Chris Brown is a Big Loser!

Chris Brown is a Big Loser!

When will the world finally realize that Chris Brown is a Loser?!
Chris Brown is nothing like the man he used to be a few years ago when he started off; then he was fun and interesting and seemed like a nice guy ... obviously he is not all those anymore.

After a rehab stint and session in the beginning of November, Chris threw a rock through his mother's car window after she suggested he stays in treatment and continue with the anger management sessions ... obviously he should have and is in dire need of that!

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Chris Brown in Trouble Because of Wall Monsters

Chris Brown loves tattoos did you notice? His body is full of it! His entire arms are covered with it and even his chest. But now, it seems he’s no longer content with simply inking his body. He’s extended this interest to his Beverly Hills mansion’s walls much to his neighbors’ disgust!

Chris Brown and Wall Monsters

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Chris Brown has a Soft Side?

Chris Brown

Now, we all know that Chris Brown and Rihanna have gotten back together, right? And it seems that RiRi is looking happier these days. But would you believe that Chris has now admitted that he “lost everything” when he lost Rihanna back in 2009?

Yes, Chris has shown his softer side by admitting to Matt Lauer of the TODAY show that he was “humbled” by the whole experience, that of beating the heck out of his girlfriend’s face on the night before the 2009 Grammy awards. He said he lost everything then and he’s now on the process of trying to get back in the public’s good graces.

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Rihanna Enjoys Birthday with Chris Brown

Rihanna with Chris Brown

Yes, they’re officially back together. Rihanna and on-off beau Chris brown made public their rekindled romance during the recently concluded Grammys. The two couldn’t seem to get their hands off each other while watching the event take place on stage.

And now, RiRi just celebrated her 25th birthday in Hawaii with no one else, of course, Chris. I wonder if he’s really reformed. Or could we expect another picture of a bashed Rihanna to come out again soon? Well, is she a masochist?

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Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran Together Again?

What is Chris Brown playing at?! It looks like this guy wants his cake and eat it too! He’s been out and about with his ex Karreuche Tran just two days after packing on the PDA with Rihanna at his website launch!

Chris Brown and Karreuche Tran

The two were seen speeding in separate cars but both of them came from the same location, Chris’ house! After a while, they stopped by a gas station where Chris’ body guard handed a grumpy-looking Karreuche a $20 bill to pay for her gas. And then they drove on to a studio in Burbank.

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Chris Brown Makes Out with Rihanna, Slinks Out of Her Hotel!

Chris Brown and Rihanna at Hotel

Just a week ago, Chris Brown was in the spotlight for supposedly liplocking with Nicole Scherzinger. And now he’s caught in another controversy with singer and ex-girlfriend Rihanna! Apparently, the two were spotted kissing and making out at the nightspot Griffin in New York!

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Chris Brown Denies Neck Tattoo is Rihanna

Chris Brown Neck Tattoo

Did any of you notice the tattoo on the side of Chris Brown’s neck? That particular tattoo has generated lots of controversy ever since he showed it off to the public earlier this month. A lot of people who saw the tattoo said that it resembled his ex Rihanna.

The tattoo is that of a woman’s face with bruises on her face, a black eye and stitches on her lip. All of these bear a striking resemblance to Rihanna’s photo on the night Chris assaulted her.

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