Heath Ledger’s Parents Opens Up About Granddaughter Matilda

Heath Ledger Daughter

It’s been five years since Heath Ledger’s tragic passing due to drug overdose. However, the loss is still very much felt by his parents Kim and Sally Ledger.

The couple opened up about the late actor in a recent interview with New Idea magazine in Australia. They said that even though much time had passed, not a day goes by that they don’t feel the loss of their son. But their interview is not all sad. Heath’s parents also boasted about their granddaughter Matilda, Heath’s daughter with actress Michelle Williams.

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Heath Ledger Wins Best Supporting Actor Award

heath ledger wins golden globe

The Dark Knight won several awards last week at the People's choice Awards and last night, late actor Heath Ledger won a Golden Globe for Best supporting actor for his portrayal of The Joker in the movie.
He might not be with us in body and is not aware that he's been repeatedly awarded for his talent, yet he remains with us in spirit and watching his movies will be in honor of his memory for all his fans.

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Most Buzzed About Celebrity Photos of 2008

most buzzed about photos

During 2008, many celebrity photos made a huge buzz and some were even considered controversial!
The most talked about photo was the one where Miley Cyrus posed with her back bare and wrapped only in a satin bed sheet!
The Vanity Fair photo, shot by famous photographer Annie Leibowitz, was considered an adult pose!
Another photo which made the rounds, and was taken by the paparazzi, was that of Britney Spears as she was being wheeled out of her home on a gurney.
It was a dark time for Britney and she was taken to hospital after a three-hour standoff with the police!

heath ledger body

It was a sad and cold moment when the medical examiners wheeled out the body of Heath Ledger from his apartment after he died from an accidental drug overdose.
The photo was and is still chilling.

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Mary-Kate Olsen Subpoenaed by DEA

mary kate olsen and heath ledger

Heath Ledger’s death is still a question mark to us all. The NYPD already stopped their investigation on the actor’s death. The Federal Drug Enforcement Agency on the other hand is firm in finding out where Ledger might have acquired the prescription drugs that led to his fatal overdose in January. In their inquiry, the DEA issued a subpoena for Mary-Kate Olsen requiring her to testify in front of a grand jury. Mary-Kate got involved in the issue when the masseuse who found Ledger’s body discovered three phone calls made to Mary-Kate Olsen before the actor died. Recently, controversy arose when Mary-Kate refused to be interviewed by the DEA unless they give her immunity from possible prosecution. This gave rise to rumors that she might have something to do with Ledger’s death!

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A Hangover Performance by Heath Ledger!

Heath Ledger’s performance in The Dark Knight received different opinions, some asking for an Oscar and others saying that his performance was good, but not Oscar material.
But, there's one journalist, who decided to attack Heath and was a tad bit too harsh maybe on the late actor's personal life too!
Here's what Eric P. Lucas, a writer in Los Angeles Times, had to say:
"He’s just a pretty good actor who did away with himself and broke the hearts of his family and friends, and he shouldn’t get an Academy Award to memorialize his death."
"(His performance) has all the subtlety of a hangover - exactly what I’d expect from someone who headed home every night to a pill party."


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Does Heath Ledger’s Performance Deserve an Oscar?

heath ledger's joker

After The Dark Knight’s premiere last week, many said that Heath Ledger’s performance deserved an Oscar. But after the hype of his performance some are beginning to question, does Heath Ledger really deserve an Oscar? Some of his co-actors in The Dark Knight say he does. Even Gary Oldman agrees that Heath deserves an Oscar nomination for what he termed as “landmark performance” and that he “turned out to be beyond my expectation.” However, Heath can’t please everybody. Other critics who have seen the film think he is not an Oscar material because his performance in the movie wasn’t as spooky and frightening as the Joker should be.

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The Best of Heath Ledger in Dark Knight

the joker

Heath Ledger’s death in January came as a shock to us all. And now, the showing of Dark Knight reminds us even more of the loss of a great actor. Heath Ledger played the role of The Joker in Dark Knight, the sequel to Batman Returns. His great acting prowess was proven and appreciated when Dark Knight had its premiere at the AMC Loews Lincoln Square. His director and co-actors in the movie all agreed that Heath’s performance in the movie is unlike any other. Director Chris Nolan even called Ledger’s acting as “iconic performance” and that he brought a unique style to his role as The Joker.

