It’s a Baby Boy for Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy

Kate Hudson Baby Boy

Kate Hudson has finally given birth to their little bundle of joy! Kate and fiancé Muse rocker Mathew Bellamy couldn’t be happier. The 32-year-old gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Saturday July 9 in Los Angeles. The name of the baby is yet to be announced. Hmm, this makes me wonder, maybe they haven’t picked out a name yet? After nine months of waiting?

Kate’s rep confirmed the news to Access Hollywood on Sunday, “Matthew and Kate welcome a healthy baby boy on July 9, 2011.”

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Kate Hudson Gets Augmented!

Kate Hudson

Boob jobs in Hollywood are as popular as getting a pedicure!
Although Kate Hudson has always made jokes about her small boobs, it seems they're her biggest insecurity! I don't see why small boobs should make you feel blue, on the contrary, you can wear anything you want without having to put on a bra and if you gotta run, it doesn't look so bouncy and yo-yo like!

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Happy 30th Birthday Kate!

kate hudson 30 bday

Kate Hudson turned the big 3-0 on Sunday and wasn't about to let this big event go by uncelebrated!
Kate bid farewell to her 20's with a huge b-day bash on Friday!

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Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are Back Together

kate hudson owen wilson

When did this happen?! One day their off, the second they're on!
Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are reported to have gotten back together again!
They were spotted a couple of days ago together, they actually spent all day Sunday together, and with them was Kate's son, Ryder.

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Who is Kate Hudson Dating These Days?

kate hudson

After Kate Hudson got divorced, she got linked with Owen Wilson, Lance Armstrong and even her ex-hubby Chris Robinson! Who is she dating these days, i wonder?
She has been seen out with someone who has been described as a Jason Statham lookalike!
They were spotted at the Bel Air hotel and enjoyed a few drinks at the bar.
It's not Jason Statham himself, but a lookalike wouldn't be so bad! He's still the sexiest, best dressed, kick-ass Transporter I've seen! Don't you think so?

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Kate Hudson is single again!

You might have already heard about this, the relationship between Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong has come to an end and each has moved on.
So, what happened? Did she get bored or has Lance freaked out?
It seems things began to go downhill when Kate started turning dates into family gatherings!
Lance most probably was the one to put an end to things, after he started feeling suffocated and felt that Kate was too clingy and needy!
Kate reportedly took things too fast with Lance and that ruined everything.
Reportedly, Lance likes independent women and that's why his relationship with Sheryl Crow was a good one.
Well, another one bites the dust!!!

Is Kate Hudson Already Dating Lance Armstrong?

kate and lance

Could it be that Kate Hudson has so quickly gotten over Owen Wilson and is actually dating Lance Armstrong?
The two were spotted having dinner together in Austin, Texas this past weekend.
They enjoyed a meal together with Lance's kids. But, it still counts as a date, no?
It's not strange to see Lance on the dating game, he's been all over it since he broke up with Sheryl Crow!
But Kate? ... that's too quick! Although, i do think they'd make a nice couple!

Do you agree with me? If not, do you think those two should date and maybe proceed to a much more serious relationship?

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are Over!

kate and owen

I haven't taken this Kate/Owen thing seriously! They've been on and off so many time ,that i thought things weren't really serious between them and i never gave any attention to their relationship!
It seems they were really together in the past couple of months and they've decided to call it quits, for real this time!
The last time they were spotted together was on April 21st, when they celebrated Kate's 29th birthday together in Miami.
Since the split, Owen Wilson has been spotted letting loose with a few women. He was spotted with two women at N.Y.C.'s Upstairs one night and was getting cozy with a woman at Butter the night after! Well, he ain't called the butterscotch stallion for nothing, is he?!
Even Kate felt silly when asked about him, she said: "She feels dumb thinking it was so serious." Ouch!

What's the deal? Is this Split Season in Hollywood? Everyone seems to be going their separate ways! I wonder who's going to break up now?

Kate Hudson, The Most Beautiful Person in The World

kate hudson

PEOPLE have released their annual list of the World's Most Beautiful People and you'll never guess who's on it!
The list has names we're very familiar with, like Kate Hudson, Halle Berry and Salma Hayek, but it's also got some interesting newcomers!
The actress that topped the list and is this year's most beautiful person is Kate Hudson.
You can't deny, she's a good actress and is a cute, girl-y, and very active 29-year-old mommy! She's also very down to earth.
What's amazing about this woman is that she doesn't owe her fine looks to long hours of pampering in the spa! she doesn't even get a manicure regularly! Ha! Just like me!

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Kate Hudson Loves The Cubs!

kate hudson with the cubs

Kate Hudson had a super fun time while shooting an ad campaign for her new eco-friendly haircare line in Africa!
Kate enjoyed some time in front of the camera looking great, but she did enjoy some real time with some wild animals too!
She shot photos with baby lion cubs! How cute is that?
Kate loved them ... she would put them on their backs and rub their tummies and they would just love that! I guess they're just super sized kittens!
As for the real adventure, it was shooting a few photos with a cheetah ... a real, live, wild one!
Kate says working with the cheetah was the most fun!
She says: "He was purring. I remember listening to it and asking, 'Should I be running right now because his purr sounds more like a growl?' But they're like, 'No. He's just super happy.' And I got really comfortable with it. And I would literally lay on the cheetah. It was really pretty cool."
Wow! Lucky Kate! I would love to be able to pat a cheetah and not be afraid of it biting my hand off!

Kate Hudson Out with Owen Wilson!

Things got bumpy between Kate Hudson & hubby Chris Robinson after rumors of Kate’s affair with co-star Owen Wilson. But, at one point, things seemed to have gotten back on track for Kate & Chris & they said that they are not going to split.
But … new rumors have surfaced that Kate is going through with the divorce papers & she is actually planning to leave Chris.
To make things even more complicated, Kate was spotted having breakfast with Owen Wilson at A Votre Sante restaurant in Brentwood, California, two days ago.
Now, what do you think of that? Is that just a simple breakfast two friends are having, or is there more behind this?

Check out photos of Kate & Owen having breakfast together.

Kate & Owen having breakfast together

Kate Hudson & Chris Robinson Not Splitting up

It seems Kate Hudson & husband Chris Robinson are not splitting up after all.
Just two weeks after they announced their split Page Six reports that the couple are planning to take their two-year-old son Ryder Russell on a family weekend together next weekend.
Close friends of the couple say: They never really split. They love each other - Chris can be sarcastic and biting, but not with her.
It seems the news of Kate & Owen Wilson having an affair were really nothing but rumors.
It's great when things have a happy ending.

Kate Hudson & Husband Split up

kate & chris

Actress Kate Hudson & her musician husband Chris Robinson have decided to split up after nearly six years of marriage.
The couple met in New York City in May 2000, and moved in together. They got married on New Year's Eve 2000 after dating for about a year. In 2004 their son, Ryder Russell, was born.
Just last month, it seemed everything was fine with the couple. Hudson told People magazine: "I can sip on the same cold cup of coffee all day long. It just drives him nuts. My mom –actress Goldie Hawn- actually does the same thing and it drives Kurt –Russell- nuts too."
No reason was given as why the couple has taken such a drastic decision.

McConaughey & Hudson Together Again

matt & kate in How to lose a guy in 10 days

Matthew McConaughey & Kate Hudson reunite again on screen in a new movie.
‘Fool’s Gold’ is a romantic comedy about a married couple who are about to go bankrupt & are going to get divorced, after searching for a hidden treasure for eight years & finding nothing!
However, after discovering a new clue they decide to reunite for one last search.
Matthew & Kate starred together in ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ in 2003.