Katie Holmes, A Bride Again!

Yup, she's dressed in white and will walk down the aisle ... but don't let your mind wonder off, cause it's all for her recent role in her latest movie "Miss Meadows".

Katie Holmes, A Bride Again!

Katie is currently in Cleveland, Ohio on the set of the movie, and was spotted getting ready for a scene ... wearing a white lace wedding dress and a veil.

Suri is with her mom but the pair will be returning to the big apple soon.
They have been spotted spending good quality time together.

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Suri Cruise Got Some New Jagged Bangs!

The whole world knows that Suri Cruise is quite the fashionista and many people, kids and adults alike, admire her for her style. But now, there’s something about her that is not quite stylish, her bangs!

Suri Cruise New Hairdo

The 7-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was recently seen with new bangs – a very jagged one at that! It doesn’t look like the handiwork of a professional so, I think, Suri took the scissors into her own bangs!

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Katie Holmes Stuns on Allure Cover

Katie Holmes Allure Cover

Katie Holmes has been letting her inner goddess out ever since her split from Tom Cruise. You’ll see what I’m talking about if you get hold of Allure magazine’s April issue.

Katie looks fantastic and sexy with her wet look in front of the camera. The cover photo is a close up shot of her with bronze makeup and wet hair blowing around her face. The shot, which covers her head down below her neck, gives the illusion of her being nude but for sure she’s not. And this is just one of the stunning photos of her in the magazine.

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Katie Holmes Gets Zero from Divorce Settlement

Katie Holmes

More details about Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s divorce settlement have surfaced. Apparently, Katie got nothing because of the prenuptial agreement she signed before marrying Tom. She also won’t receive any spousal support. But all these don’ matter to her because she wasn’t after the money at all just the divorce for their daughter Suri’s well being.

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Katie Holmes Got Mystery Man? No That Was Her Lawyer

Katie Holmes Lawyer

Everyone was talking about Katie Holmes after she was seen leaving a restaurant with a man in Manhattan last Friday night. The question in everyone’s mind, “Does Katie have a new man?” But no. That guy she was seen with is not her boyfriend nor is he a prospective boyfriend. He’s her lawyer Jonathan Wolfe.

And to put all those rumors to rest, Katie and Jonathan didn’t have dinner for two. Jonathan was accompanied by his better half Renee. They probably had dinner to discuss more details about Katie’s divorce or maybe it was Katie’s way of saying thanks to Jonathan for a job well done.

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Katie Holmes and Suri Unharmed in Fender Bender Incident

Katie Holmes and Suri accident

In case you didn’t know, Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise were involved in a car accident in New York City on Monday night. But don’t worry because they weren’t harmed. And there was a driver; Katie wasn’t behind the wheel.

According to reports, Katie and Suri were riding in a black Mercedes Benz sedan around 9 in the evening. Katie has just picked up Suri from her ballet that time. Unfortunately, just as they were driving along 33rd Street, Manhattan in New York, a garbage truck smashed at the rear of their Mercedes!

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It’s Settled! Katie Holmes Gets Sole Custody of Suri

Katie Holmes Gets Custody

Katie Holmes is the happiest mother today because she finally got her goal which is to have sole custody of her little girl Suri Cruise.

Katie and Tom Cruise have already reached a divorce settlement just 11 days after Katie filed for divorce. That was fast and I have to say surprising! Right after Katie filed the divorce papers in New York speculations were strong that Tom was going to give a good fight for Suri. But now we find out that he gave her up just like that.

A lot of people who are following the couple’s divorce say that Tom was pressured by the Scientology Church to settle the divorce as quickly and as quietly as possible. It certainly seems like they don’t want the church to be placed in the spotlight. Well Tom’s loss is Katie’s gain.

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Katie Holmes Takes Suri for an Ice Cream Treat in NY

Katie Holmes and Suri

Tom Cruise may have had a somber 50th birthday but for Katie Holmes and his daughter Suri, Tuesday was an enjoyable day! The mother and daughter duo were spotted getting some evening treat in East Village, New York. They indulged their sweet tooth again at Sundaes and Cones, a shop known for its great-flavored ice creams.

Tuesday night was the first time Katie and Suri were seen out in public since the divorce became public. Despite the issues surrounding them, the mother and daughter team looked happy. Katie, most especially, smiled a lot during the outing.

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Katie Holmes Divorces Tom Cruise, Wants Sole Legal Custody of Suri

Katie Holmes Divorces Tom Cruise

I’m in shock! Katie Holmes has filed for divorce from superstar husband Tom Cruise! The divorce papers which were filed on Thursday at a court in New York cited irreconcilable differences as grounds. In the divorce papers filed in court on Thursday, Katie is also asking sole legal custody of their child. They’ve been married for five years and have one daughter Suri.

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Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise NY Outing Doesn’t End Well

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise

With hubby Tom Cruise busy filming his new action flick “Oblivion,” Katie Holmes is left to tend to daughter Suri. The mother-and-daughter team was spotted grabbing a late-night bite of pizza at Pie by the Pound in New York and then an ice cream later. It was a nice and happy outing until Katie got hold of Suri’s ice cream cone as they were walking home!

Just think, getting a sweet treat from a kid? Not a good idea! And as can be expected, Suri let out screams in an attempt to let her mother give it back to her. The little girl’s face looked quite pitiful as she cried, but Katie stood firm. She did not give back the ice cream cone.

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Katie Holmes is Extraordinary Says Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes is Extraordinary

Six years of marriage and Katie Holmes is still very much the apple in Tom Cruise’s eyes. Of course that’s aside from their little girl Suri. In his in-depth interview in Playboy magazine’s June issue, Tom revealed just how he feels for his wife.

Tom said Katie is an extraordinary person and that’s something anyone will know within five minutes in her company. For him everything she does is done with creativity and it seems she’s a go-getter too because if there’s something she’s interested in, she just goes out and do it!

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Katie Holmes Displays Grey Hairs

Katie Holmes

It’s nothing to be concerned about, folks! So Katie Holmes, at 33, decides to parade her grey hairs in public. What’s wrong with that? Nothing, right?

Katie was recently spotted coming out of her dance class in Hollywood wearing no make-up and just being casual in a blue shirt, black pants and flat shoes. It just so happened that the paparazzi deemed it proper to take a close-up so her silver-lined brunette locks were captured forever on film.

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Katie Holmes Ready for the New Chapter in Her Life

Katie Holmes on Marie Claire

Katie Holmes is ready to begin a new chapter in her life according to her interview in Marie Claire November issue. Being a mother and growing older and more mature has given her the courage and strength to do things that she could only dream of doing before in her career and personal life.

“I feel ready… for the next chapter of my life. I’m excited to begin a new phase: roles I might have been afraid to play before, places I want to travel to with my daughter. I’d like to build the design business. But not too fast,” she revealed.

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Katie Holmes and Family Indulge Their Sweet Tooth!

Katie Holmes Sweet Tooth

Katie Holmes. Tom Cruise and Suri had some sweet family time together last Saturday. And it was literally a sweet time as the family gathered for ice cream at the popular Milkshake Factory in Pittsburgh. The trio seems to love ice cream a lot because they ordered five items and finished all of them without any difficulty!

According to Life & Style’s source, Katie ordered a vanilla salt sundae for all, then three 20-ounce milk shakes, and a plain vanilla cone for Suri. But those weren’t enough to satisfy their sweet tooth as they again ordered a classic chocolate made with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. Next was an Oreo shake and apple-pie shake.

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