy Perry’s Date

Kristen Stewart, it seems, hasn’t totally let go of Robert Pattinson. No doubt until now she is still in love with him so it’s perfectly understandable that she got upset after learning that her close friend Katy Perry went on a date with Rob! That’s right. In case you didn’t know, Rob and Katy were seen at a Bjork concert a few days ago. They even partied at Katy’s crib.

Kristen Stewart unhappy

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Kristen Stewart Rude Finger Gesture!

Everyone thinks Kristen Stewart is doing fine following her breakup with longtime beau Robert Pattinson. But I say she’s not! I think she’s bottling up all her emotions inside even though she’s seen smiling and having fun with her girlfriends.

Kristen Stewart

In fact, Kristen, who never shows emotions while there are paparazzi around suddenly acted up! Kristen suddenly gave the paparazzi the rude middle finger gesture while going to her car at a parking lot in on Thursday! And she did it with both hands! She kept her hands raised until she reached her car. She also had an angry expression her face the whole time.

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Kristen Stewart, Taylor Swift New BFFs?

Well,well, I didn't know Kristen Stewart and Taylor Swift were close! I know it was reported right after Kristen and Robert Pattinson’s breakup that Kristen surrounded herself with friends but I didn’t know Taylor was one of them! When did they become BFFs?

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Swift

But apparently, Kristen spent one whole day with Taylor! Yup she holed up in Taylor’s home on Monday! I think it doesn't take that much guessing to know what they talked about the entire time: breakups!

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart BREAK UP For Good!

It's Robsten no more! It was bound to happen! Anyone who believed that this was going to last long ... was totally wrong! I mean come on, if you cheat on your second half, it's gonna surely bite you in the a$$ sometime!

It's official, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have split up ... broke up ... gone their separate ways ... call it what you will, they're not together anymore.

Robsten break up

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Kristen Stewart Alright After Fender Bender Incident

Kristen Stewart was in a car accident on Friday did you know? But before you freak out, let me tell you, it was just a fender bender and not the head-on collision some of you are probably imagining. Accidents happen even o the most careful drivers and I guess it was just an unlucky day for the former “Twilight” star.

Kristen Stewart

It was Kristen who bumped into another woman’s car while driving in a street in Los Angeles on May 3. Turns out, the other car had children in it. Luckily, it was just a minor accident and nobody was injured.

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Kristen Stewart Deserves to be Best Dressed Woman of 2013

Kristen Stewart is known for her boyish and sometimes not-so-tasteful everyday outfit. But mind you, when she dresses for an occasion she really does it fabulously! Due to this, it doesn’t come as a big surprise that she was named the best dressed woman of 2013! And she did it for the second time in a row!

Kristen Stewart Best Dressed Woman of 2013

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So What If Kristen Stewart Met With Ex-Lover Sanders?

Is Kristen Stewart being stupid again? After her groveling apology to Robert Pattinson last year and him forgiving her, is she jeopardizing their good relationship again?

Kristen Stewart with Sanders

It’s all over the news again that Kristen may be meeting her ex-lover, married director Rupert Sanders again! I don’t want to judge but according to the rumors, Kristen was seen getting into a car with a man who closely resembles Sanders. No one can tell for sure, except Kristen of course, if it’s him because the photos were taken from a distance and are blurry.

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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Hold Hands in Coachella

Normally, they wouldn’t even touch each other in public but while in Coachella Music Festival’s day 2, Robert Pattinson actually held the hand of his girlfriend, Kristen Stewart. They were even spotted behaving like a regular touchy-feely couple but of course, only in some instances.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Coachella

It was rumored a while ago that Rob wasn’t even taking calls from Kristen while he was in Australia filming his new movie. After he got back to the States, the two became inseparable, with Rob sparing no expense for his girlfriend’s birthday a few days ago.

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Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Would Be Perfect in a Rom Com

The last installment of Twilight has been showcased months ago that I kind of miss Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s onscreen romance. You have to admit they look good together on the big screen! I sure hope that they would be able to work together again in one movie.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Romantic Comedy

There are rumors going on that Kristen wants to co-star with Rob! However, don’t expect it to be a vampire movie. Kristen is, in fact, thinking of doing a romantic comedy with Rob! How about that? Surprising? Kind of because it’s going to be totally different from any project they’ve done before in their separate careers. But I don’t think they’ll find it difficult to act because all they have to do is act the way they do in their real-life relationship.

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Kristen Stewart: Not Ready to Let Go of Rob Pattinson


It’s a hiatus for the Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson relationship, with Rob out in the great Outback of Australia filming for his new movie, The Rover.

Although there are again rumors going on that the two have broken up again, it seems that this is not true because Kristen is ready to wait for Rob, no matter how long it takes. According to sources, she’s really been missing her boyfriend and can’t wait for him to come back. She’s not ready to put a stop to this relationship and will do what it takes to keep it going.

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Kristen Stewart to Reprise Snow White Role!

Kristen Stewart Snow White Role

There were rumors that Kristen Stewart won’t be in the “Snow White and the Huntsman” sequel, if ever there was one, because of the illicit affair she had with its married director Rupert Sanders. But now Kristen is telling everyone that there will be a sequel and that she will be reprising her role!

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Kristen Stewart in “Focus” with Ben Affleck!

Kristen Stewart Ben Affleck Movie

Whoever said that Kristen Stewart is short on movie offers after her scandal with married director Rupert Sanders? The “Twilight” star has, in fact, nabbed a new role already! And guess what? She will be starring alongside one of the most handsome men in Hollywood, Ben Affleck!

Kristen herself has confirmed the news to The Huffington Post. The title of their new movie is “Focus,” which is a comedy film! This is going to be something of a change for Kristen because if I remember correctly, she’s never done a comedy before. I have to say I’m looking forward to seeing more of Kristen’s funny side!

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Kristen Stewart Desperate for New Movie Project

Kristen Stewart

Some celebrities like to take a break after finishing a huge project but not Kristen Stewart. She doesn’t have any plans to have a bit of R&R after promotion of the final Twilight movie comes to an end. In fact, the 22-year-old star revealed that she’s “desperate” for a new job at the moment and she could hardly wait to get back to work!

Wow she’s tireless! Having Rob by her side again must be inspiring her no end! Anyhow, Kristen doesn’t have any confirmed projects as of this time that’s why she must be feeling somewhat stressed out.

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