Justin Bieber Cuts Buenos Aires Concert Short

Justin Bieber Cuts Buenos Aires Concert Short

Justin Bieber got a thousand boos from his fans after he cut short a concert he was holding in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Bieber quit the concert half way and disappeared from the stage, which drove his fans mad and angry, thus stirring up a storm of boos and hisses!
What made him do such a shocking thing? He blames it on food poisoning and stomach problems.

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Justin Bieber is a Vandal

Bieber spraying graffiti in Rio de Janeiro

The definition is Vandal is: One who willfully or maliciously defaces or destroys public or private property .. and that's exactly what Justin Bieber was doing in Rio, Brazil.
The good thing is that he was caught by both paparazzi and the police! Woohoo!

Bieber was caught spray-painting graffiti during a recent stop in Rio de Janeiro and the police charged him with vandalism. He will be forced to pay a fine.
You know this ain't the first time Bieber goes around spraying walls; he did it in Bogota, Columbia in October. The difference was that he was in the company of police and they just let him scribble just because he was Justin Bieber!! That's not fair!
So, I am very happy that he was caught, charged and fined in Brazil ... he should learn that spraying public walls is vandalism and should take responsibility for his actions ... what a brat!

Justin Bieber Gets Attacked in Toronto

Justin Bieber

Ya! Justin Bieber should have gotten a good a$$ whoopin'! Spoiled brat JB was about to get what he deserves, but his security were quicker than a blink of an eye and managed to tackle the dude who charged him ... What a disappointment!

JB insists on going to nightclubs and then gets into scuffles and altercations!
This time it was in his hometown Toronto.

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Justin Bieber is A Disgusting Spoiled Brat

Justin Bieber is simply a spoiled brat, who needs a good spanking and maybe a few lessons in respect! I can't stand the guy!
If you tell me he ain't, then you should read about the disgusting stuff he does and how disrespectful he is to other people!

Once he spat in the face of a neighbor who told him he was driving his car too fast in the neighborhood!
Then he was caught "on video" urinating in a restaurant mop bucket!
And now, he shocked fans by dropping a "spit bomb" on them from his hotel room balcony, while on tour in his homeland Canada!

Bieber spitting

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Monkey Problem Delays Justin Bieber’s Rented Jet

Justin Bieber made it to the headlines again making a private jet wait for eight hours in Miami! The reason? He had to search for his pet monkey!

Justin Bieber

Justin rented the private jet to take him from Miami to Burbank on Friday. It was supposed to leave with Justin at 11 A.M. but that did not materialize as the singer phoned in to say he was going to be late. The pilot and the crew probably thought he will only be a few minutes late. They were wrong because by the time he showed up it was already 3 in the afternoon!

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Justin Bieber Now Has 40 Million Twitter Followers!

Troubled or not, Justin Bieber remains a magnetic personality. Want proof? Take a look at his Twitter account. Biebs has reached a new milestone! He now has 40 million followers on Twitter! He’s the member first to ever achieve this.

Justin Bieber Twitter

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Justin Bieber Protects His Parties with Possible Lawsuit!

Justin Bieber has found a way to protect himself from bad publicity and that is to make his party guests sign a waiver that prevents them from talking about his parties in any way! Some of the issues that confronted Justin in the past arise from photos taken by some party-goers. Remember that photo where Justin seemed to be smoking marijuana?

Justin Bieber

With the waiver, anyone who attends Justin’s parties cannot share any kind of information including the physical health, spiritual and philosophical views not only of Justin but his guests as well. And that goes for any photos or videos taken from his parties.

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Instagram Photo Confirms Justin and Selena Reunion

If you need more proof that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together again, I think Justin’s latest Instagram photo will do! He even captioned it “You’ve been making’ music for too long baby come cuddle me” – her.”

Justin and Selena Reunion Instagram Photo

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Convert to Islam for Justin Bieber!

Norway - Bieber fans convert to Islam!

What's the craziest thing you're ready to do for Justin Bieber tickets?!

If you're a Justin Bieber fan ... or a crazy one to be specific ... what's the craziest or maybe silliest thing you're ready to do to get tickets to a concert?

In Norway, some teenagers proved to be willing to go beyond borders of religion to get tickets!!

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Justin Biber Slammed for Anne Frank Comment

Bieber has no respect for history. Or at least that’s what most of the tweets are saying after Justin Bieber made his comment during his visit to the Anne Frank Museum.

Justin Biber and Anne Frank

“Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.”

Yep, that’s the message he wrote on the guest book that sparked the web-outrage. Some Anne Frank sympathizers called it “tasteless,” “egocentric,” “immature and disgusting.” But the spokesman for the museum, Maatjie Mostart, didn’t see anything offensive about the remarks. In fact they appreciate his visit and that they think it was just an innocent statement.

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Justin Bieber Has a New Freakin’ Hairdo !

Whether you admit it or not, Justin Bieber’s hairstyle is one of the things that catapulted him to superstardom. Lots of teens loved his bangs that they too wanted to follow his style. I think it’s his hair first before his music. But now he’s messed up the hair that fans love about him!

Justin Bieber Feakin hair

The 19-year-old pop star debuted his new hairstyle on Twitter on Tuesday much to the surprise, and SHOCK, of his millions of followers! Some of his fans were lucky to get the first look at his new hairstyle when he had a meet and greet with fans on Saturday in Dortmund, Germany.

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Justin Bieber Could be Prosecuted

Justin Bieber

It’s happening! Justin Bieber is on a meltdown! The bad thing is his erratic behavior could land him in jail! The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department seems determined to have him prosecuted due to the altercation that happened between him and his neighbor in Calabasas, California last week.

Based on police report, Justin shouted foul language, threats and even spat in his neighbor’s face after the pop star was told off for his noisy driving that was disturbing the residents. According to the neighbor, Justin was driving at around 100kph.

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Justin Bieber Reconnects with Selena Gomez

When he’s in pain, Justin turns to one of the steadying influences in his young life, Selena Gomez, his ex-girlfriend. Yes, you have right, people, Justin was spotted paying Selena a short visit at her house in Encino, California on Wednesday, just before he was due to leave for Europe to continue his Believe tour.

Justin Bieber with Selena Gomez

According to E!News, Justin’s driver and bodyguard waited for him outside Selena’s house. Biebs supposedly stayed for just over an hour. Now, we can only surmise on what took place there, right? But considering all the problems that the Biebs is going through right now, with his tour and just recently the reported misunderstanding with his neighbor, he must have needed to talk with someone who knows him quite well.

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