From Skinny Nerd to Heavenly Being ... Guess Who!

I wasn't sure whether this post should be a Guess Who or not ... but I will start it off as a Guess who and then quickly reveal the answer! Because this is totally unreal!

Who is this nerdy kid?

Could you guess who this nerdy kid is? He is now one of the sexiest men in Hollywood ... really really sexy and has got beautiful sculpted muscles and has fantastic salt & pepper hair and is tall and lean and yummy!!! Oh please make me stop!!!

Ok .. time to reveal the hunk, who has really transformed from a skinny nerdy kid into a heavenly being ... True Blood's one and only, the sexiest Werewolf on TV, Joe Manganiello!
Yes! I can hear you gasp!!! It's him! I am not kidding!

Joe Manganiello

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Guess Who -42-

How cute is it when a dad takes his son to a park and takes care of him for a little while?

guess who 42

Check out this cute pair, a famous dad and his adorable son who is a tiny 2 1/2 years old!
Mommy is famous too ... she's a model from down under.

This photo was taken a couple of days ago in New York's famous Central Park.

Can you guess the famous pair?

Guess Who -41-

Guess Who 41

What a cute boy this is!
Could you guess who this basketball loving kid is?
Here's a hint, his dad used to be a singer, then became an actor and is hot hot hot!
In his last movie, he was best friends with a walking, talking teddy bear! And an ill-mannered
one might I add!

Whose Model's Feet Are These?

Model Feet

Could you guess whose feet are these?

Hint: She is a Victoria’s Secret model and also an actress.
She is currently in Namibia for a film.

Guess Who -40-

Guess Who

I simply love those red heels!
But whose foot is that? And what's that tattoo? Is it a tiny anchor?
Well, she's a new mommy and she just celebrated her son's 1 month birthday!
That should make it easy ...

Guess Who -39-

Guess Who 39

Could you guess whose legs are these?
Hint: She recently wed her real life boyfriend in a movie!

Come back later for the answer.

Guess Who -38-

guess who

This one is a smart one, no doubt! She grew up to be a poet, an author and an inventor! One of the first things she noticed, one day while walking home from school, is that the moon is actually a long way away and that the universe is infinitely huge!
Since then, she's been intrigued by space and everything that has wings and flies.
She eventually flew as well ... in Zero gravity!

Who is this one-of-a-kind celebrity?

Guess The Tiny Cupcake!


Who is this little cupcake in pink?
She's 6 and a half months old and is already turning heads! Just like her dad & mom do!
She's got an older brother, who's also just like dad; mostly shirtless!
So, who is this little munchkin, that was spotted taking a stroll with her mom the other day?

Who's Riding The Bicycles?

Guess Who

Wouldn't they look good on a bicycle built for two?!
Who are those two love birds? They look fang-tastic together!
Here's a hint, their on-screen love relationship is SO hot and steamy, I always wonder, is it so off-screen as well?

Guess Who -37-

guess who

Guess who this cute baby girl grew up to be?
She started out in a girl band, who all made it big and now she’s one of the biggest solo artists to walk the face of the earth! Yes, that big!
Even at such a young age you could see stardom sparkling in her eyes.
She’s bootilicious!

Who is she?

By Nina

Guess Who -36-

guess who

Who's this little cute girl?
She comes from a famous family that have their own reality show ... she's also famous for her pretty behind! I guess that clue should give it away!

By Nina

Guess Who -35-

Guess Who 35

Could you guess who is this gorgeous actress who started her career on the show series Hope and Faith?

By Nina

Guess Who -34-

Guess Who 34

She grew up in the Bronx and she became a very famous singer.
Could you guess who this is?

Guess Who -33-

guess who

Who is this beautiful girl? Could you guess?
She's not so beautiful and peaceful now though!
She's changed 180 degrees ... to the worst!
The only good thing in her now, is her voice!