Jennifer Lopez Red Hot Bikini Mama!

Jennifer Lopez Red Hot Bikini

Just a few weeks ago, Jennifer Lopez gave us a glimpse of her superb bikini body in Rio de Janiero. Well now it’s our lucky day because the singer showed it off again at a beach in Fortaleza, Brazil!

J.Lo’s literally red hot during their beach outing because she was wearing a pair of tiny red bikini! This pair looks so much better than the white bikini she wore in Rio a few weeks ago. Think J.Lo knows how good she looks in it that’s why she didn’t put anything else on unlike that time in Rio.

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Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Bikini Body in Rio!

Jennifer Lopez Bikini Body

She may be 42-year-old but Jennifer Lopez’s body still looks like a 20-year-old’s, if not better! We know because the mom-of-twins showed off her bikini body on Monday at a beach in Rio de Janiero!

Rio is one of the stops for her “Dance Again Tour” but fun time first before work for J.Lo and her twins. Oh and of course the love of her life Casper Smart was with them too! Some friends joined them for some fun beach time as well.

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Jennifer Lopez Wows in Sparkly Nude Catsuit

Jennifer Lopez Sparkly Catsuit

Jennifer Lopez has never been shy about showing off all her curves and she was definitely not bashful when she poured it into a body-hugging catsuit during her concert in Panama on Thursday!

The catsuit was made of nude fabric that’s why only the crystal detailing was easily noticeable. The crystals were strategically placed so her privates were well-concealed. What couldn’t be concealed though were her curves! For a complete sparkly look, J.Lo also wore a matching pair of crystal-studded lace-up booties.

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Jennifer Lopez Serious About Marrying Casper Smart?

Jennifer Lopez to Marry Casper Smart

In her January interview with Matt Lauer on “Today” Jennifer Lopez said that she wasn’t sure if she’ll get married again. It’s been almost four months since then, so has her views changed? In particular, is she ready to walk down the aisle again?

There are talks going around that she is indeed thinking of trying marriage one more time, this time with her toy boy Casper Smart! OMG! This would be another bad decision that she’ll definitely cry over in the future.

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Jennifer Lopez to Perform with Casper Smart on American Idol

Jennifer Lopez with Casper Smart on American Idol

Wow, it looks like Jennifer Lopez wants her boy toy boyfriend Casper Smart to be with her in all her gigs! According to recent reports, J.Lo will be performing her latest hit song “Dance Again” live on American Idol soon and guess who’s joining her? Of course it’s none other than Casper.

If you remember, Casper is also featured in her steamy “Dance Again” video which she collaborated with Pitbull. She and Casper are taking their steamy and suggestive moves before a live audience! Some of you might think that’s awesome but I think it nasty! I think that will be like watching them make out on stage!

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Marc Anthony Officially Divorces Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Official Divorce

Marc Anthony has filed for divorce from his wife Jennifer Lopez. They’ve been separated for some months now and this is kinda expected. And since they both have their own love lives now, divorce is really a must.

The 43-year-old filed the papers in the Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday. In the papers he filed, Marc cited irreconcilable differences and is requesting joint legal and physical custody of their four-year-old twins Max and Emme. He’s also asking that each pay for their own legal fees.

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Jennifer Lopez Generous Gifts Toy Boy with Truck!

Jennifer Lopez boyfriend truck

I’m pretty sure by now Casper Smart is still thanking his lucky stars for making Jennifer Lopez fall for him. He can’t find another sugar mommy as generous as J.Lo even if he searches all over the world. Why do I say that? Well, the 42-year-old gifted her toy boyfriend with a brand new truck for his 25th birthday!

The gift wasn’t just any truck. It’s a customized white Dodge Ram truck!

According to reports, Casper wanted a truck badly and so J.Lo played the fairy godmother and granted him his wish.

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Jennifer Lopez’s “Dance Again” Video Features Toyboy!

Jennifer Lopez Video featuring Toyboy

Jennifer Lopez’s new track “Dance Again” was released on iTunes yesterday. And I told you to mark April 5 on your calendar because that will be the release of her “Dance Again” music video. But now, after she released some teaser photos of the music video I’m afraid I’m gonna have to discourage you.

