Angelina Jolie Takes Off Her Engagement Ring on UN Trip

Rumors about a broken engagement spread like wildfire after Miley Cyrus was seen without her engagement ring. Itís the same story with Angelina Jolie but with a twist. You see, the A-list star was spotted without the $250,000 engagement ring on Sunday night when she arrived in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. Instead of the huge diamond sparkler, only a simple gold band resided on her ring finger!

Angelina Jolie Ring

I know what youíre thinking. She and Brad Pitt tied the knot? We donít know for sure. But if you remember there were rumors back in December that the two got married in Turks and Caicos on Christmas Day. Well, the two are keeping their lips sealed regarding this topic.

But there could be another reason why she wasnít wearing her expensive engagement ring that time. Angie is on official UN visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda and she probably didnít want people to be distracted by it. Sheís travelling with British Foreign Secretary William Hague to meet women and girls who are victims of rape. The duo aims to raise awareness about this issue around the world.

But this is only my presumption. What about you? What do you think is the reason why Angelina is not wearing her engagement ring?

- Angelina Jolie Pays Tribute to Genocide Victims (Photos)

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  1. em22sta

    So she doesn't make all the poor people jealous! She goes around talking about helping ... she is smart isn't she? So...come up with an idea?

    Anyway, can't wear big old diamonds when hobnobbing with poor people and looking sad and crying! I say it's an image thing and she is very image-conscious.

  1. em22sta

    Angelina Jolie is talented at acting, and she is doing a good job acting like the ambassador for crimes against humanity and sticking up for refugees. What I would like to see is someone who is more proactive and actually thinks about a solution. Come up with a plan. Put actions into place.

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