Lady Gaga is Back in Good Shape!

It’s been a while since we saw Lady Gaga in the spotlight. It seems like she’s keeping a low profile while recuperating from the surgery done on her hip a few months ago. But I think she’s ready to come out of hiding. In fact, Mother Monster was spotted working her body and her tan in Mexico on Friday!

Lady Gaga Good Shape

She was relaxing by the pool with a drink in hand by the pool at a certain resort. She looked great in her bandeau style bikini! Her body has improved greatly since the last time we saw her. Gone was the 30 pounds that she gained from eating yummy foods at her Dad’s restaurant.

The last time we saw her in a revealing outfit, she as practically bursting out of the leather leotard at her concert! But now, I don’t think anyone can criticize her in the brown two piece.

I think we’ll be reading more about Lady Gaga from now on. She’s not the type to stay out of the spotlight for too long.

Are you happy to see Lady Gaga back in good shape? I know I am!

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