Another Guess Who or Fashion Disaster!

guess who or fashion disaster

This is too weird!
Yet again*, I came across a photo that I wanted to post as a Fashion Disaster first, then thought of it more as a Guess Who post... what do you think?
No doubt this outfit is horrid! And don't get me started on the florescent hair-do!
I'm really hoping this was her Halloween costume!
Could you guess who this nutty-as-a-fruitcake alien is?

*check out the first Guess Who or Fashion Disaster post.

Guess Who or Fashion Disaster?

guess who or fashion disaster?

I was really in a rut about how to categorize this photo!
Now this isn't a weird Halloween costume, but an actual one!
So, is this a guess who post? Who's that lady with her underwear inside out?
Or is this a fashion disaster? Who's got the balls to wear this on a red carpet event?
What do you think?

A Turtle on Her Head? Who?

guess who

She's simply got a turtle on her head!
She's always kinda weird and usually seems out of it!
Who is she?

Who's Walking The Dogs?

guess who

This actress takes her dogs walking and that keeps her fit!
Could you guess who she is?

Here's a tiny hint: she's a mommy-to-be!

Fan Attack on Who?

who got fan attacked

Could you guess the celebrity that's being attacked by a fan?
If I wanted to give you hints, they'd be ...

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Bikini-clad Who?

guess who's the babe in the bikini

How old is this bikini-clad babe?
Could you guess who this mother-of-two is?
What do you think of her body? ;)-

Guess whose foot is in the air?

guess who's at a lakers game

Who's the girl with her foot up in the air?
She attended a Lakers game and was so excited over their victory over Denver Nuggets at Staples Center on Tuesday.
This Hollywood cutie is fun, down to earth and ever-so-cute.

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Daisy Duke? Is that you?

who is daisy duke

Could you guess who this cutie is?
She's a singer and she sure looks good in Daisy duke shorts!
She was sporting her way cool outfit on Saturday as she sang at SeaWorld San Antonio in Texas.
I think I just gave it away, didn't I?!

By the way, I love the vest she's wearing!

Who's The Sexy Daddy?

who is the sexy dad

Could you guess who the daddy carrying the baby is?
He's sexy and made it to the top of the list once!
This dude is as cool and as laid back as they get and he loves to flex his muscles to show it!
He's hooked up with a model and they made this baby together!
He's a proud Texan ... Oh! No! i ain't saying no more, 'cause I'm gonna give it away!

I guess all those clues should make it easy! No?
Check the photo without the blue blob after the jump ...

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Who's The Cute Couple?

guess the cute couple

They're young and cute!
They've gone on a baseball game date.
She's in white and he's in blue, but they've got matching LA caps on.
Who is the cute couple?

Guess Who -32-

guess who

This time around, I ain't gonna give you any hints about who this young lady might be!
You're gonna have to guess it on your own!
It's easy! Come on!
Well, alright ... I can tell you that she's an actress.

Guess Who -31-

guess who

Could you guess who this tiny cute munchkin grew up to be?
I'll give you a few hints, he's a boy and he once got to feel what its like to be 'king of the world'.

Did you guess?

Guess Who -30-

guess who

Could you guess who this young lady is?
She was just an ordinary girl, like you and me, then she jumped into stardom last year!
She loves fruit and likes to wear them as accessories and uses them in her performances!

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Who's Got The Bod?

guess who body

Who's this Hollywood star with the toned bod?
He's got those six-pack abs going for him! It's rare that we get to see him shirtless!
The photo was taken a few days ago, while he and his tiny family were vacationing somewhere in Rio!

Answer after the jump ... JUMP!

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