At Last, Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart Split!

After it was confirmed that Jennifer Lopez and her backing dancer Casper Smart were an item many wondered how long the relationship would last. Well now they have their answer: 2 years. Though the split was only confirmed last week, the relationship has been going downhill for some time.

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart Split

According to some sources the J.Lo and Casper have been having some problems and were trying to work on it but it didn’t work out due to their busy schedules and distance. She’s busy promoting her latest album A.K.A. and he’s also trying to jumpstart his own career.

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Will Jennifer Lopez Dump Casper Soon?

Will Jennifer Lopez Dump Casper Soon

Rumor has it that the JLo-Casper relationship has expired!
Some tabloids are claiming that a breakup is very close and that Jenny is going to do some dumping! Ouch!
Star Magazine already has a report that the couple have already split but haven't made it public yet.
It doesn't take a genius to see that such a relationship is not going to last forever, actually two years is longer than what I expected!
I thought things were going to fall apart between them back in August 2012, when Casper went to an adult peepshow known as a cruising spot for gay men in NYC!! So another year together is such an achievement!

So, when will the news break out?
Has Jenny already given Casper the boot or is she getting ready to?
What do you say? Has the time come to throw out the boy toy?

Jennifer Lopez Thrilled to Have her Walk of Fame Star

Jennifer Lopez has had a phenomenal career in music and film for the past several years that there is no doubt she deserves a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Indeed, the 43-year-old singer is now the proud owner of the 2,500th star on the Walk of Fame!

Jennifer Lopez Walk of Fame Star

J.Lo was honored with her at a ceremony held on Thursday, June 20 in front of the W Hotel in Hollywood. Her thrill and happiness for the honor could not be hidden from her face as she accepted the star.

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Jennifer Lopez Gets Star, Looks Happy with Marc Anthony

Congratulation Jennifer Lopez for being honored with the 2500th Hollywood Walk of Fame Star! As everyone knows, getting a Star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame is not an easy task! And J.Lo definitely earned it by doing fantastically in her film and music career.

Jennifer Lopez  Happy

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Jennifer Lopez Gets Flak for BGT Performance! (With Video)

Jennifer Lopez always put up high-energy performances especially during live shows. It’s always a treat to see her shake it like there’s no tomorrow. But not’s not the case with her performance on Britain’s Got Talent or BGT on Tuesday. In fact, the show got so many complaints from the people in the U.K.!

Jennifer Lopez performance at Britain’s Got Talent

Those who were watching at home were disgusted by J.Lo’s raunchy dance routine. And I guess her outfit didn’t help much either. She was only a black leotard with a very high-cut design on the crotch leaving little to the imagination. Half her butt was actually on display. She also donned a feathery bolero and thigh-high boots.

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JLo's Eye-blinding Fashion Disaster!

JLo Fashion Disaster

Jennifer Lopez and boy toy Casper Smart made a flashing arrival at the opening of Tommy Hilfiger’s New West Coast Flagship Store. I say "flashing" because JLo was dressed in a most unflattering, eye-blinding dress, that looks more like something cut out from a space suit or better yet, cut out from an emergency silver foil blanket! Oh! And it's all orange from the back!

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Wanna See Jennifer Lopez Strip Down?

Jason Statham is Parker

Oh I just love this photo ... not because I have a thing for Jason Statham, but because Jason is wearing a cowboy hat!
In all cases, that's not why I'm writing this post! But because Jennifer Lopez stars alongside Statham in the movie "Parker".

So, Jenny bares her beautiful body in the movie and in an instance, strips down to her bra and panties! Isn't that something we all wanna see? Boys and girls alike? Well, I do!

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Jennifer Lopez’s $20 Million Lawsuit Rejected by Court

Jennifer Lopez

It looks like the year 2012 won’t be ending to well for Jennifer Lopez. You see, the court has dismissed the $20 million counter lawsuit she filed against her former chauffeur Hakob Manoukian. Manoukian’s lawyers used the California anti-SLAPP law as leverage to have J.Lo’s countersuit dropped and they succeeded. Under this law, the defense is prevented from using the countersuit as a ploy to drop the original case.

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Jennifer Lopez Wants to Get Back with Marc Anthony?!

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Again!

What Jennifer Lopez regrets divorcing Marc Anthony?! You probably never saw that coming huh? Well me neither. Anyhow, this is what National Enquirer is claiming!

The publication ran a story that says J.Lo is has misgivings about her divorce with Marc Anthony. A source told the magazine that she’s even thinking of ditching boy toy Casper Smart in order to get back and make things work with the singer. Although Casper is fun to date he is not marriage material!

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Jennifer Lopez One of Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women!

Jennifer Lopez Forbes 100

Jennifer Lope must be grinning from ear to ear right now after being included in Forbes Magazine’s “The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women 2012!” J.Lo is at No. 38; not bad considering it’s her first time to make it on the list said list. Earlier this year, J.Lo also managed to make her way into Forbes “Celebrity 100” list.

J.Lo wasn’t the only Latina included in the list of Most Powerful Women. Singer Shakira also made it at No. 40 while Sofia Vergara of “Modern Family” is at No. 75. But all these three celebrities can’t compete with Lady Gaga who placed No. 14 at this year’s Most Powerful Women list.

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Jennifer Lopez Countersues ex-Driver for Extortion!

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez will never let anyone put her in a corner, much less her former driver Hakob Manoukian. J.Lo is suing him for extortion and she is seeking $20 million in damages. Her lawsuit states that Manoukian demanded $2.8 million or else he will reveal to the press personal and sensitive information that he overheard while driving her to and fro before.

Manoukian first accused J.Lo of wrongful termination. He said she didn’t pay him the full salary they agreed upon. He also alleged that J.Lo’s manager Benny Medina treated him poorly.

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Jennifer Lopez Celebrates 43rd Birthday Aboard a Yacht

Jennifer Lopez 43rd Birthday

Casper smart played the doting boyfriend on Jennifer Lopez’s birthday on Tuesday, July 24. A birthday bash was prepared for the singer at a luxury yacht in New York. To add an element of surprise for the birthday girl, Casper chose to blindfold J.Lo as they made their way aboard that yacht.

Although J.Lo expressed surprise after Casper removed the blindfold from her eyes, I don’t think she was genuinely surprised. I think she knew that there was going to be a birthday bash especially for her!

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