Adele Hints New Album Release this Year!


Happy birthday Adele! She turned 26 on Monday.

As part of the celebration, she posted a make-up free selfie on Twitter which came with a very interesting caption! Looks like she’s cooking up a little something based on the words “Bye bye 25…See you again later in the year x.”

She couldn’t have been implying her age because she just turned 26. Her twitter followers who saw the tweet immediately assumed the singer was alluding to an upcoming album. Well, they could be right considering the titles of Adele’s past albums. In 2008 she released an album entitled “19” and in 2011 she put out the super successful “21.”

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Adele Has Paradise in Her Hand

There’s something new in British hitmaker Adele! Clue: it’s not a new album or anything like that. Can you guess what it is? It’s a tattoo!

Adele paradise tattoo

Yesterday, the 25-year-old went to famed tattooist Bang Bang in New York City to get inked. She wasn’t disappointed with the outcome because she was smiling in the photo posted on Bang Bang Tattoo’s Facebook page. The photo shows the tattooist who was pointing at Adele as she holds out her left hand. The word “Paradise” can be easily spotted on the outside edge of her hand.

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Adele: On Top of Rich Young Musicians Under 30 List

She’s quite a rich young lady, is our Adele. In fact, just for her 2012 earnings alone, her fortune grew to an estimated £30m, about 50% higher than the previous year, this according to the Sunday Times Rich List in the UK, which puts her on top of the list.

Adele A rich singer

Most of the fortune came from the success of her theme song for the James Bond movie, “Skyfall.” Add to that her earnings from her second studio album 21, which is considered the best- selling album of the 21st century.

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No Special Treatment for Oscar Winner, Adele, Says Aunt


Her feet remain firmly on the ground. At least that’s what singer Adele’s aunt insisted when asked about her niece. Her success has not gone to her head at all.

It seems that with all the nephews, nieces, and cousins around, Adele is just one among the lot and they get treated the same way, whether you’re a famous superstar or not. Her aunt Anita still expects that Adele will make her a cup of tea when she comes around to visit.

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Adele First Post-Pregnancy Appearance at the Golden Globes

This year’s Golden Globe Awards event was full of surprises. One of those surprises was Adele’s presence at the awards show. As you all know, she’s been keeping a very low profile since the birth of her son last October.

Adele at the Golden Globes

But Adele amazed everyone with her presence on the red carpet on Sunday night! The 24-year-old singer was wearing her favorite color, black, to the event. Her outfit looked like most of her outfits in the past but this one is a Burberry creation. It was a floor-length dress with elbow-length sleeves and lacy accents. Of course with the baby bump gone, Adele looks a bit smaller around the waist area. She looks good.

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Adele Faces Fine for Son’s Overdue Registration

Adele Baby Fine

Adele gave birth to her and Simon Konecki’s son last October. But it seemed she was not so excited about venturing out that she even failed to register her baby within the 42-day allowance given by the British government! It’s now been 51 days since she gave birth!

Because of that failure, the British singer is facing a baby fine amounting to $1,600. Well that Adele’s baby fine is just change considering the millions she has in her bank account.

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Adele is Mom to a Baby Boy


The waiting is over for British superstar Adele and her fiancé Simon Konecki! They’re now able to hold their newborn baby boy as I write. Yes folks it’s a baby boy for the new parents. Apparently, she gave birth on Friday night.

A source also told People Magazine that they are over the moon over the baby’s birth. But just who “they” are exactly is unknown.

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Adele’s Next Album Won’t be Out for YEARS!

Adele Next Album

Already itching to hear a new song from Adele? A new album too perhaps? I’m sorry to inform every one of you that it won’t be happening anytime soon. In fact a new album won’t happen for several years! I’m not kidding. Her record company XL Recording Studio said so.

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Adele Does a Great Job with Skyfall

Adele Skyfall cover

The soundtrack for the latest James Bond movie Skyfall has finally dropped! The track, sang and written by famed British artist Adele, premiered on the singer’s website early this morning. Have you listened to it? I certainly have and I must say it sounds like a typical James Bond music but Adele did a great job with it.

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Adele Fell in Love with James Bond!

Adele and James Bond

While Adele has been out of the spotlight for some time, she hasn’t been totally idling. In fact, she was cooking up something big! Well that’s aside from her baby bump of course. What I’m talking about is her recording of the “Skyfall” theme song!

There’ve been rumors for weeks that she’ll be singing the theme song for the latest James Bond movie but hasn’t been confirmed until now. Just this Tuesday, Adele tweeted a photo of a cover page of what appears to be a musical score with the title “Skyfall.”

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Adele Spotted Wearing Wedding Band!


British singer Adele is married! She tied the knot with her fiancé and the father of her baby Simon Konecki in a secret ceremony! A guest who was luckily invited to the joyous occasion confirmed the news on Mail Online. That source further revealed that Adele was dressed in a classic attire while Simon was dressed smartly. As of now, no further details about the wedding have been revealed.

But it really looks like Adele and Simon have made things legal because the singer was spotted wearing a wedding band on her ring finger. Life & Style Weekly has a photo of Adele when she was seen about in London recently!

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Pregnant Adele Loves Her Bump and Fuller Figure!

Adele Baby Bump

Adele is over the moon with her pregnancy. Friends say that the singer feels like she hit the jackpot after falling pregnant this year so soon after the success of her album 21, the awards, and of course her happy love life with Simon Konecki.

Adele announced her pregnancy last month but recent rumors say that she’s almost 7 months pregnant and is due to give birth in September. Friends of the songstress also revealed that Adele is happy she has a proper bump now so, it must be true. Adele also loves her fuller figure and she want to “eat shepherd’s pie until the cows come home.”

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Adele is Due to Deliver Her First Baby in September

Adele First baby

Adele has just announced her pregnancy late last month but you know what? Apparently, the bun has been in the oven for some time! In fact, Adele is due to give birth in two months’ time! Wow, who would have guessed? I really thought she was just in her first trimester or something.

Adele sure knows how to keep things a secret! It’s really amazing how she managed to hide her baby bump all this time from the eagle-eyed paparazzi.

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Adele Has a Baby on the Way!

Adele Pregnant

British singer Adele is over the moon! Why? Because she’ pregnant with her first child! That’s right! A few months from now Adele will welcome her firstborn with boyfriend Simon Konecki!

This is by no means a rumor since the 24-year-old singer was the one who made the announcement via her official website on June 29. She told fans that she wanted them to learn about the news directly from her. She and Simon are “over the moon and very excited” about this latest development in their lives. Moreover, they also ask for privacy at this time.

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