Gabriel Aubrey Shows His Badly Bruised Face!

Gabriel Aubrey Bruised Face

Photos showing Gabriel Aubrey’s injuries from his altercation with Halle Berry’s new boyfriend Olivier Martinez have surfaced and they show why he needed to be taken to the hospital. He’s hardly recognizable because of his black and swollen right eye! He also suffered a cut below his swollen left eye, on the bridge of his nose and also needed stitches in some areas of his mouth.

Obviously, he got the worst injuries compared to Martinez who only ended up with neck injuries, swollen right hand and grazed knuckles.

Aubrey included these photos in his court request for an emergency restraining order against Martinez. In his court filing, Aubrey stated that Martinez threw the first punch as he was walking back to his car after dropping his daughter Nahla off. And as Martinez showered him with punches, he kept saying how Aubrey cost them $3 million, which is the cost of their legal custody battle.

He also revealed that the day before the incident, Martinez threatened him while attending Nahla’s school play.

Berry and Aubrey have been locked in bitter custody battle over their daughter Nahla since 2010. Things came to a boil again after a judge ruled in favor of Aubrey and that the actress could not take her daughter to France to live with her and Martinez.

With the way things are going, there’s no chance they can co-exist peacefully. Surely, this won’t be the last issue we’ll hear about them.

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  1. Shame on Martinez
    Shame on Martinez

    Halle Berry can not and should not take the daughter away from the father. If she wants to move to France with her new fiance, that's her choice. She is not forced to move, she should go alone. She needs to consider her daughter being able to see her father (living in a foreign country makes that impossible). It was very selfish (and somewhat stupid) of her to try to do that.
    The courts agreed and did not allow Halle Berry to take the child away from the father!
    Olivier Martinez was angry about it all so he beat up Gabriel Aubrey. The evidence is in the pictures of the injuries - Aubrey covered in injuries, and Martinez with a bruised hand (from punching).
    The truth is in the result!
    Gabriel Aubrey has no issue with his ex and her new man, he just wants his daughter.
    Martinez seems to think Aubrey should just let his daughter disappear out of his life. Poor foolish Martinez. If Olivier Martinez had his own child, he would know what its like, and would understand why Aubrey refuses to lose his little girl.

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