David Arquette and Courtney Cox No Longer Man and Wife

David Arquette and Courteney Cox’s marriage is officially and legally over.

It was back in October 2010 when David and Courteney announced their separation but, it was only on Tuesday that their divorce got finalized as decided by the Los Angeles Superior Court.

David Arquette and Courtney Cox

Their separation in 2010 was only a trial thing to see if they could still work their differences out but two years later they finally came to terms with the fact that their marriage is a lost cause. They filed for divorce on the same day in June 2013 citing irreconcilable differences as the reason.

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Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif Show Love Through Action

Some say that romance is brewing for Bollywood stars Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif! I say it’s already on!

These two have been spotted together not only twice or thrice but many times together in different places! I don’t think there’s any other reason for that except if they are indeed in a relationship. But they are being coy are they keep denying it. Even friends of the opposite sex don’t to hang out as often as they do.

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif

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Ryan Gosling Takes On Directing

Ryan Gosling looks on the big screen and that is a fact! His acting ability cannot be faulted too. But what if he reverses his role and gets behind the camera instead of in front? Will he be impressive still? We will find out soon when his directorial debut movie “How to Catch a Monster” hits cinemas.

Ryan Gosling

That’s right Ryan is trying his hand at directing! Ryan and his crew were recently spotted filming in Detroit, Michigan. They grabbed the opportunity to include some scenes taken during the Movement Electronic Festival that was taking place right there.

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Michael Clarke Duncan’s Grave Vandalized!

Michael Clarke Duncan

As the final resting place of any person, the grave or tomb has to be respected. Sadly, not everyone in this world knows the concept of respect as actor Michael Clarke Duncan’s family discovered recently.

Duncan’s family is furious after discovering that the actor’s tomb has been vandalized! The culprit or culprits did not write on it or anything like that; instead they placed a figure of “Sambo” on top of it! This is like a cartoonish black face that may look ordinary to many but, it’s actually a character that has been deemed offensive and a racist to a black person.

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Henry Cavill Gives Justice to Superman in Man of Steel

Finally! We’ll soon be able to see the delicious Henry Cavill in “Man of Steel!” You see, the final trailer for the much-awaited movie is out at last, which means the movie is not far behind! But for now let’s satisfy ourselves with the trailer.

Henry Cavill Superman

The opening of the trailer indicates that the whole movie is action-packed! It opens with the villain General Zod inflicting fear to the people on earth as he warns that earth has sheltered one of his citizens and the fate of the world lies in the hands of those who know his location. General Zod also spoke to Kal-El directly, ordering him to surrender within 24 hours or the world will suffer.

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Michael Douglas is Liberace in Behind the Candelabra

Michael Douglas plays Liberace, the ever so famous gay pianist in the biopic 'Behind the Candelabra', while Matt Damon portrays his lover, Scott Thorson. Thus, there are definitely lots of steamy scenes between the two and when Douglas was asked how it was, he described the kissing scene as “comfortable”, while the love scenes were another story; he says they were “awkward.”

Michael Douglas is Liberace

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Liam Hemsworth Finally Removes Beard

Liam Hemsworth No Beard

Liam Hemsworth must be a big fan of Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp because of his fondness for beards. The 23-year-old actor has been sporting a very hairy face since last month did you notice? It’s like he doesn’t have time to shave anymore.

But luckily, Liam finally removed his offensive beard on Monday, May 13! When I saw his clean-shaven face, I wanted to say it’s great to finally have you back Liam. You were lost for a while! However, if not for the new movie he’s working on I don’t think he’ll want to shave off the beard.

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Henry Cavill a Hot and Considerate Boyfriend

Henry Cavill is, without a doubt, a hottie! He was able to hold his own at the London Premiere of “Fast & Furious 6” even with handsome guys like Paul Walker and Luke Evan on the red carpet. Henry’s presence could not be overlooked!

Henry Cavill

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Macaulay Culkin Lunges at Paparazzo

Macaulay Culkin almost got into a fight with the paparazzi outside a club! Luckily, he was stopped by a couple of men who were also on the scene.

Macaulay Culkin

Mac and his friend Adam Green went to at The Haunt nightclub in Brighton, U.K. Adam was putting on a concert there and Mac joined him for some singing.

The former child star left the establishment around 1 A.M. He got his black shades on and even covered his face with a scarf. It’s quite obvious with his actions that he didn’t want his photo taken but the paparazzi being what they are would not take the hint!

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Wesley Snipes: Back from Prison

See, even stars have to do their time.

Wesley Snipes has just gotten off from serving his sentence in a federal prison in Pennsylvania. He was jailed for not paying his taxes to the government. It seems he wasn’t a good resident, eh, one of those who just want to enjoy his earnings without doing his responsibility as a citizen.

Wesley Snipes

The “Blade” hero was convicted in 2008 and was sentenced to 3 years in prison but it wasn’t until December 2010 that he entered the McKean penitentiary to start serving his sentence. He only served a little more than two years and now that he’s out, he will be overseen by the New York community corrections office as he is put under home confinement until July 19.

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Glee Star Cory Monteith Goes Into Rehab

Cory Monteith

Glee star Cory Monteith wants to be rid of the demon that haunts him, substance abuse. Due to this, the actor has voluntarily entered rehab in order to get treatment for substance addiction. His rep further stated that the 30-year-old actor asks for respect and privacy at this time.

However, take note that this is not the first time for him to go into rehab. At a young age of 19, Cory went into rehab after his family and friends intervened with his serious problem with drugs.

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Jude Law and Jodie Kidd Open The Act in Dubai

British actor Jude Law attracted lots of attention when he appeared at the Shangri-La Hotel during the opening of the city’s newest nightclub The Act. Jude looked suave in his form-fitting grey suit as he posed on the red carpet last Sunday night.

Jude Law and Jodie Kidd Dubai

Aside from The Act’s opening, Jude is also enjoying the pleasures that Dubai has to offer. Before going to the opening, Jude had fun racing at the Yas Marina Circuit.

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Alexander Skarsgard’s Handsome Face is Bruised and Battered!

Alexander Skarsgard Face

You know what? It’s a wonder how a bruise, even a small one, can make even the most handsome face look unpretty. For sure you’ll agree that Alexander Skarsgard is a handsome guy but on Thursday he did not look that attractive when he went out and about in Los Angeles. Why? He was sporting a bruise! And he had some heavy eyebags.

He couldn’t hide the bruise on his right cheek bone even when he was wearing a black cap low on his face. It could be seen clearly when he stopped for some gas and dropped off some rugs to be cleaned.

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Michelle Williams and Jason Segel Goes Splitsville

Michelle Williams and Jason Segel

And another Hollywood romance comes to an end. Michelle Williams and boyfriend Jason Segel recently broke up after almost a year of relationship. It was rumored that Michelle ended the relationship because of the distance.

The Oz the Great and Powerful star, 32, lives in New York with her daughter, Matilda, while Jason is based in Los Angeles for his CBS show. Maybe there was no way to compromise since it involves their careers, right? So matter how hard they tried to make the long-distance relationship work; it just wasn’t meant to be.

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