More of Lady Gaga's Fashion Disasters

Purple is a lovely color, but when Lady Gaga puts it on, it becomes fugly! Sorry Gaga!
The reason to that may be the way it's paired with other things and the materials and the overall look.
Check out this outfit she put together yesterday at the Roseland Ballroom in New York.
I believe every item would look great paired with some other items.

Lady Gaga in ugly purple

And what about that hair?! It's like a four-year-old got hold of a huge yellow Florescent marker and scribbled all over her hair ... Horrid color!

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Miley Cyrus MTV EMA Fashion Disaster

I don't care what anyone says, but Miley Cyrus' dress at the MTV EMAs is a disaster!

Miley showed up at the red carpet half naked ... in a Tom Ford piece of cloth that covers only the strategic areas! If you look at the dress from the back, you see nothing ... just a piece of garment out of a hooker's wardrobe! Sorry Miley! Sorry Tom Ford!

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Kate Hudson Denim Fashion Disaster

I'm so sorry ... I love Kate Hudson, but I simply hate her dress!!!
She wore a denim dress to the premiere of Clear History last night, and it caught my attention because it's ugly!

Kate Hudson Denim Fashion Disaster

This patch-work denim dress is full of intricate details and is short enough to cause a stir, but even though, she doesn't pull it off.

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Gwyneth Paltrow Fashion Faux Pas

She’s usually so poised and glamorous whenever she’s on the red carpet but this time, Gwyneth Paltrow committed a “little” fashion faux-pas. She forgot to remove the tags on her Michael Kors heels!

Gwyneth Paltrow Heels Price Tag

Oh, you can’t find fault with her sexy Victoria Beckham purple mini dress which showed off her well-toned arms and legs during the opening of her trainer-friend Tracy Anderson’s new studio on Thursday. And she paired this off with black high-heeled pumps with neon-orange straps which she forgot to check the soles of.

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JLo's Eye-blinding Fashion Disaster!

JLo Fashion Disaster

Jennifer Lopez and boy toy Casper Smart made a flashing arrival at the opening of Tommy Hilfiger’s New West Coast Flagship Store. I say "flashing" because JLo was dressed in a most unflattering, eye-blinding dress, that looks more like something cut out from a space suit or better yet, cut out from an emergency silver foil blanket! Oh! And it's all orange from the back!

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Pippa Middleton Not-So-Elegant in Plunging Red Dress

Pippa Middleton Red Dress

Pippa Middleton is almost always on the headlines for her fashion choice or some other issue. It’s been this way ever since the royal wedding. She stole the spotlight again last Saturday night during the Boodles Boxing Ball.

The 28-year-old showed up at the event wearing a red dress by Temperly. It was daring dress with a super plunging neckline! Most of her back is exposed too save for the two pieces of satin fabric overlapping each other. There’s also a floral embellishment in the middle of the dress.

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Green, Yellow and Purple Fashion Disaster!

Lake Bell Fashion Disaster

Did you know that Lake Bell was a race car driver before taking up acting?! I just found out!
Well, she was there for the New York International Auto Show and was particularly interested in the Porsche Panamera 4.

But the car isn't the issue here, it's Bell's outfit at the event! What a fashion disaster!
Bell sported a forest green fitted turtleneck, yellow leather pencil skirt and a purple clutch.

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Drew Barrymore in an Orange Fashion Disaster!

Drew Barrymore

You what, I always thought Drew Barrymore couldn’t go wrong in terms of fashion. But as it is, I’m eating my thoughts right now.

Drew, Drew why did you have to wear that orange sack? I’m sorry but I have to say, what were you thinking when you chose that? I’m talking about the orange sack-like number that Drew wore at the 50th CoverGirl Anniversary on Wednesday night.

The strapless and floor-length orange dress was designed by Jil Sanders. Its entire length was plain and shapeless. I think the elastic bit below the knee was just an after thought.

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Another Guess Who or Fashion Disaster!

guess who or fashion disaster

This is too weird!
Yet again*, I came across a photo that I wanted to post as a Fashion Disaster first, then thought of it more as a Guess Who post... what do you think?
No doubt this outfit is horrid! And don't get me started on the florescent hair-do!
I'm really hoping this was her Halloween costume!
Could you guess who this nutty-as-a-fruitcake alien is?

*check out the first Guess Who or Fashion Disaster post.

Guess Who or Fashion Disaster?

guess who or fashion disaster?

I was really in a rut about how to categorize this photo!
Now this isn't a weird Halloween costume, but an actual one!
So, is this a guess who post? Who's that lady with her underwear inside out?
Or is this a fashion disaster? Who's got the balls to wear this on a red carpet event?
What do you think?

Yet Another Lady Gaga Fashion Disaster!

lady gaga

Check out this photo of Lady Gaga as she arrived at an event in New York.
Lady Gaga accepted the 'Rising Star' award at the Billboard's fourth annual Women in Music event.
What is that thing she's wearing?!
There are so many things to be shocked by; the frocks of hair everywhere, or the see through purple material?!
What do you think?

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Tilda Swinton: Fashion Disaster!

tilda swinton

Celebrities have their personal stylists, right? So, how come there are still a lot of them that end up in the fashion disaster list? The latest to get a raving review on fashion disaster is Tilda Swinton. Just look at her in this dress!

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Miley Cyrus, A Slight Fashion Disaster!

miley cyrus fashion disaster

Miley Cyrus is usually cool and trendy, but she does fall into a fashion faux pas once in a while!
Check the photo above, you'll find that all is well but those torn up and raggedy tights!

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