Robin Williams Passes Away

Waking up to the news of Robin Williams' passing away is utterly horrible ...
The actor who managed to make us laugh for years, has managed to make us feel sad and blue ... he did pass away and will be no more.

Robin Williams Passes Away

Robin Williams was found dead at his home, apparently he took his own life. He was young; 63.
Some people may be shocked that such a fun loving guy would commit suicide ... but for those of you who do not know, he has been suffering from severe depression for many many years, and had gone to rehab many times to get over Alcoholism.

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Famous Designer L’Wren Scott Commits Suicide!

Shocking and sad news! Famous designer L’Wren Scott was found dead in apparent suicide in her New York apartment at around 10 a.m. on Monday. She was found by her assistant who she asked to “come by” her apartment that morning. Police was promptly called to the scene.

L’Wren Scott

According to police report, the designer’s body was found hanging from a scarf. She was found unconscious and was pronounced dead on the arrival of the emergency medical services. Although there are no signs of forced entry or foul play, investigations are still ongoing to determine the cause of her death.

Suicide is the strongest angle that is being looked into because the designer’s business is, apparently,failing. Based on some reports, Scott was millions in debt because her fashion line is not selling as it used to. She also cancelled her line’s participation at New York Fashion week because she could not afford to set it up. According to some people around her, Scott’s financial difficulty has been going on for sometime.

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Blake Lively Says I Do with Ryan Reynolds!

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Get Married

What?! Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are married? I can’t believe it! They’ve never really flaunted their relationship in public ever since they were spotted being sweet with each other last year but it seems their bond has really gotten deep and serious! Serious enough to tie the knot in a secret ceremony!

People magazine got hold of a source who said that the two got married in a secret ceremony this Sunday at Boone Hall Plantation in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. It seems the couple opted for an evening ceremony and so the reception proceeded in a white tent in the plantation.

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Celebs Tweet About Michael Jackson's Death

michael jackson

Yesterday, as news started to spread about Michael Jackson's death, celebrities were as shocked as Michael's fans and others.
Twitter got deluged with tweets about this breaking news and celebrities tweeted about it too.

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King of Pop, Michael Jackson, Dies at 50

Michael Jackson

I grew up with the music of Michael Jackson ... I guess you did too.
I am mortified and shocked that he has passed away ... it just doesn't feel real.

A few months ago there were rumors that Jackson was very sick and that he was about to die ... but this time, unfortunately, it's true.
Michael Jackson passed away yesterday at 2:26 pm after suffering heart failure at his L.A. home.
A 911 call came in at 12:21 pm from his home. When Paramedics got to him after the call, he wasn't breathing. They rushed him to the hospital and couldn't bring him around.
He leaves behind three children.

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Natasha Richardson Dies!

natasha richardson

Actress and Tony award winner, Natasha Richardson, died today after being taken off life support at a New York hospital.
It was only a couple of days ago that she suffered a slight head injury during a Ski lesson.

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Exclusive! Hugh Grant Christmas Dinner in Tunisia!

villa didon in carthage

Talk about celebrity spotting!
I was out with a bunch of my friends and out of the blue, just caught a glimpse of Hugh Grant! I couldn't believe my eyes! I thought i was imagining! But i wasn't! It's really Hugh Grant! This is my scoop!
Hugh is in Tunisia and is -at this moment- having dinner with a Tunisian model and a bunch of other guys at Villa Didon, a hotel in the prestigious Carthage quarter in the Tunisian capitol Tunis.
I tried to approach him, was able to say hello, but was denied a photo with him! Boo!

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O.J. Simpson Sent to 17 Years in The Slammer

As the saying goes, what goes around, comes around!
If you do something nasty, it'll sure come back one day and bite you in the a$$!
O.J. Simpson has been sentenced to 17 and a half year in prison for armed robbery and kidnapping!
Back in 2007, O.J. decided to do something that took around 6 minutes and that resulted in a 17-year sentence! Wow!
If you're not sure what I'm talking about, in 2007, in a Las Vegas hotel room, with surveillance camera's recording every minute of it, O.J. and a couple of hustlers harassed and kidnapped a memorabilia dealer! Not as serious as murdering ones wife, but hey!
I have nothing more to say! O.J. is exactly now where he should have been 13 years ago!

