Halle Berry Names Son Maceo-Robert


Halle Berry and hubby Oliver Martinez welcomed their son last weekend, Sat. 5th.
The little bundle of joy has a name! The couple decided to give him a beautiful name that shows how much they love him and see him as a gift from God ... his name is Maceo-Robert.

Maceo means Gift of God and Robert is actually Oliver's father's name.

Little Maceo is sure to be loved and spoiled by his mom and dad and big sister, Nahla Ariela, who also has a beautiful and intriguing name!

Congrats to the little family!

Halle Berry, A Bride Again

Halle Berry has done it again! She's gotten married to her beau Oliver Martinez over the weekend. They say, Third Time's a Charm ... maybe this will be the one for Halle!

Halle Berry and Oliver Martinez

The small ceremony took place in France in a small chateau, where a civil union was held, then was followed by a religious ceremony at a chapel.

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Halle Berry and Nahla Are Bel Bambini Shoppers

Halle Berry and Nahla Shopping

Unlike other pregnant celebrities, Halle Berry likes to be comfortable in everything she wears. Since she announced her pregnancy earlier this year, I haven’t seen her wearing really tight clothes that she could hardly breathe. On Monday, Halle once again chose a loose black dress with slits on the sleeves for her outing with her daughter Nahla.

After picking up Nahla from school, the twosome headed to the exclusive baby store Bel Bambini in L.A. for a bit of shopping! Well, it’s not just a bit of shopping because Nahla filled her shopping cart to the edge!

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Halle Berry Enjoys Mother’s Day Sunday

Even celeb moms like Halle Berry need to be cossetted every now and then. What’s more
perfect than Mother’s Day?

Yep, Halle says she loves Mother’s Day because she gets to be exempted from all the planning on what to do for the day. Her husband-to-be Olivier Martinez and her daughter, Nahla, took care of her on Sunday. With her growing "miracle" baby bump - as she likes to call it, the 46-year old mom, celebrated the occasion with her family in Los Angeles.

Halle Berry on Mother's Day

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Halle Berry: Baby Expecting with Olivier Martinez

Congratulations are in order again for couple Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez. It’s been confirmed that the actress is pregnant.

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez

She’s about three months along and already knows the baby’s gender. It’s going to be a boy! This will be Halle’s second child since she already has daughter, 5-year old Nahla, with previous boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry. We can remember that she had a bitter custody battle with her ex before reaching a compromise in November 2012.

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Gabriel Aubrey Shows His Badly Bruised Face!

Gabriel Aubrey Bruised Face

Photos showing Gabriel Aubrey’s injuries from his altercation with Halle Berry’s new boyfriend Olivier Martinez have surfaced and they show why he needed to be taken to the hospital. He’s hardly recognizable because of his black and swollen right eye! He also suffered a cut below his swollen left eye, on the bridge of his nose and also needed stitches in some areas of his mouth.

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Gabriel Aubrey Arrested for Assaulting Halley Berry’s New Boyfriend

Gabriel Aubrey

Halley Berry’s Thanksgiving was made very memorable by her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry! Wait it’s not what you think. You see Gabriel came to blows and with Halle’s present partner Olivier Martinez on Thanksgiving morning resulting in Gabriel’s arrest!

Apparently, Gabriel showed up in Halle’s house in Hollywood Hills to drop their daughter Nahla off when Olivier approached him and told him they have to move on. His comment didn’t sit well with the ex who immediately threw a punch at him! A scuffle ensued with Gabriel getting the most injuries.

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Halle Berry Doing Fine After Hitting Head on Film Set

Halle Berry

Halle Berry is doing well after being rushed to the hospital last night after suffering a nasty fall on the set of her new film “The Hive.” It seems the production staff got quite a scare because the star hit her head on concrete. My guess is that she was doing some stunts for the movie when the accident happened.

An ambulance was immediately called to the scene and Halle was taken to the Cedars Sinai Medical Center around 10 p.m. The film’s set was shut down right after the incident.

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Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez Engagement Confirmed


"Yes, of course it's true," with this simple words French actor Olivier Martinez announced and confirmed to the public his engagement to Halle Berry.

It was Olivier’s answer to The Miami Herald when he was asked during his promotion of his new South Beach restaurant Villa Azur. The couple met when they were filming the movie Dark Tide in South Africa in 2010 and became real life couple not long after.

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Judge’s Decision on Halle Berry Custody Case

Halle Berry with Nahla

No, Gabriel Aubry will not be deprived of daughter Nahla while he is being investigated on issues of child endangerment, the judge has ruled according to TMZ.

In the on-going battle between former lovers Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry over the custody of their daughter, this new development has one point in favor of Gabriel. This has been labeled one of the most difficult custody battles, since both parents are not willing to give an inch to each other.

But then, according to sources, this could lead to more complications and more dramatic amendments in the custody agreement.

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Halle Berry Says Yes to Olivier Martinez’s Proposal!

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez

Oscar winning actress Halle Berry will be making her third trip down the aisle very soon! According to a source of US Weekly, 46-year-old French actor Olivier Martinez asked Halle to marry him sometime after Christmas. He presented her with an emerald-and-diamond ring from Gurhan.

Halle seems to have been spotted the said ring on New Year’s Day which sparked rumors about them taking the next big step. Well now it’s confirmed!

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Halle Berry Ends Up with Broken Foot!

Halle Berry

Halle Berry is hurting! The 45-year-old actress broke her foot while in Mallorca, Spain according to recent reports. The Oscar-winning star is there filming her latest sci-fi movie “Cloud Atlas” which will also star Tom Hanks, Hugh Grant, Susan Sarandon, Hugo heaving and Jim Sturgess to name a few.

The ironic part of her accident is that it happened while she was taking the day off from filming. She was just walking and wasn’t doing anything strenuous when her foot cracked! She was immediately taken to the hospital.

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Halle Berry Gets Restraining Order Against Stalker

Halle Berry

Stalkers are some of a celebrity’s worst nightmare! There have been numerous cases where celebrities lose their peace of mind because of a stalker. Halle Berry knows exactly what’s it like. On Monday night, a man was arrested for trespassing in Halle’s Beverly Hills home. The man identified as 27-year-old Richard Franco was suspected as a stalker and was put in jail.

It wasn’t the first time that Franco trespassed in her home. He was also in her home on Saturday and Sunday. He was even had the audacity to follow her in her kitchen on Saturday. It was a good thing she was able to lock the door and call the police.

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Judge Rules Custody Case in Halle Berry’s Favor

Halle Berry

Halle Berry is a very happy mommy because the Judge ruled in favor of her during a closed meeting yesterday in Los Angeles. This means the Oscar-winning actress can now take her daughter to New York where she will be shooting filming “New Year’s Eve.”

But aside from that, Halle’s ex Gabriel Aubry has now withdrawn his custody petition for their two-year-old daughter Nahla. According to a report by RadarOnline, Gabriel filed a motion in court on Tuesday February 15, dismissing his custody case.

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