Katy Perry Makes Everyone "Roar"

Unlike Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry got the right kind of attention at the MTV VMA's.
Katy brought the night to an end with a roaring, epic performance of her new song "Roar".

Katy was appropriately clad in a tiger sports bra and fiery boxing shorts and the stage was transformed into a huge boxing ring under the Brooklyn Bridge.

Katy Perry Makes Everyone Roar

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Katy Perry Cheers Herself Up in Disneyland

Katy Perry in Disneyland

Katy Perry is doing her best to keep her spirits up following her split from John Mayer. Well, if she just listened to the warnings then this heartbreak could have been prevented. But anyway, to cope with the split, Katy decided to hit the Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland!

Katy went there on Saturday, August 25, just a few days after news of the split came out. She was accompanied by her best friend Shannon Woodward and some other pals.

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Katy Perry Hurt Over John Mayer Dump

Katy Perry

It’s over for Katy Perry and John Mayer. However, there’s one heart that’s been left wounded and that’s Katy’s. The “Fireworks” singer is said to be nursing a broken heart after John dumped her!

According to a source from Radar Online, John wasn’t interested in dating Katy anymore after he made his conquest. He probably told her they couldn’t see each other anymore just like that! It’s obvious that things didn’t end well between them because the tension between them was very obvious when they attended a mutual friend’s dinner party. They barely looked at each other and stayed in different areas of the room!

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Katy Perry Accidentally Exposes Butt at Water Park

Katy Perry

Wardrobe malfunctions can happen anytime, anywhere. But when you’re swimming in the sea or pool with strong current I think there are more chances of that happening as Katy Perry found out!

She inadvertently revealed her butt to fans while at the San Dimas water park yesterday. Katy seemed to enjoy herself as she tried surfing at the Raging Waters but she didn’t realize that the water’s current was strong. It was so strong that it pulled her bikini bottoms down totally exposing her bum to all the people present in the area!

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It’s True! Katy Perry is Dating John Mayer

Katy Perry Dating John Mayer

Oh lookie here! It seems rumors about Katy Perry and John Mayer dating is really true! There’s fresh evidence of the two spending time together recently!

They were seen having a flirtatious dinner at Pace restaurant in Los Angeles yesterday. After finishing their delicious meal, Katy and John drove off to the Chateau Marmont Hotel for the rest of evening. They spent an enjoyable three hours together!

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Katy Perry Enjoys Time Off In Miami as John Mayer Romance Rumors Heat Up

Katy Perry and John Mayer

After her grueling schedule, Katy Perry got some down time last week. She spent it by relaxing in a pool in Miami with some friends on Friday. Katy sure gave her curves some fun in the sun in a strapless, yellow and black bikini.

Aside from chatting with friends, Katy was also spotted getting friendly with a new man. But I don’t think there’s anything juicy about this news since he was just one of her friends. Now if you want juicy, there’s Katy’s supposedly hot romance with musician John Mayer!

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Katy Perry Needs Time to Heal Her Broken Heart

Katy Perry

Katy Perry documentary film “Part of Me” is set to be released soon. This film tackles her rise from being a Christian music singer to a world famous pop star! But aside from that, it will also show some parts of her personal life, especially her heartbreak about her divorce with comedian Russell Brand.

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The Story is Over for Katy Perry and Robert Ackroyd

Katy Perry and Robert Ackroyd

It’s over for Katy Perry and Florence and the Machine guitarist Robert Ackroyd. It was just a short-lived romance, so I guess fling would be the more appropriate word. If you remember the two came public about their relationship at the Coachella festival a few weeks ago. They were very touchy-feely that time so many people got the impression that things are serious between them. But as the saying goes, things aren’t always what they seem!

Anyhow, Katy and Robert parted ways amicably. There was no drama or fuss since they only dated for a few weeks. Once reason why they split is that both of them are too busy to give time for a relationship.

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Russell Brand Regrets Divorcing Katy Perry

Russell Brand

It’s true that sometimes you only realize the value of something only when it’s gone. Such is the case of comedian Russell Brand. He now feels that he did not fight enough and gave up too soon on his marriage to singer Katy Perry. He admitted that filing for divorce was the biggest mistake he ever made in his life.

Apparently, Russell realized just how important his ex-wife is after seeing photos of Katy cozying up to Robert Ackroyd of the band Florence and The Machine during the Coachella festival last month. Seeing those photos aroused the green-eyed monster in Russell and prompted him to write and a long email stating his feelings about giving up on their marriage too soon.

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Katy Perry Enjoys Coachella 2012 with New Beau

Katy Perry with Robert Ackroyd

Move over, Russell Brand! Katy Perry has found herself a new beau after splitting with her soon-to-be ex-husband.

Katy couldn’t keep her hands off Robert Ackroyd, guitarist of Florence + the Machine during the Coachella Festival. Wearing purple shorts and a sheer top with her midriff showing, Katy looked ready to party. She and Ackroyd walked hand in hand and were spotted several times snogging each other. Katy was the picture of someone who’s finally moved on, all smiles and carefree.

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Katy Perry on Interview Mag Cover, Is that Really You?!

Katy Perry on Interview Mag

Is this really Katy Perry? OMG I can hardly believe my eyes! Interview magazine says it’s her so yeah it must her! But without reading the caption I won’t know who this gorgeous woman is. It’s like a Katy Perry we’ve never seen before.

First time I saw the picture I thought it was Liz Hurley when she was younger, but how wrong I was when I read the caption.

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Katy Perry’s Hits Back at Russell Brand with New Song?

Katy Perry Grammy Awards 2012

Katy Perry wowed the crowd with her performance at the Grammy Awards on Sunday. She came on the stage wearing a skintight black, silver and gold suit. You can really feel the energy as she started off with “E.T.” but then transitioned to her new single “Part of Me.”

Everyone who heard the song concluded that “Part of Me’ was about the breakdown of her marriage to Russell Brand. Is the song really a kick to Russell?

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Katy Perry Bestows Peacock Song to Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow and Katy Perry

She’s single and ready to mingle again? It seems that way when Katy Perry dedicated a song to Tim Tebow during her Pre-Superbowl show.

It was her first concert after her shocking split with soon-to be ex-husband, Russell Brand. She performed a 9-song concert for guests last Saturday for the DIRECTTV Super Saturday Night which also featured hosts Peyton Manning and Mark Cuban.

Katy teasingly said “This one goes out to Tim Tebow,” just before she launched on her next song “Peacock.” Tim is also a football player with the Denver Broncos. Oh, and she also called out to Tim with a “Hey, Tim, my parents say hi,” during the NFL Honors ceremony last Saturday.

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