Rest in Peace Heath Ledger ...

heath ledger rip

I woke up this morning to horrific news of the death of Heath Ledger ...
My heart is still beating in disbelief ... he was young and successful ... he was working on a huge project; The Joker in the upcoming Batman movie ... but, death as come for him ...
New York police confirmed that Heath was found dead in his Manhattan residence yesterday.
The cause of death? Not sure yet, police says that two bottles of prescription sleeping pills were near his body, but the autopsy on his body will be performed today and that should determine the cause of death. Both suicide and foul-play are extremes!
His publicist Mara Buxbaum released a statement last night: (She called his death an accident)
"We are deeply saddened and shocked by this accident. This is an extremely difficult time for his loved ones. We're asking the media to please respect the family's privacy and avoid speculation until the facts are known."
Rest in Peace ...

Keep coming back for updates on this tragic event ...

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(Updated) Britney Spears Hospitalized for Being Under The Influence!

britney taken to hospital

What the heck is Britney Spears doing? She's totally out of whack and is not even trying to regain control over her life!
Earlier, Britney was taken from her home to Cedar-Sinai hospital in an ambulance ... she is believed to have been under the influence of some unknown substance!!! Holy S***!
Late last night, Brit was with her two kids at her home (on scheduled visitation) then it seems she refused to return her two sons back to K-Fed!
As a result, police were called to her Studio City home, where they found her to be out of whack! So, an ambulance was called in and she was strapped to a gurney and taken to Cedar-Sinai for 'mental evaluation'!
After Spears arrived at the hospital, her father, Jamie, her ex, K-Fed and her pal Sam Lutfi were spotted there.
Britney is currently still in the hospital ... the story is still developing!
What a way to start your year Britney! Things are not looking good for ya!

photo gallery - britney spears in ambulance

Keep coming back for updates on Britney's crisis! Updates after the jump

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Larry Birkhead is Dannielynn's Father

larry birkhead

It's official! It's finally over! -Kinda'- Larry Birkhead is the biological father of baby Dannielynn, Anna Nicole Smith's baby daughter.
The DNA results were unveiled inside the court in the Bahamas & it's a DNA match for Birkhead & Dannielynn. His words said it all: "I told you so."
Gosh! I believed him since day one ... he knew he was the dad & insisted on going after this case till the end.
Well, i said that it's kinda' finally over, because there is still the custody issue to take care of, Birkhead cannot take Dannielynn with him to L.A. just yet ... things have to be settled especially that Virgie Arthur is expected to start a custody fight!

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Legendary James Brown Dies at 73

james brown

James Brown dies today at the age of 73.
The Godfather of Soul was taken to hospital in Atlanta, Ga. for what seemed to be severe pneumonia early Christmas morning ... but it wasn't long after that he passed away with his friend Charles Bobbit at his side.
Brown produced more than 119 chart-topping singles, including such hits as "Please, Please, Please", "I Feel Good" & "It's a Man's World," & has sold over 500 million records since he became a professional musician in 1953.

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Britney Spears Files for Divorce!

Britney Spears in NY

Britney Spears went ice skating rink Tuesday night at New York's Rockefeller Center just hours after filing for divorce in Los Angeles. It looks like Kevin Federline pushed his luck and ran out of chances. The pop star cited "irreconcilable differences" in court papers seeking dissolution of her marriage to aspiring rapper Federline.
Spears looked happy as she glided on the ice at the world-famous rink. Maybe that's because the curtain had finally fallen on the problem romance that the public followed in magazines and on television over the past two years. She looked cozy in a striped sweater and fuzzy white hat.

Spears wed Federline in the fall of 2004. They had a ceremony in September, but court papers state that the couple was officially married Oct. 6.

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