Jennifer Lopez’s $20 Million Lawsuit Rejected by Court

Jennifer Lopez

It looks like the year 2012 won’t be ending to well for Jennifer Lopez. You see, the court has dismissed the $20 million counter lawsuit she filed against her former chauffeur Hakob Manoukian. Manoukian’s lawyers used the California anti-SLAPP law as leverage to have J.Lo’s countersuit dropped and they succeeded. Under this law, the defense is prevented from using the countersuit as a ploy to drop the original case.

Remember that a few months ago Manoukian accused J.Lo and her manager of unlawful termination. He claimed that they did not follow through with the terms stated in their contract which includes an annual salary of $72,000 and bonuses totaling up to $200,000!

Aside from breaching their contract, the former chauffeur also accused the singer of public humiliation and demotion from his job.

But J.Lo lapped him with a $20 million extortion countersuit. She also accused him of demanding almost $3 million and also threatening to reveal some of the star’s secrets to the media.

Manoukian’s case against the star continues. Just bad luck for J.Lo but if her lawyers are good they’ll get around it.

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