Is Mariah Carey Going Vulgar!?

Mariah Carey Brrr in January

Why has Mariah Carey gone from such a cute girl to a diva that doesn't dress right for her age ... make that doesn't dress right at all! Why is she leaning towards vulgar?!

Take a look at Mimi's outifit the other day! What's the deal with the uber 90's two piece thing?

It was about 12 or 13 degrees in New York and Mimi took the chance to show off her belly! Brrrr! It's too cold for such a revealing outfit, no? It's January for God's sake!
I mean, the leather jacket does nothing in this case!

Put some real clothes on and try to fit into the season! When it's June, July or August, walk in a bikini if you like! But please, save us the goosebumps in January!

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  1. Silvana

    Forget her clothes, die her hair green and you have a carrot. One of the worst fake tans!

  1. Silvana


  1. Tam

    She's an amazing singer. Who cares about petty stuff. Thank you for your talent, Mariah Carey! (and p.s. What the heck is "dressing for your age"? That's the stupidest concept ever.) But ya know who's turning hard and vulgar? Crafty Taylor Swift!

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