Josh Holloway is a Dad!

josh holloway is a dad

Josh Holloway is sexy as he is! Now, think of this, how much more would he gain on the Sexy-o-meter if he had his own little baby in his arms and was walking topless on the beach at sunrise?!

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Josh Holloway & Wife Expecting Baby!

josh and yessica wedding photo

Congratulations! Josh Holloway, aka Sawyer from Lost, is going to be a dad!
Josh and his wife Yessica are expecting their first baby next year!
Josh and Yessica have been married since 2004 and are going to become parents in 2009!
Congratulations again!

What's Josh's other news? You know, in terms of Lost Season 5?
Josh is currently in Hawaii, with the rest of the cast and crew of Lost, shooting Season 5.
Lost 5 will return to TV on January 21st and it seems this season is going to be a bigger blast than the previous one! At least that's what I'm hoping for! I Can't Wait!

Josh Holloway must Stay Cool!

josh holloway stays cool

Josh Holloway has been in hiding as far as i knew ... but it seems he wasn't! He was busy working on a new movie entitled 'Stay Cool'.
'Stay Cool' is a comedy about an author who returns to his hometown to deliver a speech to a class of graduating high school students and has to deal with his feelings for his ex-girlfriend as well as the advances of another student who has the hots for him!
Other stars in the movie are Winona Ryder, Mark Polish, Sean Astin, Chevy Chase and Hilary Duff.
Back to my main reason for this article, Josh! He was spotted on the LA set of the movie sporting a palm-tree-style ponytail and loads of tattoos!

Josh Holloway must Stay Cool
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Josh Holloway on The Ellen Degeneres Show Tonight

lost kate sawyer kiss

Well, I'm sure I'm not the only one obsessing about Lost and the 1st part of the season finale we saw on Thursday. Any thoughts on that, by the way?!
In all cases, Josh Holloway is going to be the guest on The Ellen Degeneres Show tonight and i can't wait to see what she's got to ask him and what he's got to say!
I wonder if he's going to mention anything about the final two episodes of Lost ...
I just can't keep my mind from thinking about that rumor that Sawyer maybe killed off before the end of this season! Have you heard that one? Argh!That doesn't make any sense to me matie!
Oh! Have you seen the screen cap (above) from the 2nd part of 'There's no place like home'?
I'll sure be waiting for that Kate/Sawyer kiss!
Any thoughts on 'There's no place like home'?

Lost Back on January 31st ... Finally!

I am glad to let you know that Lost will finally be back on January 31st ... ooof! It's been a long wait!
One more month and we'll be reunited with the remaining survivors of flight 815 ...
Yesterday, one of those survivors, was spotted at LAX airport!
Josh Holloway and his tiny wife Yessica Kumala, were spotted at LAX airport yesterday as they departed to an unknown destination ... maybe Hawaii?
Well, here are a few photos of Josh at LAX airport ... Enjoy!

photos of Josh at LAX airport
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Lost - Season 4 Promo is out and it's great! We finally get to see who is coming to the island! It seems there's actually some people coming to rescue the losties ... or are they coming for another purpose?
Watch the new and extended trailer here.

Josh Holloway for Davidoff Cool Water

davidoff cool water

What better way to market a product, than to feature a famous, hot star for the ad campaign?
'Lost' actor Josh 'Sawyer' Holloway is going to be the new face of Davidoff Cool Water this summer.
The ad will hit screens & magazines everywhere in the world in July, except in North America! That's strange! Some other famous hunk will be on the ads in the US.
The ads were shot with Holloway in Hawaii, with the ocean as the background.
According to Women's Wear Daily, Josh says: "The water in Hawaii is phenomenal; on a daily basis, it can bring tears to your eyes with its clarity and color."

Josh Holloway is Gambit in X-Men 4 !


Didn't they say that there wasn't going to be sequel after X-Men 3? Wasn't there supposed to be a movie about Wolverine instead?
Just yesterday, i read something about another X-Men movie, confirming the speculation over whether another sequel to the gigantic movie of 2006 would be made.
This time, Josh Holloway is going to get into the super hero mode & put on the tights & cape to become 'Gambit'.
Josh expressed his excitement over the project & said: ...

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Who is Josh Holloway?

josh holloway

I told you I'd write about 'Sawyer' & here it is!
So, who is Josh Holloway? You definitely know him as 'Sawyer' on Lost ... but do you know more?
Josh Holloway is an American actor, who started his career not in acting, but in modeling. He's a perfect guy for it!
He made appearances in many series, like Good Girls Don't, NCIS, Walker, Texas Ranger, CSI & Angel! -Watch Josh in Angel-
But, Josh is best known for his role in Lost, as James 'Sawyer' Ford. Lost is what pushed Holloway to celebrity status, but unfortunately left him with no time for other big roles!

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