Jessica Simpson Accused of Making Money Out of a Stranger’s Baby!

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is being sued by a man who accuses her of making some money out of his baby son! Now, this is one of the most ridiculous stories I’ve ever heard!

Jessica is a billionaire thanks to her singing career and super successful fashion empire so there’s zero chance she would use another’s baby just to make pennies!

Christopher Hurst, the man who filed the lawsuit against Jessica, claims that the singer badly wanted to hold his baby son so he obliged. But as soon as he handed him to her, photographers appeared out of nowhere and began taking pictures.

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Jessica Simpson Looked Radiant at LAX

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is one pretty pregnant lady! Her second pregnancy is agreeing so well with her because she looks great! And I think Jess knows it too that is why she’s not afraid to show off her baby bump this time around. Also, it looks like she didn’t gain as much weight during her first pregnancy.

The expectant mom was all smiles as she made her way at the LAX airport yesterday. She looked radiant in her paisley dress that showed off her growing bump. And just like before, Jess prefers to wear heels when she goes out and for her flight she wore a light brown platform shoes. Let’s not forget the bright orange Birkin bag she was carrying.

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Jessica Simpson Looks Ready to Pop

Jessica Simpson looks like she’s about to pop any minute now. Her huge baby bump could not be missed even though she was wearing a black maxi dress at a friend’s wedding in California on Saturday. Black is usually not a customary color at weddings but I guess Jessica thought it best in order to appear less huge. She definitely achieved that look although there was no way she could hide her cleavage on the v-neck dress or the bump.

Jessica Simpson huge baby bump

Jessica previously tweeted that she’s giving up heels because her feet were swollen and hurt, she made an exception on Saturday. Her tall black platform heels can be seen peeking out the hem of her dress.

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Bye-Bye Heels for Jessica Simpson

During her first pregnancy, Jessica Simpson said that she’ll even deliver in stilettos if she could. And if you’ll recall, she really kept wearing heels up to the last minute of her pregnancy. However, it’s the opposite thing this time around! Jessica has finally traded her heels for flats!

Jessica Simpson Flats

Surprised? Well, the singer doesn’t have any choice. A source close to Jess revealed that the singer’s feet are swollen and hurt. She also gets back pain because of heels.

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It’s a Boy for Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson!

Jessica Simpson Baby Boy

Eric Johnson must be over the moon because he’ll finally have a baby boy to carry the family name! That’s right his fiancée Jessica Simpson is having a boy this time! The singer-turned-entrepreneur found out during a routine checkup last week. She was so ecstatic that when the doctor revealed she was having a boy she screamed with happiness!

According to a source by Radar Online, having a baby boy is a dream come true for Jessica. She even prayed it was a boy this time around.

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Jessica Simpson to Star in a Comedy Pilot About Her Life

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson has a vibrant and funny personality so it won’t be difficult for her to do a comedy show. But we will see how she fares in the upcoming pilot for NBC, which by the way is loosely based on her life specifically on her second pregnancy! Of course Jess will be playing herself but they’re going to get actors to pay Eric and her father.

Aside from NBC, Jess will be partnering with producer Electus for the scripted pilot. As you all know, Jessica’s life is nothing but ordinary and with a team of writers drawing up the dialogues, she’s sure the pilot will have people laughing so hard!

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Jessica Simpson's Baby Bump is Big!

Jessica Simpson Baby Bump

Looks like Jessica Simpson is having a different approach to her second pregnancy. Unlike the first one, which she made sure to hide until her baby bump was huge; Jessica is quite open about this second pregnancy! In fact, she’s proudly showing off her latest bump top the word even while wearing a bikini!

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Jessica Simpson’s Second Pregnancy Confirmed!

Jessica Simpson Second Pregnancy

It’s confirmed! Jessica Simpson is indeed pregnant again! I know what you’re thinking. It’s too soon since she just gave birth to baby Maxwell last May right? Well I agree with you but there’s nothing we can do about it. Anyway, the expectant Mom and Dad don’t mind.

Rumors about her second pregnancy started last month just after losing almost 60lbs for Weight Watchers. Despite the buzz going around, Jessica simply ignored them. But now she’s ready to admit it and she did on Twitter on Christmas Day.

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Jessica Simpson’s Baby Bump is Not in Sight, Yet

Jessica Simpson Baby Bump

Even now the question “Is Jessica Simpson pregnant?” remains in everyone’s mind. However, the prying stares are not stopping the 31-year-old celerity from going out and doing some shopping! Jessica was seen doing some retail therapy at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills with a friend on Monday.

Jessica and her friend tried on shoe after shoe at the store. Well with Christmas parties coming up soon, they will definitely need some new and sexy kicks.

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Baby No. 2 Coming for Jessica Simpson?

Jessica Simpson

Oh oh, I think someone’s got into a little bit of an accident! The rumor going around is that Jessica Simpson is pregnant with baby No. 2! It’s quite surprising because she’s only given birth to her and Eric Johnson’s daughter Maxwell last May. That was only seven months ago.

A source told Us Weekly that this second pregnancy wasn’t planned, pretty much like the first one. However, Jessica’s rep has declined to comment on the issue.

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Joe Simpson Calls Gay Allegations Ridiculous!

Joe Simpson

It’s no secret that Jessica Simpson’s parents, Joe and Tina, have divorced after 34 years of marriage. What shocked everyone though were the rumors that Joe, 54, is gay and had been having an affair with male model Bryce Chandler Hill who is 21 years old!

Some sources said that Joe’s affections for the younger man were true but Hill, on the other hand, was simply using him to attain fame. He thought Joe could help him considering the great job he’s done with Jessica and Ashlee’s careers.

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Eric Johnson Cheating Not True, Jessica Simpson Plans to Sue

Eric Johnson and Jessica Simpson

Star magazine might be facing another lawsuit in the near future because after publishing a story that Eric Johnson cheated on fiancée Jessica Simpson. The issue released on Thursday has angered Jessica so much! The couple now plans to sue the tabloid because of it.

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Jessica Simpson Struggles to Lose Post-Baby Weight

Jessica Simpson Weight Problem

How long has it been since Jessica Simpson gave birth? Four months? She gave birth to Drew Maxwell on May 1 of this year. But in that entire time, Jessica has yet to get rid of all her post-baby weight! The 32-year-old has admitted that her body “is not bouncing back like a supermodel.”

But Jessica, who is the new celebrity spokeswoman for Weight Watchers, has lost weight though not all of it. She lost weight each week she’s been on the Weight Watchers program and that’s the important thing. She wants to lose all the extra weight in a healthy way.

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Jessica Simpson Shares a Glimpse of Baby Maxwell

Baby Maxwell

I don’t think any mother could resist sharing photos of her baby. New mom Jessica Simpson definitely can’t because she just shared a new photo of her daughter Maxwell Drew yesterday on her Twitter account!

She accompanied the photo with the tweet “Howdy friends.” It’s a cheery greeting isn’t it? But little Maxwell doesn’t seem to be particularly cheery in the picture! Well she’s barely two months old and probably hasn’t learned to smile much yet.

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