Britney Spears to Get Dumped by Jason Trawick?!

Britney Spears

Is heartbreak about to visit Britney Spearsí door again? You see, there are rumors going around that her fiancť Jason Trawick is planning to break up with her soon! Apparently, he already told her family about it because he wants her to have a support system when he tells her the bad news.

Also, he intends to split with her after this season of ďX FactorĒ because he doesnít want her to cope with the breakup while filming the show. Apparently, the two have been fighting constantly because Britney feels Jason is suffocating her with his fatherly attitude and he, in turn, feels like heís just her babysitter.

A source told Hollyscoop that Brit and Jason are going on a vacation during the holidays. I hope itís not a part of Jasonís breakup plan.

Well, could any of this be true? I should hope not. I liked Jason and I hope he is not that uncaring to break things off with Brit this way. Heís always looked out for Britís best interest so I hope these are just unfounded rumors.

And as you all know, this isnít the first breakup rumor to plague the couple. And for sure it wonít be the last either! I think that even when they get married, split rumors are going to follow them still!

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