North West Gets Lavish Gifts from Beyonce and Jay-Z !

Beyonce and Jay-Z are close friends of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West so, it’s kind of expected that they would give a fabulous welcoming gift to baby North West!

The power couple definitely met this expectation because they spent a total of £5000 on gifts just for baby North!

Beyonce and Jay-Z

They bought a pair of personalized Christian Dior baby booties! And that’s not all! They also got Tiffany’s most popular baby gifts, a three-piece sterling silver Elsa Peretti Padova baby set! The baby set composed of fork, spoon and cup was also personalized with an engraving of baby North’s name.

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Beyonce in Crop Top Belies Pregnancy Rumors!

Until now Beyonce is keeping mum on the rumors that she’s pregnant for the second time. But now, I don’t think words are needed after the singer stepped out in New York City wearing an outfit that displayed her washboard abs!

Beyonce Crop Top Belly

Beyonce looked super chic in her skin-tight striped skirt and cropped top when she attended Kanye West’s birthday on Sunday, June 8. Aside from looking stylish, I think that by wearing this particular outfit Beyonce wanted to send out a message that the pregnancy rumors are just that, rumors.

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Beyonce and Jay-Z Billionaire Boys Club Party Night

Beyonce and Jay-Z were all punk and ready to party at the Billionaire Boys Club anniversary on Tuesday! The husband and wife duo looked good in their outfits as they went to support their pal Pharrell Williams’ clothing line anniversary.

Beyonce and Jay-Z

Bey showed off her long and shapely legs by wearing black leather hot pants which she teamed up with a sweatshirt with the words “Billionaire Girls Club” emblazoned across the chest. Jay-Z looked hip too in his blue button-down shirt, black pants and white trainers.

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Beyonce is 100% Pregnant!

It's official! Beyonce is indeed pregnant! She's got the second bun in the oven!
Beyonce and hubby Jay-Z are expecting their second child ... little 1-year-old Blue Ivy's gonna be a big sister!

Beyonce is Pregnant Again

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Beyonce Not Stupid to Get Knocked Up Now!

What?! Beyonce is pregnant with baby No. 2?! That’s crazy! I mean she’s busy with her Mrs. Carter World Tour and there’s still a few month to go before it’s through. Surely she can’t afford to shake her booty at this rate if there’s a growing baby in her womb. That would be stupid and dangerous for her and the baby.

Beyonce Baby number 2

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A Sibling Would be Good for Blue Ivy Carter

Blue Ivy Carter is the envy of many because of her privileged lifestyle despite being just a toddler. But I think what people don’t know is that she may be a lonesome since she’s an only child. Although Beyonce and Jay-Z makes time for her, interaction with a child her age makes a world of difference.

Blue Ivy Carter Sibling

Beyonce knows this that is why she wants to have more children! That’s right. She realizes that it’s important for Blue Ivy to have some company.

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Diva Beyonce Demands Red Toilet Paper on Tour

She’s a diva! Beyonce, sure has a lot of quirky demands on her new tour.

A rider has allegedly cropped up that detailed requirements that Beyonce wants while she performs. According to the list, the singer has to have her alkaline water chilled specifically to 21 degrees and to top it off, $900 titanium straws are needed to serve it with. If that isn’t diva-ish, what is?

Beyonce Red Toilet Paper

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Princess Eugenie Refused to Sing at Beyonce’s O2 Arena Concert!

When you attend a concert you have to be ready to participate if the artist requires you to sing or dance otherwise you shouldn’t be there. Now, Princess Eugenie, the granddaughter of the Queen of England, should have probably passed up Beyonce’s concert at the O2 Arena since she wasn’t ready to join in on the fun!

Princess Eugenie and Beyonce

Beyonce was performing “Irreplaceable” and was letting the audience take part in the fun by singing the refrain “to the left, to the left” when she suddenly pointed her mic on the Princess’ face. But instead of singing, she ducked her face and so, Beyonce was forced to sing the line herself.

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Beyonce, Jay-Z, Blue Ivy Family Time in Paris

Beyonce, Jay-Z and Blue Ivy were the picture of a happy family when they went out for lunch in Paris yesterday. Even though Mommy Bey is busy with her Mrs. Carter World Tour, she makes time to bond with her daughter and hubby of course.

Blue Ivy Family in Paris

The power couple played the doting parents to Blue during their lunch out in the City of Light. Beyonce carried her inside the restaurant but it was her Daddy who had her in his arms when they went out of the establishment. He was seen making funny faces in order to make her laugh. He also gave her kisses on the cheek as they walked out.

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Beyonce Banned Photographers?!

Much to every photographer’s dismay, world famous artist Beyonce has banned them from her Mrs. Carter world tour! No press photo passes will be distributed by her company at any time.


But even with the absence of press photographers, concert photos will still be distributed but, only though Beyonce’s hired photographer Frank Micelotta! Also, according to the singer’s camp, photos to be released after each show will only be limited to three or five shots! Weeelll!

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Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter World Tour Gets a Great Start in Serbia

Beyonce will be very busy in the coming months as her Mrs. Carter World Tour kicks off! The tour opened on Monday night in Belgrade, Serbia where fans witnessed the fabulous performance. It was just the first of the 65 total tour dates in her calendar. So as you can see, she’s going to be quite busy.

Beyonce in Serbia

Last night’s concert in Belgrade was extravagant indeed! The stage had lots of great effects and props but the most attention-grabbing element was Beyonce’s costumes! Her team of designers didn’t hold back in putting together her costumes.

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Beyonce Debut Smashing Pepsi Ad (Photos and Video)

And her big announcement is??? You got it, people, Queen Beyonce debuted her new Pepsi ad on April 4, her favorite number, what else, and she’s proven that she still reigns.

Beyonce Pepsi 2013 Ad

As for Pepsi, they really need someone who can pull the sales up in this day and age of health awareness. Methinks Bey may just do the trick. Don’t you? After all, she’s being paid $50 million for this endorsement plus Pepsi will sponsor her new tour.

Photos from Beyonce New Pepsi Ad

Photos Beyonce New Pepsi Ad

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Beyonce and Jay-Z: Illegal Anniversary in Havana

Beyonce and Jay-Z, aka Mr and Mrs Carter, just celebrated five blissful years together on April 4.Where did they spend it?

The couple chose to mark their 5th year by touring the city of Havana, Cuba, with their mothers and Blue Ivy and a bevy of bodyguards. The people got wind of their presence and in one of the restaurants they dined in, La Guarida, and kept shouting Beyonce’s name that she got up and went to the balcony to wave at them.

Beyonce and Jay-Z in Cuba

During the day, they toured the city with their moms and the singer, wearing a bright printed yellow frock, even posed for a photograph with the local school children. Their baby daughter, Blue Ivy, was left at home, it seems.

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Beyonce Holds Blue Ivy Close to her in Brooklyn

Despite their busy schedules, Beyonce and Jay-Z make sure that they spend quality time with their daughter Blue Ivy. Mommy Beyonce definitely made time for her on Sunday. Daddy Jay-Z was not with them that day.

Beyonce and Blue Ivy in Brooklyn

The mother-and-daughter duo was seen heading to the restaurant called Buttermilk Channel on Sunday. It looked like Blue Ivy was asleep as she’s clasped close to her mother’s chest. She just turned one in January yet Blue Ivy looks really big already.

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