John Travolta a Crystal Globe Awardee in Karlovy Vary

Despite controversies surrounding John Travolta, the contributions he has made in the entertainment industry cannot be doubted. The Karlovy Vary film festival recognizes his immense contributions and has honored him with a Crystal Globe lifetime achievement award!

John Travolta

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John Travolta and National Enquirer .... Lies or Truth?

John Travolta and Kelly Preston are heading for a divorce! This is what the headlines are saying now. Apparently, Kelly is fed up with John’s selfish ways! You see, she’s the one who always had to take care of the children, Benjamin, 2, and Ella, 13, as he goes off around the world for some reason.

John Travolta and National Enquirer

Kelly wants John to shape up and share some of the responsibility especially since she wants to go back to acting. They had a big fight over it which resulted in Kelly packing her bags and going to Los Angeles. Kelly warned him that unless he shapes up as a husband and father, they’re going to see each other in court!

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John Travolta and His Lawyer Sued for Libel!

John Travolta

Controversies involving John Travolta aren’t over! The actor is facing another lawsuit from a man named Robert Randolph, author of a book entitled “You’ll Never Spa in This Town Again.” This book gives details about John’s various sexual encounters with other men in different bathhouses. In the book, Robert claims he witnessed it all himself.

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John Travolta Talks Settlement with One of His Accusers

John Travolta

A total of seven men are accusing actor John Travolta of making unwanted sexual advances like groping them and touching their private parts. Seven is a lot that even I am kind of faltering in my belief that John is innocent.

And now it seems John is settling it with one of his accusers! A settlement doesn’t necessarily mean he’s admitting his guilt and is just paying off the man in order to hush up the issue does it?

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Third Man Accuses John Travolta of Sexual Harassment

John Travolta

OMG! What’s happening? A third man has come forward accusing John Travolta of sexual harassment! Unlike the first two complainants, this third man disclosed his identity and he goes by the name of Fabian Zanzi, Chile-born man, who’s a former employee of the Royal Caribbean cruise line.

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John Travolta Has Proof He’s Not Guilty as Second Lawsuit is Filed Against Him!

John Travolta

Actor John Travolta called the assault and sexual battery lawsuit against him complete fiction and pure fabrication. And now Travolta shows that he can prove it! That’s right.

The actor has photos and restaurant receipt showing that he was actually in New York, which is 2,475 miles away from Los Angeles when the alleged assault and sexual battery happened!

TMZ managed to acquire the photos as well as copy of the receipt and they were also able to confirm the authenticity of the said documents! The receipt from a restaurant called Mr. Chow in New York clearly shows the date as January 16, 2012, in 121 Hudson St. New York! It can be seen there clearly that he paid $382.69 for the whole meal and gave a tip of $100.

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John Travolta Sued for Assault and Sexual Battery!

John Travolta Sued

John Travolta a sexual predator? I can’t even imagine! But there is someone who says he is. In fact, that person has filed a lawsuit against the actor on the grounds of assault, sexual battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The plaintiff, who is a masseur (named as John Doe in the lawsuit), claims that Travolta responded to his massage service ad last January 16, picking him up in a black Lexus SUV for the massage appointment. The actor took him to a private bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel. As soon as they got there the actor tried to make unwanted advances on him including touching his genitals and trying to initiate a sexual act. John Doe is asking for $2 million in damages.

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Meet Cutee Baby Benjamin Travolta!

It has been two months since Kelly Preston gave birth to a baby boy; o November 23, 2010 to be exact. Kelly’s hubby John Travolta was there by her side as they welcomed a new baby boy, whom they named Benjamin, into their family circle. After two months, the couple finally shared Benjamin to the world!

John and Kelly showed off baby Benjamin on the cover of People magazine. You’ll see the three of them there all dressed and white with the couple smiling widely. Indeed they look happy and contented.

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A New Baby Boy for Kelly and John Travolta!

Kelly and John Travolta

This time it’s not false labor! Kelly Preston has already delivered a baby boy. The anticipated moment happened on Tuesday according to the Kelly and John Travolta’s publicist. The baby whom they named Benjamin weighed 8lb 3oz when he arrived into the world. He’s huge!

The publicist further confirmed that the couple and their daughter Ella are “ecstatic and very happy about the newest member of the family.” There’s no doubt about that! John came through with his promise to Kelly that he would be by her side when she gives birth.

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Kelly Preston is Not in Labor Yet!

John Travolta with his wife Kelly Preston

Kelly Preston, John Travolta’s wife, is not in labor yet! This is what the actor’s rep said after rumors started circulating that John cut his Australian trip short because his wife was already about to give birth.

His rep said that although John is on his way back to the United States, it is not because his wife is already in labor. “It was always the plan for him for return this weekend.”

These rumors probably started Kelly was having a false labor when he left for Australia on November 8 where he was invited for the Qantas’ 90th anniversary celebration.

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John Travolta: Excited to Meet Son, Benjamin

John Travolt interview with Extra

A new baby for the family; yes, that’s a very exciting news indeed! Especially if you’re just counting the days and John Travolta is definitely counting. His wife, Kelly Preston, is due to give birth to their new baby son, whom they will name Benjamin, on November 26.

In an interview with Extra, the expectant dad said that he “can’t wait to meet Benjamin”. John also mentioned that his wife has had some worry moments lately because she’s been experiencing fake labor or Braxton Hicks. But the doctors assured them and advised Kelly to drink lots of liquids and water to make it stop.

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Jett Travolta to be Cremated

jett travolta

The results of the autopsy performed on Jett Travolta's body confirmed that the cause of death was a seizure disorder and that there was no foul play.
Yesterday it was announced that his body was set to be cremated.

No other information concerning a service has been released.

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Condolences to John Travolta

Travolta and his son Jett

It's not what i had in mind for the first celebrity post of 2009, but it's a heart-breaking story and it shouldn't be passed by idly.
Our deepest condolences go out to John Travolta and his family ... his 16-year-old son Jett, died yesterday.
Jett, who is Travolta's only son, was with the rest of the family, vacationing in The Bahamas, when he slipped and fell in the bathtub, after suffering a seizure, and hit his head.
Jett suffered from Kawazaki disease and also had asthma.
A caretaker found Jett unconscious in the bathtub at around 10 am.

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Scientology Harming John Travolta’s Son!

I am not one to comment on anyone’s beliefs whether they be a famous Hollywood star or a regular person, but when this belief means you’re son isn’t allowed to be cured from an illness that’s where I draw the line. According to ‘friendly’ neighbors, John Travolta’s 14 year old son Jett Travolta suffers from autism but hasn’t been diagnosed and hasn’t undergone any kind of treatment simply because Scientology 'point blank' does not recognize autism!

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