Jessica Alba Smolders in White Bikini on EW Cover

Oh my! A lot of guys are going to get hot and bothered by Jessica Albaís Entertainment Weekly cover! For sure once they look they canít take their eyes away from the image of her in a white bikini as she gets out of a pool, all wet and dripping!

Although she describes herself as a prude, itís not evident on her EW cover. She looks every bit the sexy siren with the seductive stare of her smoky eyes under arched brows and inviting red pout. The water dripping from her body just adds to the alluring image of her.

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Jessica Alba Painful Sunburn !

Jessica Alba Sunburn

Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren are still on vacation in St. Barts. This trip is not only beneficial for the couple but for us as well because we still get to see Jessica and her fabulous bikini body!

On Sunday, the 31-year-old actress was seen in another pair of sexy bikini. The swimwear featured a purple bandeau top and a patterned string bottom. Just like before, Jessicaís super slim and toned body was wonderfully displayed.

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Jessica Alba Fantastic Bikini Body

Did Jessica Alba really give birth to two kids? With her fantastic bikini body youíd hardly believe it! Jessica showed off her amazing figure in a colorful bikini while on vacation in St. Barts. It seems like itís a romantic getaway because Jessica is only accompanied by her husband Cash Warren. Their kids are left a home.

Jessica Alba in Bikini

For their beach outing on Thursday, 31-year-old Jessica chose a two-piece with a blue top and orange bottom. Itís obvious how she takes care of her body. Thereís not an ounce of fat on her and everythingís perfectly toned and supple.

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A Glimpse of Jessica Albaís Italian Holiday

Jessica Alba in bikini Italy

Jessica Alba rarely shows her bikini body but when she does itís always a treat. Just like this time during their recent Italian getaway. Jessica is naturally slim thatís why she never got any trouble getting her body back in shape after giving birth to their second daughter Haven Warren almost a year ago. She was able to show off her bikini body as soon as four month after giving birth!

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Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner to be Honored for Motherhood

Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner

Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner are two of the most dedicated moms in Hollywood that Iíve ever seen. Itís no wonder these moms of two daughters will be inducted into the Celebrity Stork Club!

This eventful day will take place at the sixth annual March of Dimes Celebration of Babies luncheon on December 2. A bevy of celebrities will be in attendance to see them get inducted at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

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Jessica Alba Approves Versace for H&M!

Jessica Alba

One of our favorite stars Jessica Alba is delighted to have Versace on H&M! She thinks itís a cool thing that the designer label is put within easy reach of the masses. With this, even ordinary girls can know what it feels like to be dressed up by the iconic brand!

She also shared that the first time she wore Versace was also the first time she presented at the Oscars. ďI went over to Donatellaís house and she, like, opened her closet. We talked about boys and we talked about kids and she is such a girlsí girl.Ē

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A New Baby Girl for Jessica Alba and Cash Warren

Jessica Alba

Jessica Albaís Facebook page is now full of well-wishes and congratulatory messages after announcing the birth of their second baby. Itís another gorgeous baby girl for Jessica and Cash Warren. They gave her a very unique name too! Welcome to the world Haven Garner Warren!

The announcement further said, ďShe was born Saturday, weighed 7lbs, and was 19 inches long. Healthy and happy! Big Sister Honor couldnít be more excited about the new addition to our family. Thank you for all your support during my pregnancy.Ē

Honor Marie Warren is now three years old so itís just about right for her to have a sibling.

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Jessica Alba Carrying Baby No. 2

Jessica Alba

Itís baby No. 2 for sexy Jessica Alba and hubby Cash Warren. News about the pregnancy came from Jess herself. She made the confirmation on Wednesday through her Facebook page! Yup itís Facebook first for her, not Twitter.

If you check out her profile it says, ďItís been a while since Iíve been on FB & I thought Iíd drop by to let you all in on some exciting news>Honor is going to be a Big Sister! Cash and I are thrilled and wanted to share the news directly with you so you didnít hear about it somewhere elseÖĒ

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Jessica Alba is All for Adoption

Jessica Alba and Honor Marie

Jessica Alba may be joining the list of stars that are all for adopting kids, and I think itís a great idea, giving a child the chance to live a better life and feel the love of a mom & a dad. While taking part in ďExtreme Makeover, Home EditionĒ on Sunday, Jessica helped rebuild a home for a foster family of 15! So I guess that gave her the idea to adopt.

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Jessica Alba Campari 2009 Calendar Photos

Here are a few of the great photos from Campari's 2009 calendar featuring the beautiful Jessica Alba.
Jessica poses in several outfits including a black body-hugging top, a black dress, a red dress and a white strapless top & shorts! Sexy!

jessica alba for campari 2009

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Jessica Alba Exposed for Campari 2009!

jessica alba in campari 2009 calendar

Jessica Alba gave birth to her baby girl, Honor Marie, back in June and that's only six months ago! You would think that she's exercising and that she's shed a bit of that extra baby fat ... but the truth is, she's dropped all of the extra baby fat and she looks even better!
Jessica has done a sexy photo-shoot for Campari's 2009 calendar and boy does she look good!

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Jessica Alba Smokin' Post Baby Bikini Bod!

About four months ago, Jessica Alba gave birth to a baby girl. This is a fact! Another fact is that she was as round as a balloon and had gained lots of weight because of pregnancy!
Well, here's another amazing fact for you, she's lost all the extra fat and has gained back her sexy body! It's like she was never pregnant!
She struts her slim body on the beach in a black bikini.
Check out these very recent bikini photos of Jessica and tell me what you think.
Doesn't she look amazing?!

jessica alba bikini body

Jessica Alba and Baby Honor Marie!

jess alba and honor marie

Cute! This photo gives us a good look at little baby Honor Marie Warren!
Little Honor went out with her mommy Jessica Alba today. The girls are in New York and went shopping in Soho!

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