Jamie Lynn Spears Engaged for the Second Time!

Jamie Lynn Spears engagement ring

Wow! Better send your congratulations to Jamie Lynn Spears because this gal is now a newly-engaged woman! Her longtime boyfriend James Watson has finally decided to put a ring on it and Jamie couldn’t be more thrilled!

Jamie Lynn was so excited that she immediately announced it on Twitter! Along with her “Guess what” tweet, the 21-year-old posted an Instagram photo of her diamond engagement ring.

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Jamie Lynn Spears Sings About Sis Britney

Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears is serious about getting her career back on track! She already started in the road she wants to be and that’s in the music business, just like her big sister Britney!

Jamie Lynn gave the public a sample of her new music during a showcase at the 3rd and Lindsley Bar & Grill in Nashville. But what’s surprising though was her song which seemed to be about her big sister Britney!

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Jamie Lynn Moving In With Britney

Apparently Jamie Lynn Spears wants to live with her big sister Britney! According to a report she wants to live in LA to become an actress. I know she did some acting previously but apparently she wants to become a Hollywood star. Jamie will leave Louisiana to start a better career.

Her mother Lynne doesn’t seem to be happy with Jaime’s boyfriend because he is ten years older and doesn’t have anything to offer her so, she is happy that her daughter is moving to LA. This way she’ll be away from her older boyfriend who also lives in Louisiana. Did Lynne like her daughter’s teenage ex who got her pregnant better?

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Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge Split!

Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge

Jamie Lynn Spears reportedly broke up with her boyfriend Casey with whom she shares a 19-month-old daughter, Maddie Briann. Back in 2007 Jamie made headlines after she got pregnant and engaged at the young age of 16. Her mother even wrote a book about the whole experience in which she said: "Nobody wants their children to have these kinds of hardships or bumps, "Who would want that?"

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Jamie Lynn Spears, A Country Music Singer?

jamie lynn spears country music singer

It's either Jamie has a hidden talent or anybody can become a singer these days! And I'm betting my money on the second option!
Believe it or not, Jamie Lynn Spears is looking to try her luck with singing! Country music!

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Is Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnant Again?

jamie lynn spears

So, what's up with Jamie Lynn Spears?
Rumor has it that she's already knocked up again and expecting her second baby with her fiance Casey Aldridge! Could this be true?
Numerous sources, like The Enquirer, have reported that Jamie Lynn is pregnant again and is trying to keep the story under wraps. They also say that the family is enraged and Casey went bizerk when he found out! But it seems her reps have denied that she's got another bun in the oven!
The other day she was spotted shopping at a local Walmart and didn't look bloated to me!

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Wedding Bells for Jamie Lynn Spears?

jamie lynn and casey at home

Jamie Lynn Spears is all set! A baby, a fiancé and a house ... Is the wedding near?
Rumor has it that Jamie Lynn and her fiancé Casey Aldridge are planning for a wedding soon.
OK! Magazine has the details. It seems she plans to have a low-key ceremony and reception at her new home in Liberty, Mississippi. And her sis Britney Spears will be the maid of honor.
What do you think? Is this just a rumor or is this the real deal?
I guess it would be cute of she got married ... It's true she's just 17, but she'll prove that she's ready to take serious responsibility of her life and her baby.
Some may argue that she's too young to get married and that she'll regret it later, but she should have thought about that before getting pregnant and deciding to keep the baby!
Every action has a consequence and this is it for Jamie Lynn!

Jamie Lynn's Baby Maddie Briann on OK! Magazine

maddie briann in ok magazine

The newest addition in the Spears family has made her official debut to the world in OK! Magazine!
Jamie Lynn Spears' baby girl, Maddie Briann has made her 1st magazine cover appearance!
Well, in the interview Jamie Lynn talks about birth, her baby, breast feeding, her new home and being a new mommy.
It seems having a baby has really made this 17-year-old a bit more mature!
She says: "Around here, everyone has the same focus. The focus is family, and that’s a good way to live."
Jamie clarifies that she had a natural birth and that reports of her giving birth via c-section were only rumors.

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First Photo of Jamie Lynn Spears Baby

maddie briann

That Jamie Lynn Spears sure is quick!
She just gave birth to a baby girl and has already updated her MySpace with a blog entry and the first photo of her baby Maddie Briann!
I guess she's so excited and happy that she wanted to share this with the rest of the world and her fans! Thanx JL!
Ok, so she updated her MySpace from her iPhone, set her mood to blessed and she wrote:

"Thank you all guys for the comments and messages, i love you all guys.
Some of u are surprised about the name, but casey didn't actually like the other names.
Maddie Briann OMG now i really understand my mom lol, sometimes she was overprotective but now i understand why.
Now Maddie is sleeping like an angel and i'm still in hospital ..

Jamie Lynn Spears Has Baby Girl

Yesterday morning, Britney spears arrived at her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana to be next to her baby sis as she delivers her baby.
Well, this morning the wait was over and Jamie Lynn Spears gave birth to a tiny little baby girl, she named Maddie Briann.
Jamie Lynn gave birth at the Mississippi Southwest Regional Medical Center in McComb, Mississippi near the Spears' hometown of Kentwood at around 9.30 am.
Only Jamie Lynn's direct family were present and of coarse the baby daddy Casey Aldridge too.

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