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The Mary-Kate and Heath Ledger Connection

heath and mary kate

What was the real deal between Mary-Kate Olsen and Heath Ledger?
After it has gone public that Heath's masseuse made a few calls to Mary-Kate's number after she found Heath dead, things have gone blurry and the stories have gone vague ... So, what's the real connection between Mary-Kate and Heath?
The two met in the summer of 2006, since then, they have been going out together, hooking up and maybe dating!
They had the same taste in partying and liked to hang out together at it seems Mary-Kate knew how to make Heath laugh. (According to eyewitnesses, Heath was charmed by Mary-Kate and when together, she really made him laugh.)

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Australia is Devastated!

Waking up on Wednesday morning and finding out that one of our own is dead!
Australia has lost a son, a father, a brother, a friend and most of all we have lost one of the best actors our country has produced.
To say we are devastated is too small a word compared to what we are feeling. We can 't begin to describe our emotions on losing Heath Ledger.
We take great offense to anyone suggesting that Heath took his own life! Heath was a great actor and a great ambassador for Australia.
In a statement to the media, Heath 's family advised that he was suffering from pneumonia and are offended by suggestions that Heath took his own life.

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(Updated) Heath Ledger Autopsy Inconclusive

Today, an autopsy was performed on the body of Heath Ledger to try and find out the cause of his sudden death.
According to the medical examiner, the cause of death hasn't been determined yet and the autopsy proves inconclusive!
New York City Medical Examiner spokeswoman told PEOPLE: "The autopsy was inconclusive. We have to do further testing including toxicology and tissue testing. Neither cause of death or manner of death has been concluded. We expect additional results in 10 days to two weeks."
Although Heath suffered from Pneumonia prior to his death, it seems it was not the cause of death.
Usually if Pneumonia is the cause, the lungs would be filled with water and not air! It would be easy to identify that at the time of the autopsy.
So ... natural causes have been ruled out ... could a drug overdose be it? Whether intentional or unintentional that remains to be discovered as well!

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Little Matilda Lost a Father ...

heath and matilda

Heath Ledger wasn't only a good actor ... he was a good father too.
Heath was in a three-year relationship with actress Michelle Williams and the fruit of that relationship was a tiny little girl, whose name is Matilda. It's true they broke up, but their daughter always came first.
Matilda is only 2 years old and she has lost her father ...
Michelle Williams was on location in Sweden when she got the horrific news and she was described as being "devastated" by it ... She'll have to deal with having a daughter who's lost her father but she'll pull through and her first concern is going to be Matilda.
Fatherhood changed Heath ... he once said: "Fatherhood has changed me as an artist because I feel things on a deeper level. I think my performances will grow simultaneously."

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Rest in Peace Heath Ledger ...

heath ledger rip

I woke up this morning to horrific news of the death of Heath Ledger ...
My heart is still beating in disbelief ... he was young and successful ... he was working on a huge project; The Joker in the upcoming Batman movie ... but, death as come for him ...
New York police confirmed that Heath was found dead in his Manhattan residence yesterday.
The cause of death? Not sure yet, police says that two bottles of prescription sleeping pills were near his body, but the autopsy on his body will be performed today and that should determine the cause of death. Both suicide and foul-play are extremes!
His publicist Mara Buxbaum released a statement last night: (She called his death an accident)
"We are deeply saddened and shocked by this accident. This is an extremely difficult time for his loved ones. We're asking the media to please respect the family's privacy and avoid speculation until the facts are known."
Rest in Peace ...

Keep coming back for updates on this tragic event ...

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Heath Ledger & Michelle Williams Break Up !!!

heath ledger and michelle williams

I just can't believe this! After three years together and a tiny little daughter, Matilda ... Heath Ledger & Michelle Williams decide to break up!
This is such an unexpected sad surprise!
Those two seemed like the perfect couple and with Matilda, they seemed like the perfect little family.
But things between them have gotten rocky ... although they tried to patch things up, it didn't work.
The good thing, at least, is that the split up is amicable.
There won't be any ugly after-split-up stuff!