Carmen Electra Steps Out Au Naturel!

Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra, who is usually seen in flattering outfits and impeccable makeup, went for a very casual look for her day out in Los Angeles today! It’s quite a surprise to see her like that! In fact, she was hardly recognizable without her full-fashion gear on.

Carmen really let go of the fashionista side of her as she opted for an unshapely grey sweatshirt over a white tank top and loose sweatpants. She pinned her blond hair up in a careless twist on at the back of her head.

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Cameron Diaz Partys with Paris Hilton!

Cameron Diaz

Well it seems that these celebrities will never learn, the last woman to hang out with Paris Hilton ended up shaving her head and in rehab and here is Cameron partying and drinking with Paris at her house! It seems the party started of at Teddy Club but then moved down to Paris’s house and they were accompanied by David Katzenberg the son of the guy who produced Shrek!

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Carmen Electra in FHM April

Carmen Electra in FHM April Cover

Carmen Electra is in the upcoming April issue of FHM Magazine.
There are a few photos in the issue that are worth seeing ... Carmen is really sexy & classy in those photos.
there were a few rumors that Carmen had removed her breast implants ... well, obviously she hasn't!
Carmen also reveals to FHM that she's got a lingerie fetish ... she loves to wear sexy & kincky underwear! She says: "I have a lingerie fetish, I love it. Don't be afraid of kinky clothing ... it's fun if you get into lingerie or boots."
Carmen also has a tip about first dates: "Dinner is a great first date. Don't believe that stuff about girls not wanting to eat on a first date - sharing a romantic meal is so sexy."

Here are Photos of Carmen Electra in FHM

A Pill to Make You Like Carmen Electra!

Carmen Electra is the new face of the world’s first beauty enhancing, weight loss pill!
The pill is called NV. Its unique three complex formula is a simple way to enhance a woman’s figure, radiate beauty & increase energy. - according to Carmen herself –
The company markets this product as being all-natural, in addition to its ability to help women lose weight by supporting fat loss & appetite suppression, look radiant by improving the health of hair, skin & nails, & feel dynamic by increasing energy levels throughout the day.
This sounds like a miracle pill! Too good to be true? …
Anyway, last night Carmen Electra walked the red carpet to debut NV, Check out the photos.

carmen electra - new face of NV

Carmen Electra in Self

There is more to Carmen Electra than meets the eye! She isn't only sexy!
After facing family tragedy, she re-examined her life, learning to find happiness in every step of the way, in everyday pleasures. She also learned how to really accept herself.
The interview with Carmen on Self happened a bit before she broke up with husband Dave Navarro, so she actually speaks about how they spend quality time together, Carmen talks about jamming with Dave to Led Zeppelin songs and taking a trip to the paint store, where they bought canvases, paints and brushes so they could create art together.
About life, Carmen says: Sometimes you get so caught up in stuff that you're not really living, I'm the most secure in myself now, so that makes me feel happy. I've felt bad long enough, and I'm over it. Now I always like everything to be fun.

Photos of Carmen Electra in Self Mag

Carmen Electra in Self Mag

Carmen Electra & The $3000 Martini

sapphire martini

Carmen Electra ordered the famous $3000 martini at the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut on Thursday!
Yes, don't be amazed! There is a drink in this world that costs 3000 Dollars!
The story of this Martini is that Foxwoods Resort Casino released a new Sapphire Martini cocktail worth $3000, it is made with Bombay Sapphire Gin and colored with orange-flavored liqueur in a blue color, dry vermouth and topped with blue sugar, but that's not why it's so expensive!
The drink is accompanied by a pair of blue sapphire and diamond earrings, set in sterling silver! And that's why it has a $3000 tag instead of the original price of $23.

Carmen Electra & The $3000 Martini

Carmen Electra & The $3000 Martini