Beyonce, A Referee for Super Bowl!

Beyonce promo pic for Super Bowl

Check out this promo pic for Sunday's huge NFL game, to be played at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans
Beyonce is scheduled to perform in the halftime of the Ravens Vs. 49ers match.

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Blue Ivy Gets a $1 Million Nursery!

Blue Ivy $1 Million Nursery

As if we need more proof that Blue Ivy Carter is one of the most privileged toddlers in the whole world today, it now comes to light that her parents Jay-Z and Beyonce have rented a luxurious nursery for $1 million a year for her!

The nursery is said to be located at the newly-opened Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn where her parents conduct their concerts and watch the Nets game. The area is like a basement suite and is one of the most expensive locations in the center! Indeed since it costs $1 million a year!

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Beyonce Shares New Photos of Blue Ivy

Blue Ivy new photos

My my! How Blue Ivy Carter has grown in just a span of few months! The last we saw her was when Beyonce took her for some retail therapy back in July. She was really a very tiny tot then but look at her now she’s grown and is sporting a thicker mop of curly hair!

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Lovin’ Beyonce’s New Bangs

Beyonce is rocking some mean bangs! Have you seen it?

Beyonce new hair

She debuted a new hairstyle on Saturday night at the Nets game in Brooklyn much to her fans’ delight! Her new thick but sleek fringe touches her eyebrows. Her hair was also styled straight and the front frames her face perfectly. She also dyed her a bit lighter than before for a more gorgeous effect.

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Jay-Z and Beyonce Defeated in Blue Ivy Trademark Battle

If you will recall, first-time parents Jay-Z and Beyonce applied to trademark their baby daughter Blue Ivy’s name back in January. They made it right after the birth of their little one.

Jay-Z and Beyonce

Well, after nine months of waiting, the verdict is finally out! It’s bad news though because the power couple lost in their bid to trademark their daughter’s name! The result came out last week actually.

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Beyonce Confirmed for Next Year’s Super Bowl

Beyonce Super Bowl 2013

Who do you want to see during the halftime show at next year’s Super Bowl? Did you say Beyonce? Well, it looks like you just got your wish granted! The Queen B will indeed be taking center stage at the Super Bowl XLVII halftime show!

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Beyonce in A Star is Born? Not Anymore


Beyonce won’t be taking center stage in Clint Eastwood’s “A Star is Born” so, those looking forward will be sorely disappointed. This project has been under development for some time and enlisting Beyonce for the lead was a step in finally making it a reality. But now, Clint is back to step one.

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Beyonce Distracts Jay-Z From Rapping at Concert


No doubt her bootylicousness is one the things that captivated Jay-Z to Beyonce. This quality of hers enthralls him no matter when or where, even during his concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn! Jay-Z was so absorbed in looking at his wife performing on stage that he missed his cue to join her on stage!

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Beyonce Joins UN for Humanitarian Cause


Beyonce has teamed up with the United Nations and other humanitarian organization to make the world a much better place! They are all combining their powers in the new campaign called “I Was Here” that promotes the concept of humanitarianism.

So, what will Beyonce’s contribution be? She will make a music video for the track “I Was Here,” for the campaign. This track’s lyrics were written by Diane Warren by the way. The music video will be filmed in front of a live audience at the UN General Assembly Hall in New York.

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Baby’s Day Out for Blue Ivy with Mama Beyonce!

Beyonce and Baby Blue

It’s been a while since we saw Beyonce and her little Baby Blue Ivy last, and so their shopping trip on Wednesday was quite a treat for us who’ve missed seeing them together in public. Surprisingly, Mama Beyonce and Blue weren’t accompanied by their usual entourage of bodyguards and assistants. It was just the mother and daughter duo on a shopping trip!

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Beyonce’s Weight Loss Secret is Treadmill and Lettuce

Beyonce Weight Loss Secret

It’s really amazing how celebrities are able to reclaim their bodies just a few months after giving birth! Among the latest to do so is “Single Ladies” singer Beyonce. The mom of one showed off her toned and shapely body during a concert at Revel Beach Ovation Hall in Atlantic City earlier this week.

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Beyonce: People Magazine’s Most Beautiful for 2012

Beyonce People Most Beautiful 2012

Beyonce has nabbed this year’s People Magazine’s World’s Most Beautiful Woman. You can check her out as she graces the magazine’s new special double issue.

In her interview, Beyonce said that giving birth and being a mom to her little girl, Blue Ivy, has made her feel more beautiful, and made her feel so connected. In fact she felt like she had more purpose in this world after having her bundle of joy. She even realized that the word “love” has a completely different meaning now for her.

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Beyonce Wants Special Louboutins for Blue Ivy!

Blue Ivy

If you still doubt that Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby girl Blue Ivy is a fashionista you need to hear this update. Apparently, Mommy Beyonce asked renowned shoe designer Christian Louboutin to design a pair of red sole shoes for the tiny tot!

Wow, if this is true, I think Blue Ivy will be the first baby to own these super fashionable shoes!

Wearing Christian Louboutins is one of the makings of a fashionista. Blue Ivy will be the youngest fashionista ever! I said it before Suri Cruise has serious fashion competition now.

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Baby Blue Ivy Wears Cute Marc Jacobs Mouse Shoes

Baby Blue Ivy Mouse Shoes

Mommy Beyonce and Baby Blue Ivy enjoyed a bit of sunshine in Manhattan recently. Unlike Blue Ivy’s first outing with her parents, Beyonce now allowed us to see a bit more of her baby! She didn’t cover her up as much as before so we were able to see what a fashionable baby she is!

Securely held in her Baby Bjorn, Blue Ivy was clad in white jumper and a very cute pair of gold Mouse Shoes by Marc Jacobs! Yes that’s Marc Jacobs alright. A pair of these shoes costs around $60.
Looks like Beyonce is starting her young. Suri Cruise and even Victoria Beckham’s baby Harper better watch out because this baby will surely give them a run for their money when it comes to fashion!

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