Cameron Diaz Oozes Sex Appeal in Bazaar UK

Cameron Diaz is a blonde bombshell in the Bazaar UK June 2012 cover. The stunning blonde oozes raw appeal dressed in beige outfit that shows off her very slim figure. But I think one of the things that will make this an unforgettable cover is the slipping spaghetti strap that almost bared her left breast!

Cameron is also sporting a wet look which is obvious in her short blond hair as well as the glistening skin on her throat and chest. Even the exposed part of her left leg glistened under the hot flashes of Tom Munro’s camera.

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Cameron Diaz Shrugs Off A-Rod Film Rumors

Cameron Diaz

Since when has sexy Cameron Diaz become somebody else’s ride to fame? Hmm, if rumors can be believed, just now. But Cameron has denied that she’ll be making a movie for boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez.

'I don't know where these things come from. It's absolutely not true. I don't write! Wow, when did I become a writer?' This came from Cameron herself when she was interviewed by entertainment website Extra. Yes, she was compelled to deny the circulating rumors that said she was planning to make a baseball movie for A-Rod, who is a baseball star in his own right.

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Cameron Diaz, A-Rod Feeding Moment at Super Bowl

Cameron Diaz at Super Bowl

Celebrities and sports buffs wouldn’t dare miss the Super Bowl! In attendance during Sunday’s Super Bowl was Cameron Diaz and her beau Alex Rodriguez a.k.a. A-Rod. As you all know these two are keeping the real score private. It’s like what you see is what you get.

But here’s the thing, although they don’t speak about their relationship, the world got a sweet confirmation when the camera zoomed in on them catching Cameron hand-feeding her man with pop corn!

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A Budding Romance Between Cameron Diaz and Matthew Morrison?

Cameron Diaz and Matthew Morrison

Is Cameron Diaz and Yankees player Alex Rodriguez an item really or is Cameron a free agent? I’m just asking because there are rumors going around that the leggy Charlie’s Angels star is involved with Matthew Morrison of Glee. You also know him as Mr Schuester in the said hit TV show.

Cameron and her friend Joanna Garcia were spotted with Matthew in the posh Bardot club in West Hollywood on Saturday. Cameron and Matthew arrived separately in the club but they were seen leaving the place together. But Matthew was only doing the gentlemanly thing of ensuring his lady friends got home safely.

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Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake Together Again!

Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz

No! Not together together, I mean on screen! Caameron isn't a threat because Justin is still with Jessica Biel, for now that is!
Justin and Cameron are going to star in a romantic comedy together called “Bad Teacher”.
Cameron will play a middle school teacher who gets dumped by her boyfriend and Justin will play the school's model instructor.
I’m definitely going to watch this movie.
I bet it is going to be a little bit awkward. I mean these two dated for 4 years and were almost going to get married!
Oh! And did you know that JT’s mother once admitted publicly that she doesn't like Cameron much?! Ouch!

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Cameron Diaz is Dating Jude & Leo?

cameron diaz

I just came across the silliest article I've read in a while!
The Sun claim that Cameron Diaz is dating both Jude Law and Leonardo DiCaprio ... at the same time! How silly is that?

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Cameron Diaz Does Vogue

vogue cameron diaz

Cameron Diaz looks fantabulous on the cover of the June issue of Vogue magazine.
She talks about her movie career, her upcoming movie 'My Sister's Keeper' and her love for the environment! As she puts it 'Eco-friendly is modern'. I agree!

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Cameron Diaz Shaves off Her Hair!

cammy is bald

Oh My God! What has Cameron Diaz done?
Did she have a 'Brit Brit' fit! Why is she bald?!
Don't freak out! Cameron is only bald for her latest movie 'My Sister's Keeper'.
Cammy is wearing a bald cap and was spotted filming scenes from the movie on the Santa Monica Pier yesterday.
The movie is about a girl battling leukemia and the suffering the whole family goes through.
Cameron plays the role of the girl's mother and she shaves of her hair in support of her ill daughter.
Gosh! those make-up artists are really good at their job! You could never tell that she didn't really shave her hair off and that she's only wearing a bald cap!

Cameron Diaz Hospitalized!

Poor Cameron Diaz … this hasn't been a good month for her.
Her dad passed away suddenly around a week ago and now she's been hospitalized.
Cammie was sent to hospital to get some medical help in order to deal with the stress she's feeling after the passing away of her dad.
Her co-star Ashton Kutcher, said in a quick interview on the red carpet of the UK premiere of the movie 'What happens in Vegas', that Cameron is strong and is doing her best to deal with all the stress and is holding up.

Be strong Cammie ... and get well soon.

Cameron Diaz’s Dad Dies

TMZ have reported that Cameron Diaz’s dad has died early yesterday morning.
Cameron’s dad, Emilio, was only 58 and was usually in good health.
He got the flu recently, which then became a bad case of Pneumonia.
His death a shock to the family and to Cameron …
Our condolences go out to Cameron and her family … May he rest in peace.

Cameron is currently working on her latest movie 'My Sister's Keeper', but production was shut down today because of this sad event.

Boring Celebrity News for Today!

Jennifer Garner is in France promoting her newest movie 'The Kingdom'. Jen had some free time on her hands, so what better way to spend it than shopping!
She was spotted in Paris, shopping for her daughter Violet at the fashionable children's boutique Bonpoint.

Courtney Love was a scary sight as the Givenchy runway show on Wednesday. She's there to attend a few shows as part of the Paris Fashion Week.
Love was head to toe in animal print ... but the thing is, her face was frighteningly skinny! More like totally skeletal!

I forgot to congratulate Britney Spears on finally getting her California driving license! Congrats Brit Brit!
She was spotted driving confidently around L.A. , not that 'not having a legal license' prevented her from driving!

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Is John Mayer with Mandy Moore or Cameron Diaz?

mayer and moore

One day it's Mandy Moore, the other it's Cameron Diaz ... which one is it?
John Mayer sparked rumors that he is currently dating Mandy Moore when they were spotted having lunch together in New york the other day.
But today, it's a whole different story!
According to Usmagazine, Cameron Diaz & Mayer went out a few times & are getting to know each other. Clearly, Diaz gave Criss Angel the boot!

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Are Cameron Diaz & Criss Angel a Couple?

diaz and angel

Justin found Jessica ... So, did Cameron find Criss?
For the second week in a row, Cameron Diaz & magician Criss Angel have been hanging out together ... are they on the road to becoming a couple? -between you & me, i hope not!-
In all cases, the two started out Friday night with dinner at Social House at Treasure Island, in Las Vegas.
After midnight, the pair headedto PURE Nightclub at Caesars Palace.
At around 1:15 a.m. the two then turned up at Hard Rock Hotel's Body English! What a night!

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Cameron Diaz SCREAMS!

First Hugh Grant beats up a reporter and now Cameron Diaz! Apparently, Cameron was 'shopping for some new summer dresses, jewelery and shoes’ at SoHo, when the paparazzi sneaked in through the back to get some pictures of her peacefully shopping, but they didn’t get what they wanted! As soon as Cameron spotted them she ‘screamed and dropped the items she was going to buy and was chased through the store. She was running full speed.’

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