Perhaps you’re wondering why? Well, turns out her toyboy Casper Smart is in the video too! They’re not content about showing the public their PDA through paparazzi snapshots that’s why they’re now going to give us a look into their own private little world! Well, I think I’ll pass!

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Jennifer Lopez Wants you to Dance Again

Jennifer Lopez Dance Again

Get ready to dance again to Jennifer Lopez’s new dance track “Dance Again.” Hmm, a very apt title isn’t it? The track dropped today on iTunes. Yup, you’re gonna have to enjoy its beats for the meantime because the music video won’t be released until April 5. Mark that date on your calendar and be sure to tune in on American Idol because that’s where the music video will make its debut.

“Dance Again” is J.Lo’s third collaboration with rapper Pitbull. They previously worked on “Fresh Out The Oven” and last year’s hit track “On the Floor.”

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Jennifer Lopez Shows Her Boxing Moves in V Magazine

Jennifer Lopez on V Magazine

We’ve already seen Jennifer Lopez in lots of different poses and outfits but I think this will be the first time for us to see her as a boxer! Yes ladies and gentlemen J.Lo channels the energy and looks of a boxer in the new V Magazine spread!

She looks tough alright but her costume choices still bring out raw sex appeal! The photos were taken by renowned photographer Mario Testino and her tough and sexy style is courtesy of former French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld.

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Jennifer Lopez Tweets Intimate Valentine’s Day Photo

Jennifer Lopez Valentine’s Day Photo

As if the world still needs more proof of their relationship, Jennifer Lopez tweeted an intimate photo of her and boy toy Casper Smart on Valentine’s Day!

The black and white photo shows the couple, who appear to be naked by the way, in an embrace. J.Lo rests her right cheek on Casper’s heavily tattooed arm as he plants a kiss on her head. Well, this would have been a great photo but since I don’t like her boy toy, it looks nasty to me.

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Jennifer Lopez Not Sure if She’ll Get Married Again!

Jennifer Lopez

During her interview with Matt Lauer on “Today,” Jenifer Lopez looked and sounded unsure of herself when she was asked if she’ll get married again. Her flustered reply was, “ I don’t know. We’ll see. I don’t know. It’s not time to think about that yet. It’s still fresh.”

Well I should hope so! If she gets married again it would be her what, fourth marriage? Her three failed marriages should be lesson enough that marriage isn’t easy. If she simply wants a man by her side she doesn’t have to get married! Just enjoy every fling that comes along; that way there won’t be any messy divorce after. Anyway, no marriage lasts nowadays in Hollywood. And I sure hope she’s not thinking of getting hitched with Casper Smart!

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Jennifer Lopez Shocked by Steven Tyler’s Naked Body!

Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler

Well, well, there are things that can still make Jennifer Lopez blush! Like the naked body of American Idol co-judge Steven Tyler! She got a good view of Steven’s body sans clothes when he suddenly skinny dipped in their hotel swimming pool!

All the American Idol stars were on a bit of a break from filming AI and were watching the in-house underwater show ‘Le Reve’ at the Wynn Las Vegas when Steven decided he wanted to skinny dip! The show was at the end of the show he suddenly stripped off his all his clothes and jumped in the pool. Next thing you knew, J.Lo was screaming and looking down at a naked body in the pool!

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest told the story as he saw it during their guest appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

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Casper Smart Annoyingly Poetic as He Defends Age Gap!

JLO with Casper Smart

Casper Smart must be so smug because he was able to hook a big star like Jennifer Lopez. He’d better make the most of it while it lasts! I think he’s just a boy toy that J.Lo likes at the moment. Who knows, tomorrow she could take a fancy to another man, younger than his 24 years.

But for the mean time, Smart is so into their relationship that he even defended their 18-year age gap on Twitter!

He tweeted on Wednesday, “Age, status, n opinions of others are irrelevant. Our hearts are endless and our soul infinite.” So poetic makes me wanna puke! It must be his flowery tongue that made J.Lo take notice!

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